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  1. Draws are not what will chase new players away.
  2. Rebeldad1

    Is there a way to roll-back my game to last patch?

    I wonder if you went into your world of warship updates folder and deleted the last patches file, if that would let you play the replay.
  3. Rebeldad1

    USN vs IJN

    All I know is IJN cv's are screwed now due to the USN bigger fighter plane squadron.
  4. Rebeldad1

    Ships disappearing from view

    Here is a link for the spotting mechanics.
  5. Rebeldad1

    Why no account wipe?

    No it had 3 nations.
  6. Rebeldad1

    Game released - No merge?

    They are not going to unify the games anytime soon. They are most likely trying to avoid the issues they had with WoWP. to many just came in and used the xp to go straight to high tier planes. Don't think they want to repeat that problem.
  7. Rebeldad1

    sever offline?

    hmm time to check Yea wont let me in either..
  8. Rebeldad1

    Account not reset for launch?

    No. They have stated many many many times that there would be no wipe unless something drastic happened. Your lack of ability to search is not much of a reason to charge back something you purchased in good faith.
  9. Rebeldad1

    Tirpitz available on NA and...

    Yea they hate Muricans it seems
  10. Rebeldad1

    Trying to do the right thing, but failing so miserably ..

    They don't care. How do I know? Their actions.. or their lack of it.
  11. Rebeldad1

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    ^this. I read the forums every day and did not see $@i7 about it. Total lack of ability on the PR team. Are they trying to fail? Cause it is working.
  12. Rebeldad1

    Do we need bigger maps?

    I hate the fact that the maps are Square.. why? I think part of the border skimming issue would be fixed if they made the maps circular.
  13. Rebeldad1

    loading the game..

    Wish they would improve the load time some. I dont have a SSD yet but then it shouldn't be a requirement if they coded it correctly.
  14. Rebeldad1

    Treaten with report

    I accept your challenge noob. Where shall I send the report?
  15. Rebeldad1

    Ships are way too rusty

    I see people posting how rusty ships get from a few months out. I don't see the ships on "Deadliest Catch" looking rusted out. I am sure once they get back to their home ports they do maintenance. Maybe it is due to the Navy ships being more about armor than durability.