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  1. llHEROll

    Update 0.11.6: British Battleships

    so should i sell all my camos and get credits for them?
  2. llHEROll

    Unable to play battles

    same here it dloaded a small patch now i cant get in any battle stuck on loading screen
  3. i m trying to participate in the collect them all. but even though i logged in on eu website it opens a new window and asks me to log in in russia. so i cant do event
  4. llHEROll

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    opened 6 mega and all i got was stupid flags, after four years i have never got a boat from those boxes.
  5. llHEROll

    Still no KOTS NC CAMO

    yabba will do, but your right i should have got the mission, this why it weird. and i so upset update, yabba just logged in and it just showed up, took its time, thank you for looking into it.
  6. llHEROll

    Still no KOTS NC CAMO

    this is bullsht, i did ALL i was asked and no mission, i had it with this game, it a matter of principle, i did what was asked and i screwed out of it. last straw for me
  7. llHEROll

    Still no KOTS NC CAMO

    thats not what it says in the description, it said watch just 1 kots stream
  8. llHEROll

    Still no KOTS NC CAMO

    i did watch the kots stream had 2 open watched for 3 hours, twitch drops says i got mission, weird
  9. llHEROll

    Still no KOTS NC CAMO

    well i not playing game till i get this, just about had it
  10. llHEROll

    Still no KOTS NC CAMO

    it now sat, and still no mission, i completed the collection, watched the stupid stream. and nothing. this will be the third time i screwed out of a camo has it dropped for anyone on EU?
  11. llHEROll

    NC KOTS camo mission

    nope still no mission, think they hoping we would forget about it lol
  12. llHEROll

    NC KOTS camo mission

    ohh ok thanks thought they forgot
  13. llHEROll

    NC KOTS camo mission

    it now thursday and no mission, knew wg would screw me on this
  14. llHEROll

    NC KOTS camo mission

    ok new update live got the drop but no mission, did i miss something
  15. llHEROll

    Achievements as Badges

    just an idea why not make the achievements we get in game as badges we can display. would make game more interesting as trying to get different badges. just an idea