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  1. llHEROll

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    i like to try my luck
  2. llHEROll

    Game Unplayable

    thanks dont know how i missed that topic
  3. llHEROll

    Game Unplayable

    disconnects, wont let me back in says all different random errors, account wrong, server busy tech issues. mage to get 2 free containers didnt show up then disconnected so they are lost. i applied fix and it now worse.
  4. llHEROll

    Jean Bart firing torps

    hi guys some of our clan mates spotted a jean bart in ranked firing torps, they specced him and it was firing torps. anyone ever seen this type of thing before?
  5. llHEROll

    PTS - Visual and Audio Enhancements

    yeh me and clan mates hate the engine sounds, i think should leave them as original. have to turn off engine sounds completely. but the new port is cool
  6. llHEROll

    Massive lagg and DC

    ok thanks guys
  7. llHEROll

    Massive lagg and DC

    today i keep getting DC and lag happened like 5 times in 2 battles. game will freeze for about 20-30 secs, if doesnt come back will DC. anyone else or just me? need to know if my connection or pc thx
  8. llHEROll

    French Event question

    hi, might be a noob, or just not understanding the event. but after the first win on a ship how then do i make tokens?. i dont have any french dds. got a couple of hundred tokens for my ships but not enough to complete event, and i have 117 ships. or new clan recruits who just came to wows think the event is excluding all new players, maybe i not sure. can anyone enlighten me as to this event. thanking you in advance.
  9. llHEROll

    Boattle Royal problems

    i love the new mode but me and clan mates noticed some odd problems. 1. ship sink from invisible torps. eg i killed a guy was sailing away and from no where BOOM my boat explodes. this has happened a good few times. 2. service charge is more than what we earn. we got some new players to game for this mode but they found out they are losing money by playing. so i did a test and yeh, that cant be right. screenshot provided. 3. sometimes torps just wont fire even if loaded.
  10. llHEROll

    RESULTS – Battle of the Philippine Sea

    so where do we see the score so far?
  11. llHEROll

    lag and dc

    today the lag and dc is terrible, 2-3 times dc in 1 game. is it just me or everyone
  12. llHEROll

    IX Alaska vs VII Scharnhorst

    well after seen this i want the alaska
  13. llHEROll

    cant dload update

    stuck at 17 percent, says speed has dropped to zero, but my internet is super fast and working, eg i posting here. any ideas guys?
  14. llHEROll

    Missing Royal Navy containers

    yeh same here just got a royal navy dd took out once completed 4 missions no containers rewards say i should have got 2 it ok figured it out
  15. llHEROll

    Bug Reports

    me too, when i go into first battle of the day game crashs with critical error like other guy post