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    New ranked season T10

    Yeh i started to play ranked as soon as i had the ships for it, and enjoyed it. This was since the t6 ranked, and i got to rank 1 my first season. Not really that hard, but was dissapointed to find out i could not play as rank 1 player anymore. I think it was t8 games then. And last season it was t8 games and again i got to rank 1. And again i could not play as rank 1 player cause it was t10. And now wg just slaps me in the face. Getting to t10 is ALOT of grinding and you need either a pemracamo or premium to sustain playing t10. So now the ranked is pay to win up to rank 10 and then its pay to play. Also ranked seasons have a f'ing millenia in between where i have to just endure all the crap in randoms. Might aswell stop playing. And you people applaudin wg for making ranked t10 please consider this: Who made the other tiers pay to win and refuses to balance them?
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    no longr looking ty ok 88.
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    Hello! A decent, active wows player from Finland searching for a clan. I play to win, missions are a exception of course. I speak english well and am not "toxic". I can, and wish to play clan battles. I do have a day job tough, so i cannot play until 4pm EEST(UTC+3). note. most of europe uses CEST and finland is +1 hour to that.