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  1. Weisses_Kaetzchen

    Hax Reloaded

    congrats to the winner
  2. Weisses_Kaetzchen

    Clantag Farbe ändern?

    Hi, Die Clan-Farbe ist abhängig von der aktuellen Liga in den Clangefechten.
  3. Weisses_Kaetzchen

    2 Clans besitzen

  4. Weisses_Kaetzchen

    2 Clans besitzen

    Hi, na wie gehts ?? Danke für die hübsche Grafik
  5. Weisses_Kaetzchen

    Gtx 1080 bad performance, anyone?

    Hi, dont forget WoWs has a FPS cap of 60, so you cant get over 60 FPS. If you want to get more you can for exaple download mods from Aslain for an higher FPS cap. If you have now 144 FPS and a 144hz monitor the game runs pefectly fine and smooth. Best regards IAUTI_KILL
  6. Weisses_Kaetzchen

    Team "Night Raid" is looking for competitive players

  7. Weisses_Kaetzchen

    Captain Skills Distribution Guide (0.5.12)

    Hi, If you want to play the new german dds as gunboats I can suggest you to take an russian build with the 3x4 skills ( Demo Expert, AFT and Survive Expert) Since you have a huge detectionrange when firing your guns CE isnt needed that much. The german DDs also have good torpedos, if this playstyle suits you more, you can also use a torpedobuild from the IJN DDs Best regards IAUTI_KILL
  8. Weisses_Kaetzchen

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Hi, guys To just inform you: I was watching the stream from MrCornway, Crysantos and Izolate. MrCornway said that he is sorry for what happend and that he will give the feedback and the intesity of it towards the right people. Only the streamers were in the office of WG Paris so this might take a while, because of the holidays. And i also noticed that you missed the x2 on this weekend. Dont worry. A special is coming from 27. December to 30. December. You will be happy about the bonus. So i wish everyone a merry christmas. Best regards IAUTI_KILL
  9. Weisses_Kaetzchen

    supercontainers. do they still exist?

    Hi, guys In the first week when the containers were released I had a Supercontainer in every 9th TYL Container. Now I didnt go a single Supercontainer after 3 Weeks which are about 63 standards TYL instead of 9 It is not just me also my clan mates have the same thing. To conclude a Supercontainer every 3 days is to much but right now the drop rate is to low. Best regards IAUTI_KILL