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  1. Ntwadumella

    Server down?

    Same crap, submitted a ticket with screens. WG will refund for sure but still what a mess...
  2. Ntwadumella

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    so far - its whoever has more belfasts
  3. Ntwadumella

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Thumbs up from me to the WG for this. I for one am quite satisfied with an "apology". I mean what more can u expect from a corporate guy? Lets be real for a moment. Ofc i will keep my wallet closed for a while just to see if this attitude sticks. But the biggest thanks goes to all the fellow captains for making this happen. This community is what keeps a lot of players in the game i'm sure. So Happy incoming New Year and may the rng gods be ever in your favour! P.S.: btw i have to say these new T6 camos are some ugly bastards still its about the principles ..........
  4. Ntwadumella

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    One of the main RU youtubers mentions in between about this after his chat with White Quick improvised translation - "Europe(not WG EU) decided not to participate because for them buying stuff is more suitable". No mention of the shitstorm at all.No wonder people in comments are wondering why europe doesnt want free stuff lol. Also funny note - WG apparently thinks Graf Spee is premium of the year...(facepalm)
  5. Ntwadumella

    Gift Containers a joke!

    Spent more than i thought i would, but got what i was really after...Grem hmmm and Imp... hmmm ;). Merry xmas!
  6. Atlanta+capt for me. I guess i'll have to learn to play that barge afterall P.S.: make it warspite+cap as well. Thumbs up WG
  7. Ntwadumella


    must be my lucky week then ;) P.S.: btw CaptainNorse i like that sayin differently "Friendly fire... isn't".
  8. Ntwadumella


    Hi everyone, is it just me or is teamkilling increasing since the beginning of this week. I've been teamkilled by torps 3 times and saw enemy team kill 3 times this week. A small sample but actually more than i'v seen in my whole year before? Anyone else noticed? more WOT players coming to play WOWS mb?
  9. I'm not sure which is more bizarre - the OP claims or rather rants that are clearly taken out of his ... or some MLG players boasting their high scores trying to prove T10 is a walk in the park. I mean seriously... ;) P.s.: It should have ended on Reytes post tbh
  10. Ntwadumella

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    A voice of reason thx. I played the first few in coop till i knew what i was doin more or less. And i skipped a few of the best ones like karl, pensa, NO etc. There's enough ships to go around at this stage ;). My point was i played cruisers not that much less than bbs imo. P.S.: its funny how it became about my stats tbh oh well
  11. Ntwadumella

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    Are u f... serious i have unlocked 39 out of 40 available cruisers. I play them enough. And i have fun doin it. I actually have fun playin all classes(well not cvs shoot me ). So give me a break will u...
  12. Ntwadumella

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    That guy has survived once in 18 games in konig tbh so not sure u can use him as an example. Anyway i would agree that cruisers have steeper learning curve atm and also USN ca's suffer badly from lack of torps but personally i find the current MM of T5-6 way bigger problem that affects cruisers the worst and IMO more than amount of bbs. Just my 2 cents
  13. Ntwadumella

    Walk of shame

    Tried pink once. Funny enough i actually shot at and sunk an enemy dd that was going for friendly warspite from point blank range(i was in atago). One or two shells hit warspite set it on fire ofc(demo expert ftw). Turns out warspite just burned its repair so fire is on...boom i'm on the bottom and welcome to the pink land .
  14. Ntwadumella

    Score panel bonkers || Win=Defeat null?

    same problems no mods no PT nothing. Oh well at least the XP counts