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  1. Jethro_Grey

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    I'm saving up resources to get her ASAP once she's released. Once i have her, i'll be looking for Div mates who have her as well. This gonna be gud...dun dun dun. Yeah, same here.
  2. Jethro_Grey


    Well, he has a point tho. When i sank an enemy Soyuz today, it left a nasty oilslick. That was pretty dirty. Typical WG, all about making money but not giving thought about environmental concerns.
  3. Jethro_Grey

    A toxic community

    You're exaggerating, cause you make it sound like everyone is toxic. Which is not the case. Besides, most cases of toxicity occur when bad/ subpar players with a incredibly high yet unfounded opinion of themselves, ruin the games for other players. Considering how toxic and wrong your entire post is, i'd like to request that you let your mousepad do the posting in future. Exactly. Yeah, it's a commonly used means to convey hurt feelings by people who strive to be someday as intelligent as their mousepad. Thank you so much! The snowflake-ism is getting out of hand and it's good to have something like this!
  4. Considering the amount of Pommerns i see in coop, it must be as popular as Smolensk. And seeing how WG handles overly popular ships (by removing them), chances are, she'll get the Jean Bart/ Smolensk treatment if the numbers should stay as high. Buy it now folks, prevents you from complaining that she's available only from xmas boxes. ^^
  5. I keep resetting the same lines over and over again. Colbert and Ohio are already mine, not sure what's next.
  6. Jethro_Grey

    Is there something special planned for 1.0.0?

    I am pretty sure that, once we reach 1.0, WG will have an event, where we're allowed to grind like maniacs and still have to spend tons of money to get whatever WGs premium/ camo/ captain/ collab is. This is the new normal, and for 1.0 which is a milestone, WG will blow our minds and suck our wallets dry.
  7. Jethro_Grey

    Forum 502 Bad Gateway

    Yep. Just WGs reminder that the players here haven't spend enough moneys in the premium store. Now hush, and buy something you freeloaders!
  8. Jethro_Grey

    Can someone explain this?

    Of course not! How dare you? I bought so many premium ships, i can't afford photoshop anymore! So, you wanna tell us something about the upcoming new tech tree line? ^^
  9. Jethro_Grey

    So what's up with Midway's UU?

    To be fair to WG, this does actually apply to a fairly large portion of the player base.
  10. Jethro_Grey

    wheres the gameplay thread?

    It was suspected to be a capitalist spy so WG send it to gulag.
  11. Jethro_Grey

    research question.

    Each ship has a set value of RPs starting with Tier 6. Once you played and won the first game in any ship you get the points. Then you grind the ship until you reach the next one. Rinse and repeat.
  12. Jethro_Grey

    Can someone explain this?

  13. Jethro_Grey

    how to buy Loewenhardt iron cross camo ?

    Why tho?? The camo might come sooner or later and be available in the camo tab for dubloons. Spending 40€ for a camo that costs less then 10 seems a bit overkill.
  14. Jethro_Grey

    Hamburg Port

    I kinda liked the previous one, with the red/orange lighting. Reminded me of the end scene in Star Wars Attack of the Clones on Coruscant.
  15. Jethro_Grey

    Good job WG, Smolensk costed you my money

    You have really no idea whatsoever about the marvels of ru naval engineering comrade. Each plane will have two Smolensks strapped under its wings. Torpedobombers do not drop torpedos, the drop submarines! Dive bombers drop Tsar bomb prototypes. And the secondaries of the CV are a balans-ed mix of 8 Slava and 12 Stalingrad guns per side. Of course, in order to balans it to its peers, the range of these secondaries has been reduced by 1km compared to the two surface ships.