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  1. Specc the french ca for full secondary build, sail towards the nearest BB and Start kiting him and keep the range to him at ~3km.
  2. EL and AR would make an awesome combo for the Germans, too bad WG picked the less useful ones. At least they didn't go for advanced priority target and advanced incoming fire alert...that might have been too obvious. ^^ True.
  3. Z39 in Shop

    3.12 torps and 4.44 ships...you also can slot the HAS module for maximum Hydro fun!
  4. Z39 in Shop

    It's against WGs policy to use sadistic, insane mass murderers so Janeway will never make it in the game.
  5. I think the German commander(s) have the worst perks so far, which makes them for me personally and my playstyle useless.
  6. Z39 in Shop

    All German DDs have the issue with the anemic guns, that's why you see most of the better players use AP. The 150mm guns may be good against broadsiding targets, however if you face a gun boat in close quarters combat you'll get wrecked, the DPM on these guns is really bad. I suggest getting the Gaede fast and trying the 150mm gun setup before you buy the Z-39, unless you want the ship regardless. As a top-tier, the Z-39 can be played quite aggressively as the combination of smoke, hydro and torps make her lethal. So yeah, it's a torpedo boat with big guns that chew through broadsides, but are otherwise useless. I have thirty 19 point captains, with 6 close (14-16p) to 19 points. And once i have these, i can start turning the rest of my 224 capatins into 19 pointers. #TheGrindNeverEnds EDIT: just checked to see how i'm doing in my Z-39, and aparently i suck badly in it...unless the stats site doesn't have enough data to make an appropriate evaluation that is.
  7. Flamu was one of the CCs who gave away a few of these codes yesterday during the stream. Some others did too, but the number of codes they can give away is limited. IICR(!) it was limited to 10 container codes (subs/ Twitch subs only) and a bunch of camo codes for non-subs per week.
  8. Z39 in Shop

    I have you have a Maass and/or a Z-23 than you'll be quite familiar with this ship. If you can do well in these two, you'll do fine in the Z-39. My opinion on the ship is: tl;dr: i like it. The guns are anemic, the HE lackluster and AP is the way to go. I was able to citadel cruisers from a range of 6 km and below. Don't go into knife fights with other DDs, as the Z-39 is sluggish and turns like a brick. Torps are short-ish range (8.5km) which is a bit low when you meet TVIII. Concealment for a TVII is nice with 6.1km and the AA is useless. HP pool is rather nice and gives this a ship staying power. Train the DD captain in a cruiser (Prinz Eugen, Graf Spee) 'till you reach 10 points, then put him in the Z-39.
  9. [PSA] Basic guide when you have CV in battle

    1. ...only if my team supports me, i don't want to get wrecked because my team stays back while the enemy team provides close range support. 3. no worries, i've seen enough Eurobeat(Yuro) videos to know how to torpedo beat...in theory 4. once may not be enough tho, messages get buried at the start of the game in all F key and "we lost" spam 5. ...well, with the black dress, white Bonnet and skirt kinda... 6. ...he could try, doesn't he know who i am?? 7. been there, done that got blasted and called noob, that's when i realized, i should stop taking everything literally 8. as long he isn't in the center of the map or stays in his spawn location without moving 8.1. saves fuel, helps mother nature and lessens the global warming effect 9. if the CV lose his fighters, nothing will help. Although i usually advise him to sell his CVs and play Hello Kitty online if he lost all his fighters in the first 7 minutes of the game 10. what does qualify as provoking? Added two more, which i personally think should be on that list.
  10. Proposal

    I voted no to all, because i already own all and we don‘t need more OP ships.
  11. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    I haven't played many ranked games, but those few were mostly horrible. After the last game, i made a decision to tell the team right at the start what we do. If they agree, i'll be a nice team player, if they don't i will do whatever is necessary to keep my star. So yes, i will be a "star chaser" the second i see my team doing stupid $hit. I'm glad that at least WG is having a good time with all the ~20% - 45% WR bots buying TVIII ships to ruin this game mode by being glue eating window lickers and doing the most stupid $hit imaginable. Personally, i'd say that people who graduated Magna cum Laude at the University of applied re7ardedness shouldn't be permitted to play ranked (or get near a PC for that matter). For nine seasons now people are telling WG that this game mode is flawed and they still don't listen. Maybe because the graduates of above mentioned University are running this company?
  12. Gascogne is not "crap"

    I like then Richelieu more than the Gascogne, the guns feel less trollish.
  13. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    It seems, i just can't win in my Henri IV, no matter what. It has speed and makes a great flanker, so i flank. The last 4 kills were all done in close quarters combat, for which this ship is not suited for. WTF do i have to do to get a win in this ship? I sank a Minotaur early in the game, capped C with another ship, pushed through to B, burned down an FdG there and shortly after, i deleted a Zao near A trying to cap because my team decided, let's hide at C. Too bad for me there was a nearly full HP Alsace, which i APed to smithereens all while dodging torps from a Fletcher who stalked me throughout the game. I couldn't cap because of a Saint Luis rushing me down which i also sank while avoiding his torps as well the torps of the Fletcher. I was so low on HP at this moment that the Fletcher managed to sink me. What was our surviving - nearly full HP - Alsace doing (apart from eating glue)? He was very close to our CV running from the enemy Kurfurst.
  14. ideas to change bb playstyle

    Nothing you suggested here would make BB players camp less. The only measure that would indeed help in that regard is, humiliate BB players by giving them chicken points with a Player X is a chicken text in flashy red letters and message pop-ups in the chat. Also, make them visible in the stats and base the XP and credit gain of BBs on the number of accumulated chicken points, not on damage done. This will either motivate them to be less campy or drive the chicken player away. Personally, i'd prefer the latter. What our suggestions have in common is, that WG will never introduce anything like that. Chickens with a credit card are WGs target audience after all. EDIT: Ninja'd by El2aZeR
  15. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Sometimes... And this one tells a lot about the majority of the player base. First one to get sunk, and yet still top of the scoreboard...no kills, no caps