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  1. Jethro_Grey

    daily login

  2. Rate the game atm...where do I find the turd emote? Seriously tho, great at it's core with layers and layers of crap piled ontop of it.
  3. Jethro_Grey

    nerf shipborne torps

    Ahh, one of the BB mains that haven't discovered the benefits of pressing the WASD keys every now and then. Understandable tho, it kinda distracts from blapping cruisers.
  4. Jethro_Grey

    The Nerfing of Enterprise

  5. Jethro_Grey

    Subs News...

    Well, after all the sh*t WG forced down our throats, we haven't started going on murder sprees, so they think we're stable. Now excuse me i have to clean the blood stains off my Nail clipper.
  6. Jethro_Grey

    Bonus 200% Coupon

    Nevermind. Didn't realise its a necro.
  7. Jethro_Grey

    O dear god they buffed the Dutch airstrike

    Well, you don't have to be a Chef to know when someone serves you sh*t. Yes. Also, there's not enough people "jumping on the outrage train".
  8. Jethro_Grey

    Azur lane PR4 Ships collab with WOWS

    Worked so far, and WG never fixes anything that ain't broken. Actually, WG never fixes anything.
  9. Jethro_Grey

    O dear god they buffed the Dutch airstrike

    At this point i am certain that the balans department consists of the three Stooges.
  10. Jethro_Grey

    give the smoke to all ships already?

    I considered this as given, so I didn't feel the need to mention it.
  11. Jethro_Grey

    Non toxic

    There were times and places were Seppuku was the only acceptable form of apology for doing horribly wrong. I expect nothing less from CV players. ^^
  12. Jethro_Grey

    give the smoke to all ships already?

    This could be the RU CVs gimmick. A ITA style smokescreen, but 3mins dispersion time, 30 sec cooldown and impervious to radar - because russian.
  13. For years now, it's no longer IF WGs gonna frak up. It's when and how massive the sh*tstorm is gonna be. WGs frak-ups are almost an art form. Sadly, only few can enjoy art made out of turds.
  14. Jethro_Grey

    Message to all FDR players

    So am i. Sigh.
  15. Jethro_Grey

    People NEED to stop reporting CV

    Stop reporting CVs? Hahaha. No.