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  1. Lack of camouflages in standard

    I can see why you would think that, tho it wasn't aimed at you. Was meant to be '...damage farmers that are...', just a typo. I fixed it in my original post.
  2. Lack of camouflages in standard

    Considering the quality of gameplay in high tiers, i would prefer a different kind of warning. 'You suck in high tiers, so you either have no brain or are incompetent or both. Are you sure you want to ruin games for your teammates? Wouldn't it be better you spend a couple of years playing coop and lower tiers? Alternatively, hello kitty online has a nice welcome offer for new players, a game which could be more to your liking'. The sad part is, that it's not that the bad players are ruining games each and every time, it's the damage farmers that are.
  3. Nueve de Julio in operation Hermes

    You could grind the Boise, which took me about 20 games, then play the Boise instead. But it's a bit annoying as i wanted to grind captain XP for Nueve in that OP.
  4. game failure ?

    You should play WoT, where everyone can do whatever he pleases. You gonna like it. Or was it Hello Kitty online? Anyways, goodbye whoever you are and there's no point in coming back in a couple of months cause the game won't change ever!
  5. The game is stealing my collectibles

    Ok, for the last time. 2 COLLECTION duplicates.
  6. The game is stealing my collectibles

    Absolutely positive. 2 Duplicates.
  7. The game is stealing my collectibles

    When i ended my game session yesterday, i double checked the number of duplicates i had, cause i had the feeling that the game didn't account for all duplicates received yesterday. So, i closed the game with 4 duplicates yesterday. After the first container today, in which i received 2 duplicates, i checked again and i have 5 now. If my math serves me right, 4 duplicates plus 2 duplicates is 6 duplicates, not 5. I restarted the client to be sure, and it's still 5. I'm slightly pi$$ed now, it's hard to collect these thingies, in the time remaining without the game dropping 1 duplicate here and there. Any help here pls @MrConway, @Crysantos, @Tuccy? Is it a known bug?
  8. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Congrats! I still have to grind a couple thousand games for Halsey. Well, if he hadn't blapped me right at the start, i would have changed position. When the Yamato took the rest of my HP, my fate - and position - was sealed as with such low HP all i could do was hug that island like it's my wifu.^^ This game shall not be forgotten! :D
  9. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Met Flambass (Stalingrad) on Trap. Harrassed him occasionally with HE salvos from my Seattle. The game was nice and we won. After the game, i went and checked his stream and found the video, where he was raging so hard at me, i feared he might get a stroke...poor Flambass. So much salt... 'Send twitch streamer into a raging fit' achievement unlocked! Yay me! Here's the vid, the game starts at 1h50mins. Enjoy. https://www.twitch.tv/flambass/video/298024036
  10. What is the charge for "Service"?

    Permacamos can help too, at least up to TVII. But if a player can't carry his weight and perform decently, even perma camos won't help to make profits in higher tiers.
  11. What is the charge for "Service"?

    There is so much win and fail in this thread, i'm slowly running out of facepalms. Let the entertainment continue!
  12. Sharks still winning?

    Thx...but i wasn't asking for how long the event runs, but how many loyalty points i can gather in the time remaining.