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  1. Met @PandaFury (Lex) in a game on Islands of Ice. He managed to feed all his planes to @Adam_1000 and got one plane kill in return. Either he is really that bad, or he deliberately refused to spot and fed his planes to the other guy. Anyways, kudos for one plane kill and letting the DD sink half your team and still refusing to spot him.
  2. You will not make it better by allowing BBs and CAs to sit in smoke.
  3. Ugh, no. It's a result of BBs and CAs being a$$holes and pushing me out of my own smoke, the smoke nerf just amplifies my will to let them get wrecked. It also prevents 3 man Divisions of perma-smoking and wrecking the other team, which is a welcome change as well. Don't care a bit about the competitive meta at all, as the "skillful" gameplay at display there swapped over to randoms and made an already bad situation even worse. Watching top clans duke it out is boring as f@ck, as it is basically nothing else than sitting stationary in smoke clouds. The team, that is able to better camp usually wins, which isn't something i want to see in competitive games, yet that is what we see. And it influences randoms as well and in a negative way. With the smoke nerfs, i hope that peopel in competitive will remember that they are playing ships and not towers. The smoke nerf in randoms means only, that BBs will possibly even more campy than before, which will hopefully trigger some reaction from WG. I think a range based xp and credit gain is a solution that is easy to implement and will motive campers to actually move a lot better than ship nerfs. It also avoids any possible balancing issues.
  4. I'm glad that WG decided to nerf the smoke. I don't mind sharing smokes with others, although it gets less and less. BBs get smoked up by me very rarely, and only those who are in the front tanking. Snipers won't get smoked up by me at all ( same when i am playing CVs: no Support for snipers). Way too often i've been pushed out of my own smoke because some re7ard thinks the smoke is exclusively for him. Just had a game where exactly this happened, some window licker in his BB who camped all the time at A pushed into my smoke, pushed me out and i got deleted. So yeah, smoke nerf welcome, and i will make sure that i smoke up as far away as possible from any BB or CA.
  5. Her real strength so far seems to be the good AA. The torps are too situational, and her AA will get reduced during a battle, considering a new HE meta has emerged with the arrival of the RN BBs. If you specc her for AA, you can't specc fire reduction so she is indeed balanced...unlike say the Belfast and pretty much every single RN BB.
  6. Yep, it's part of the rewards when you sail the Belfast and do good in it. Lost 4 karma points yesterday after two Belfast games, so yeah. I consider it a compliment on a game well played. ^^ Did not too well in her either in the beginning, only when i started to play her like a Kutuzov i started to get this kind of games.
  7. My salt detector shows values off the chart...
  8. Nothing. But we have a Facebook professional. EDIT: Just as i opened the game i had a message pop up with an invite survey. Seems, things get rolling.
  9. After playing it for a few games (current average 170k and yes, that is HE ONLY damage), i decided to call it...drumroll...: the HMS F@ck-You.
  10. I will defend the B cap and no one shall pass enter! ...and that's what happened, i sat in the B cap and rained IFHE goodness upon everyone who dared to contest it... ^^
  11. I asked this ages ago, but WG thinks, that it's not worth the effort to create camos for tiers lower then VI. Sad, i'd even buy camos for tier one. Anyways: +1
  12. Was nice meeting you, there. And yes, i shed some tears over the incompetence of my team mates. Yeah, the second i got smacked by the Shima and two of your cruisers, i knew it would be a terrible game. Despite my best efforts to motivate my team to do anything, they just were camping behind the rocks, except for those few, who pushed the western flank only to die there. I was waiting for the Radar of your NO to run out and to push then, but i kept reversing for two seconds too long and your torp caught me. Special mention to our Yamato: the way he pushed in all guns blazing straight into the gun fire from 4-5 ships to the honorabru thing was an eye sight. Sadly, he did it when 10 other ships on our team were sunk, so we couldn't really comply his request(!) for support. Who would have thought... Still, wp and congrats on your kraken! Met @int3llig3nce yesterday in his Gearing. I was sailing my Alabama and pushed between the B and C cap and did hold that position for most of the game as it allowed me to take shots at ships in both caps and ships coming from A. Sadly his Gearing was sunk, but i avenged him and sunk the Shima. Also, met a CC/ ST in his Kii, seems to be a nice boat, sadly we lost because the team i had there was much worse than the team i mentioned above. And yes, i consider that to be an achievement.
  13. No p2w anywhere in WoWS. Wargaming never said that premium ships have to be weaker then silver ships, people carry that nonsense over from WoT (where its obsolete as well and a relic from the past). Not every premium ship is OP though, exceptions are the Kamikaze trio ( after the Minekaze has been nerfed), Kutuzov, Belfast and Krasny Krim ( when its top tier), k. Albert as well as Gremmy an Imperator Nikolai. Some of these ships aren't available anymore, while K. Albert is being pulled from store. With the release of the RN BB line, the cards have been newly dealt as the entire line is OP as f@ck to a point where the TX is so broken it boggles the mind how that was considered release worthy. We can safely say now, the most OP ships are f2p, and you can get them for free simply by grinding.