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  1. Jethro_Grey

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    After not playing WoWS for almost a year, i'm slowly getting back into the game. I'm still crap most of the time as my aim is off, positioning aso. However, i had a bunch of good games too, and this is one of them. Certainly not the best i had i last few days, but mighty proud of the result as i have massive problems making the Sinop work. Too bad our DDs ignored the fact that our base was permanently inhabited by enemy DDs. Also, too bad our cruisers can't aim for $hit, as one of our Molotovs at full HP lost a gunfight with a Fushun at 3k HP. I might as well upload the replay, so folks can have a good chuckle. EDIT: The first real games i played - besides knocking off the flakes in Coop - were ranked games were I oddly enough performed quite well and carried quite a few games, which netted me 10 compliments. Today however, I lost 6 karma in total. But only two due to me using colorful metaphors to describe the mental condition of certain team mates, and in another case using phrases usually used when talking nanotechnology to describe the genital situation of other team mates. The other 4 were lost to, what I assume, enemy reports who didn’t like getting sunk. I remember the olden times where the ratio was the other way around. So sad.
  2. Question is, can I reset 6 lines at the same time and get the 60k RP in one season?
  3. Jethro_Grey

    Hakuryu - order for upgrades?

    Select her in port, right click her icon and click the sell option. It automatically chooses all correct upgrades.
  4. Jethro_Grey

    Octane Diesel

    Is that the brother of Vin Diesel?
  5. Jethro_Grey

    Suggestion: Camo bonus French DD line

    Why should French DDs be the only line that gets anti- CV bonuses? It’s not like other DD lines suffer as much from getting $hat on from great heights by perfectly fine (sarcasm) CVs.
  6. Jethro_Grey

    When MM shows you the Middle Finger

    Oh look, it’s “I fraked up and then whine on the forums“ o‘clock! Time to get refreshments, cause dis gonna be gud.
  7. Jethro_Grey

    has there ever been a more aggressive game mode?

    You could try WoT, which much more Dynamic, action oriented and fast paced. You barely see any camping there. ^^
  8. Jethro_Grey

    Upcoming French Captain.

    This is so stupid. Pls don’t do this WG!
  9. Jethro_Grey

    Jolly Roger Flag...why you do dis WeeGee???

    So, I asked my questions on the official WoWS stream and @MrConway replied saying, they will look into it for future Ranked seasons. This however leaves two of my questions not answered yet: Thank you for your time WeeGee dudes!
  10. Jethro_Grey

    How can I become quality poster, community rep or privateer?

    I attempted the same thing a while back, sub_octavians official reply was: “...we not going to make a goat the gardener...”. I’m pretty sure, you’ll get a similar reply. ^^
  11. Jethro_Grey


    I propose a new game mode, which I think would be massively fun for everyone involved. It‘s a 12v12 pvp mode, like randoms now. Either domination or standard battle, just like randoms now. And now comes the part that would be so much fun for everyone: CVs are not allowed, unlike randoms now! No need to thank me, you’re welcome WG. Just hand over the Benham and we call it even.
  12. Jethro_Grey

    Bots (Real bots?)

    Dear Mr. Bot, you should be banned for BOTting. Kind regards Me
  13. Jethro_Grey

    Is it possible to disable chat in WoWs?

    So, you necro a three year old thread to post a stupid comment about you not wanting to read „stupid“ comments?
  14. Jethro_Grey

    Mission Accomplished - RTB

    Yay!! Great news! I‘ll be grinding the crap out of all my lines to get new ships.
  15. Jethro_Grey

    Suggestion to avoid future s... storm

    See official reply in the Some interesting news from around the world thread.