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  1. Mysteries of WoWS

    So, i decided to DL the game on a second PC for...scientific research...and scrolled a bit through the DL page, when i came across the numbers of ships of each nation. Now, the excitement about the upcomming...scientific research takes all my power so i couldn't be bothered to count each ship to verify the numbers, but one of these numbers stood out: Germany: 2 Aircraft Carriers. Le wat? I'm pretty sure that there is only one german CV and one that's screwed up at that. Unintentional spoiler or a mistake? And if it is a possibilty, which other german CVs are there? Excluding of course all the secret napkin drawings. 12 BBs? I count only 11 15Cruisers? I count only 14 (with the HSF GS) 10 DDs? Only if we count the T-61...which isn't released yet. @MrConway, @Kandly, @Tuccy can you explain the discrepancy? I'll be here waiting and whistling the X-Files theme.
  2. Segal's departing

    True, the squicky voices are sometimes mood breaking, although Takao and one of the Myoko sisters is somewhat acceptable. I'd put mine on the tub boates we had, too bad that mode never made a return.
  3. Segal's departing

    Poor pedo bear, nobody likes him.
  4. Segal's departing

    True, that's why WG is removing the cook animation from the model of the Missouri, and not the ship itself.
  5. Segal's departing

    Doubtful, as Mo is not a fictional ship.
  6. Segal's departing

    Throw enough $hit at the wall and it might collapse due to the stench. A possibility. But there are one or two historical officers, but considering it's a trouble to get permissions and stuff, a bit more creativity wouldn't have hurt. General Motas anyone?
  7. Segal's departing

    John Doe? The amount of creativity is mindblowing! Sad, really sad that the USN didn't had any note worthy Navy officers in WWII...
  8. Gascogn French Beauty on the horizon

    c o c k Because the guy who did the swear filter had a wicked mind and was vegan.
  9. Gascogn French Beauty on the horizon

    It's funny indeed, yet strangely it's also a nice looking camo overall...minus the chicken on the bow. Still, i'd like to see a really offensive(!) chicken camo for BBs, which is applied ( and has -50% to XP, captain XP and credits, +20% dispersion bonus for enemy shells, +10% camo penalty and -10%HP ) after ~10chicken points have been received and cannot be removed by the player. People who snipe, camp and hide get 'rewarded' with chicken points which prolongs the duration of the camo being applied by several games. People who tank and play supportive can get the camo removed after the 'chicken point counter' has reached 0, damage dealth is not considered by the calculation! Players with the chicken status, are not allowed to report other players, can't be complimented while the camo is applied and are not allowed to form divisions unless the division mate(s) also have the chicken status. We also need new awardsa and achievements for both groups, nice ones for team players and ugly offensive ones for chickens. These awards automatically replace patches and emblems ( and later clan emblems) selected by the player. I'm pretty sure the chat in game would be hilarious, not to mention the manic laughter of Jingles when he comments on replays. #thereIFixedTheBBProblem
  10. Gascogn French Beauty on the horizon

    28 sec reload? It should stay at 30, but that's just my opinion. Also,. i love the camo! Now i can say 'our BB chickens out' and not get reported for it! ^^
  11. What is the Purpose of the GZ Hydro WG?

    To be fair, detonations are rare, while DDs take massive damage every time. At least deteonations provide you with some flags as compensation while a bunch of overpens on your DD are a excellent source of frustration. + If GZ had a bit more armor and as an addition the heal, she'd be quite a good ship and one that could play very aggressively. Too bad WG didn't think that far.
  12. What is the Purpose of the GZ Hydro WG?

    Yep, that sums it up nicely. He killed all my planes...and my teams DDs (which sucked anyway as they refused to enter the cap on epicenter)...and my teams BBs, so i was forced to cap when a wild Tashkent appeared! Jethro used GZ secondary build...it was super effective ...but than my ship got sunk.
  13. What is the Purpose of the GZ Hydro WG?

    It's a brawler CV. The planes are so $hitty, that they had to give it a gimmick which are Bismarck-esque secondaries for brawling. And you'll need hydro to dodge torps with your agility, so you'll get Hydro on top. It's actually working as i managed to kill a DD with my secondaries while trying to cap, tho the enemy team had El2aZeR in his Enterprise on the enemy team. ^^ EDIT: just saw what wilkatis_LV posted...lel
  14. Stop smoking up BBs!

    I'd agree, but then i met a BB division who denmands to be smoked up 14km away from the enemy BBs. And if we consider the average IQ of the WoWS playerbase, then i'd go even so far to claim that this thread is not only useful, but a necessary read. ^^
  15. Overconfidence™ Mk.2

    It's not running, it's called kiting.