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  2. WG cares when: it's about money it's about their reputation a major $hitstorm hits several online platforms (reddit, forums,...) and threatens one or both of the above until either of these comes true, players can go f@ck themselves.
  3. I have all the ships already, so no deals for me...unless we get a new premium this week. Too bad WG missed the opportunity to give a discount for the Blyska and Indy rip-off ...i mean admirals least for owners of the ship. Something like 50-60% for players who already have those ships would have been nice. I guess WG will make a crapton of money with the sale anyway, so they do not need mine. To sum up my opinion about the black friday sale and the rip-off bundles: BF deals are nice, although a bit confusing with some ships being discounted in-game while the ones in the shop are not. Still, players who haven't bought them yet have now the chance. The fact that the rip-off bundles haven't been discounted ( at least for owners of the Blyska and the Indy) is not even bull$hit, that's horse$hit. P.S. we badly need a turd emoji on this forum.
  4. You shouldn't buy that bundle at all, it only encourages WG to put rip-off bundles in the shop. In the end it's your call whether you buy it or not, i decided to give WG two middle fingers this time, one for each rip-off bundle.
  5. Detonations are awesome! I just love to detonate others, sadly it's so rare. Getting detonated myself isn't as fun, yet it is so rare it isn't even worth thinking about. @Miessa3: it's be like adding insult to injury if his thread gets locked and he gets banned on top of that. I'll be watching this thread closely and meanwhile, while we wait for the ban hammer i'll get me
  6. I voted "No". One simply does not remove fun and engaging game mechanics from the game, in any mode.
  7. Well, WG put up the Indianapolis with a commemorative flag in the shop. When i heard the news i was actually really hyped, because a) it originally came without and b) it could indicate that all the premiums that were sold long ago and don't have a commemorative flag may get one. Being a sucker for commemorative flags and a collector, i couldn't await to buy me one despite having the Indianapolis rotting in my port for ages. So i flashed my card, went to shop, saw the price tag and was shocked. The only bundle that contains the flag comes with 10k Doubloons and other fluff, so basically a standard rip-off bundle, except for a ship i already have and a bad one at that. You know WG, if you'd add that flag to each and every bundle i would have boght it without a second hesitation, yet you chose to put it in the top bundle as you usually do with NEW premiums. And for a ship that has been out for ages now. I can understand that you wanna make a lot of cash with these "collector bundles" and i usually buy them being all shiny and new, but for ships that have been out for ages? Lol, no. Except players who don't have the ship yet, who would buy the top bundle just for the flag? Well, you don't have to guess: nobody. I am a die hard collector and i'm not touching that bundle with a ten foot pole. I also have a bad feeling that other ships may get the same treatment. I'd so like a Tirpitz commemorative flag, but knowing WG, it'll be locked behind a 100€ rip-off bundle paywall. Thanks, but no thanks.** **Originally, i planeed to close my little rant with something along the lines of "...shove it where the sun don't shine...", but i rather have this thread be open for a while, so more folks can post their opinion.
  8. That's because France is district of the united states, and is located between the UK and the german districts, basically a few miles east of New York. Or in WG terms, only a bus ride away. It's not WGs fault that we EU plebs don't have the slightest clue about geography and do not have latest maps and still think EU is on a different continent, although connected to the farthest places on this globe via a magical device called "the internets".
  9. Yea, the only thing to grind atm are captain XP and that becomes rather boring after a while. That'd be a nice option!
  10. Only if WG is interested in competence. *checks the new Graf Zeppelin eff up... Nope, WG has no interesst whatsoever in competence.
  11. It is lame. It's the lamest implementation one could think of. "The fighters are garbage you say? No AS possible? Here, have only one squad of useless fighters instead of two. Problem solved! We're listening to your feedback...suckers!" The only good thing is the fact that they finally gave the GZ two TBs and one DB squadron. I doubt however that this setup will be used in the final version, because reasons. At this point i have no hope that WG is really willing or able to balance the GZ to a point where the only KM CV will be somewhat competitive. The entire "testing" process is highly questionable and most likely run by interns or whoever makes the coffee in the office. No sane and intelligent person would dismiss the constant feedback and introduce re7ardedly moronic setups after the third wave of "still sucks" complaints. While the 1/2/1 setup might be the so far most viable one, it's still light years away from a decent setup as long as the fighters are garbage. Unless this gets fixed, my recomandation is: do not buy. Rating: The GZ gets 5 stinky turds out of 5 possible ones.
  12. I doubt it'll cause issues for many reasons, the fact that Taiwan didn't commit mass murder on an astronomical scale being one of them.
  13. Just ran into @Vanhal (Saint Luis) on the tears of the desert map. Was nice meeting you, sadly the game wasn't the best. I shouldn't play when i'm half asleep. Our DDs failed to contest the center and most of our BBs were either hiding or at max range so the enemy had an easy game. Pushed the center in my Kutuzov and got a bit salty in chat when a friendly Gearing refused to provide smoke but instead went on to hide with the BBs. Got even saltier in chat when a friendly Montana who was chasing a Lion into their spawn, started talking BS about how i should l2p. He was firing HE at him and sailed broadside on to a Missouri and another BB. He didn't survive for very long.^^
  14. RN BB game. 7 point captain. No HE used, AP Only! Against angled targets. No need whatsoever to use HE exclusively on RN BBs, so pls dear plebs: stahp that $hit. EDIT: hero of this game is the V-170 player tho, he defended our cap against two DDs while the rest of the team followed me - with respectful distance - down south for some reason. Even a cheerful "...i have not started a effin lemming train you *****, defend the effin cap..." could not persuade most of them to return to our base. So kudos to that DD player.