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  1. Kitty Purrfurst code

    And that's only the things they bury which they allow you to see. Who knows what or whom they bury in neighbors garden when nobody is watching.
  2. Halloween 2018

    Ok, managed to unlock Gerfalcon, Seelowe and Zipper but how can i unlock the Killer Whale submarine? Anyone got an idea?
  3. Anyone with spare time and in-depth knowledge of the Sunray in the Darkness OP willing to div up with me to 5 star it? It's impossible with random plebs.
  4. Bonuscode 45k limit(?)

    This whole idea of NOT sharing the code on the OFFICIAL forums is stupid. Frak Reddit! BTW, i got the code from a twitch channel, so yeah. I'm glad people ignored the request for not sharing it.
  5. SUBS on PTS tomorrow !!!

    It's so bloody difficult to unlock the other subs with random teams.
  6. One important thing is missing: removal of CVs from PvP/ game. ^^
  7. SUBS on PTS tomorrow !!!

    The only fail is that you have to unlock three subs via three different OPs and that it's not stated anywhere, and the fact that you can't div with randoms. Everything else is a l2p issue and once you get used to them, they're fun and far better than CVs could ever be. The subs are awesome, 200k+ damage games are the norm and it's fun as heck. WG should remove CVs and focus on subs asap.
  8. Allow us to modify torpedoes Wargaming.

    The average WoWS player has the attention span of a goldfish and the kognitive abilities of a cockroach (i‘m spotted must run now) and you expect them to do something more complex than point and click? Get outta here.
  9. SUBS on PTS tomorrow !!!

    YAY! I mean... YAY!!1ELEVEN
  10. Lol. Don't sit in the far back (aka playing at the chicken range) or move up once the Cyclone hits and you should be fine. Don't sit in the far back (aka playing at the chicken range) or move up once the Cyclone hits and you should be fine. It's your problem if you sit back and watch the empty screen for "12 (?!?) minutes". Move up and you don't have to watch the empty screen. Simple really. But since you're unable to understand that, keep playing like a chicken.
  11. British missions - did i miss something?

    Aren't the missions supposed to reset Tuesdays?
  12. That's why i moved straight to the A and parked my Monti next to the Island at B as the enemy team deployed like an umbrella and i had to narrow the angles from which fire was incoming. this move netted me reports from the cruisers at C. It was fun indeed and quite hectic. The Montana on your team was indeed a special kind of speshul.
  13. Met @Aotearas [Midway] on Land of Fire. We ran into a unicum division (Ghostbuster_ - Grozovoi/ CV) and the game was quite intense, considering i [Montana] lost ~60k HP right at the start. I did get my revenge later tho on both Yamato and Montana. Citas ftw! ^^ Most satisfying moment ingame: me deleting a Minotaur in his smoke who was pestering me the entire game. Most anticlimactic moment ingame: two TB squads incoming. I asked Aotearas for fighter support for a second time. He replied that he was out of fighters. This ended my game. I assume most satiyfying moment ingame for Aotearas was dropping the Grozo.^^ We won in the end. End of story.
  14. British Camouflage, not very British!

    But it looks so dashing on French ships!