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    Choosing between Indianapolis and Molotov

    I have both and I prefer Molotov. Indeed, both have good guns with tight dispersion and that can score lots of citadels, but Indianapolis is/feels more squishy than Molotov. Indy is a bit slower at about 32-34 knots but a bit more manoeuvrable and its the other way around for Molotov. Indy has good AA and good radar 8.49km range while Molotov only has some AA and the shity hydroacoustic with a 2.49km range. But the guns on Molotov are great - nice, flat trajectory and it also has torps - only 4km range but decent damage and good speed 65km/h. Both can be detected from the other side of the Moon so no chance of invisifire.
  2. I started playing ranked battles this weekend and I'm now rank 12. I quite enjoyed ranked battles, probably luck was heavily involved - no afk players or teamkillers - and generally most players tried to do their best so battles were won on merit and skill. Of course, there were a few battles that come to mind when I sucked hard ... but so far it was enjoyable.
  3. chevalier_Romegas

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My greatest achievement yesterday (as today I did not open the game). I reckon the Moon was blue and the planets were aligned ...
  4. chevalier_Romegas

    [UKE] United Kingdom Elite

    thanks Taffy, I'll try to login sometime and say hello
  5. chevalier_Romegas

    [UKE] United Kingdom Elite

    Scapa Special for me, please. The thing is that even if I'll get on TeamSpeak I won't be able to talk much (which might be a good thing) as I have a small child and the only time when I can play is late in the night ...
  6. chevalier_Romegas

    Server Down?

    someone is upset because of this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-36297395
  7. chevalier_Romegas

    Hi guys looking for a clan.Romanian if posibile

    Liviu, I'm interested as well but I can't access that link. I'm a mature player, aprox. 2500 battles, a few T10 ships but I'm more interested in enjoying the game with nice team-mates than in percentages. Also, a bit of a hectic schedule.
  8. chevalier_Romegas

    Romania players only

    Salutare oameni buni. M-as baga si eu la un team battles, problema e ca nu pot spune in avans cind sunt online. Dar cind sunt, m-as baga Ce pot sa ofer: IJN - Shima, Zao, Yamato si orice alt vas de tier inferior, USN - Montana, Nicholas (so far), si KM - Tirpitz (favoritul meu). Cred ca esential ar fi un TeamSpeak, Ventrilo sau Mumble ceva ca sa nu pierdem timp cu scrisul.
  9. chevalier_Romegas

    Montana. Plead for help frm WG

    hear, hear !
  10. chevalier_Romegas

    tell your most memorable batle story

    My best battle was on Hotspot - I spawned north of C cap, alongside 2 dds and a Cleveland. DDs go left on the 9 and 10 lines and die, Cleveland rushes forward between the islands to cap and dies. Left alone, I drove my Tirpitz slowly and cautiously between the islands, got the cap and then defend it against dds, cruisers and torpedo attacks from the enemy carrier. A Tirpitz between those islands is particularly dangerous: big guns to do long-range damage, torps for area denial and to defend against anyone who dares to rush in, very good secondary guns for short range engagements, islands to hide behind and dodge torpedo bombers. Oh or that battle on my Tirpitz (again) when my only kills were the three destroyers of the enemy team