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  1. IJN_Taiho

    Odem Mortis [OM] rekrutiert

    Congratz on winning KoTS guys.Well deserved!!!!
  2. IJN_Taiho

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    Hello there. I am Nick and i am a 20 years old Greek player. I would really like to join you guys and have a shot into competitive gameplay.I was part of OMNI but i quit due to the simple fact that i was inactive and for that reason my performance had declined.Therefore by the time i was ready again i didn't feel that i could catch up that much.I intend to make a return to the game and because i have experienced the joy of being in a team or division and how much that can affect your chances at winning a game i really want to join a team with players with a similar mindset like mine.Based on stats i have a quite decent ship pool constisting of every class with a decent captain as well on every t8 i possess.Also my general stats i consider them quite basic and fine for your requirements.I intend to improve my division stats at least after all.Based on the mindset and character i would really like to have a talk with you guys up close so that you can be the judge on that.Your recruitment is still closed but i really wish you guys have a spot for a player like me. Thanks for your time
  3. Here is a fun game with the shokaku
  4. IJN_Taiho

    Air Dropped Torpedo Nerf - 0.5.1

    The problem is for how much time people can keep "Getting used to" every single nerf on either the drop or the ships themselves.In the end the only better thing they implemented was the manual drop reticle...still the circle got huge and the torps got slower those things alone will test the patience of most ijn cv players on its limits...In the end i got my t10 haku and i do not mind for the worst case scenario of this going live...but people who are at tiers 6-8?will they keep grinding or will it be a huge waste of their time?
  5. IJN_Taiho

    Deadliest Catch

    Well i want to try just for the 500 doubloons to train my captain no need for more More to come
  6. IJN_Taiho

    [Tournament] Sea Rats vol. 1 - Questions & Answers

    Yeap sextus_cz if possible mate even though it is pretty early would you mind sharing any info about the time such a tournament might take place?I mean some people might have some kind of a job to do and also it will help so we can know who for example who will be a able to play and who wont be able to play at that time so we can also manage on a team who will be substitute player and who will be a main one. EDIT:I think i found it on the rules my bad
  7. IJN_Taiho

    [Tournament] Sea Rats vol. 1 - Information & Updates

    Sextus_cz mate did anyone actually joined with a team ready?I mean i would like to know because i really want to join this tournament and if i knew if this tournament is actually having teams participating and is actually going to happen i would really try to step it up and look for a team even outside from the forum and the game.(friends etc.)I am saying all that because i don't see many people answering on the forums and i am just curious if teams have already joined by ingame communication,friends or by any other means.Also i would like to thank you for putting such an effort on the first tournament this game has and that you keep everyone up to date.
  8. IJN_Taiho

    [Tournament] Sea Rats vol. 1 - Looking for a team

    Hello..i might not be so much active on the forum but i watch it pretty often.So i would like to try this out and look for a team.I play this game from my 2nd account from the start of cbt.Now this is my main account.I mostly play carriers and i would like to play one at this tournament even though if really needed i can pick another vessel too.Everyone feel free to send a message at the forum or even ingame.My stats etc you can see them below or even look them up
  9. I might say this a little bit late but i really love the modding and the effort tsukotaku and other people have put into this game.I played from my other account since CBT and this game has gotten a little bit boring by the time.The mods helped me a lot deal with that.Now i cant go out to battle with kongo and dont have MY BURNING LOVE!!!I know from this topic that everything is subject to change till the actual patch but if anything like that happens...I WONT PLAY KONGO AGAIN :'( (Not to mention taiho too which is my pride )
  10. IJN_Taiho

    Japanese and American carrier difference

    Each nation has its advantages and disadvantages.USN got the plane numbers and IJN got the the squadron numbers.When you have 2 for example fighter squadron at the mid tiers you just cant defend properly when the enemy ijn carrier decides to drop everything on you.You might live once but the second wave your out.Fighters also can now have an attack boost which depends on the speed difference between them and the enemy fighters.So now a dogfight is possible or even favorable towards you.The survivability...you can increase it by perks and by modules.And torpedoes...with usn i cant usually kill a cruiser or a destroyer unless its a pretty good and leaded drop..with ijn i can kill and ca and dds when they go on full speed cause of the wide spread..as i said each nation has its features and everyone can choose to and kill everything with ijn or dominate the air with usn.Of course i dont say the opposite isnt possible...stil a usn can one shot things and ijn can harass enemy planes.