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  1. Camperdown

    Deleted World of Warships

    Eh this is LtP baiting
  2. Camperdown

    Best strategy for ranked: cap AB/BC or AC?

    P.s. in ranked you should not try to cap at all cost but contest the cap. The first kill is much more important than a cap. What I try to do is dip into a cap (I am a DD main playing Gadja) to provoke the enemy to expose and make mistakes. I am not doing this well yet though
  3. Camperdown

    Best strategy for ranked: cap AB/BC or AC?

    Normally AB or BC because you can support eachother. If B is dangerous on a map you may do AC. However that's the exception.
  4. Camperdown

    Is it a bug? Or is it secretly possible!

  5. Not too bad so far, got to rank 10 in 15 battles. Tried Jervis, did not work for me, 7 battles, 5 losses. Gadjah better in my experience, 8 battles, 6 wins. Level of play seems actually decent compared to normal ranked standard. Little camping, fair amount of team play. So far so good. Have my main goal now (all the goodies of the first ranks + flag of second league), will now leasurely see if I can get further.
  6. Camperdown

    Your fav T7 for upcoming ranked?

    Thanks for all ya replies. See you tomorrow in battle
  7. Camperdown

    How to dodge rocket planes?

    The way to dodge rocket planes is do what you have to do but in such a way it's not too easy to get spotted. Eg, watch where the planes go, evade as good as you can and smoke up if you have to. Yeah it sucks to waste a smoke on the planes, but if it helps you get through the first minutes without a 5K bite out of your HP it's worth it. Once you are in smoke good CVs will move on and bad CV 🤡 don't matter anyway. Btw get out of your smoke and on to business when the planes are gone. No good DD sits in smoke unless you are gunning down a red ship.
  8. Camperdown

    Impossible to play this crap game

    I do
  9. Camperdown

    Impossible to play this crap game

    Well you see, for some impossible to understand reason WG does not want to differentiate players by skill level in MM, so you are playing total noobs even if you are an expert. They seem to think this is a briljant idea they cannot give up
  10. Camperdown

    What I am doing wrong ?

    Ships that are in front of you, are closer to the enemy. That requires constant attention to what is in front of them. Usually trying not to get spotted or rapidly trying to get out of a dangerous situation such as avoiding enemy torps. This is hard enough without you shooting them in the back. If you shoot from the second line it's your torps = your responsibility. No exceptions. Take your responsibility.
  11. Camperdown

    How many Russian Cruisers?

    It almost seems they try to balans what has historically happened with their own alternate universe where Stalin's finest carried all before them
  12. Camperdown

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    And as of yesterday we can add: 2-3 Russian balans indestructible radar cruisers per side in any game making the meta even more static and boring
  13. Interesting. You recognise the full logic of WG money grabbing policies, but seem to not step to the logical conclusion: don't fall for it, do not give WG any of your money, do not feed the troll. Stockholm syndrome?
  14. Camperdown

    How many Russian Cruisers?

    Very interesting overview. Amount of paper Soviet cruisers is rediculous. On a related note: with the new Soviet cruiser lines we now get in each game 2-4 Soviet cruisers with 12 km radar and around 70k HP besides your usual CV and US radars with a measly 9-10 km range (everyone knows Soviet radar tech was far ahead of everyone else's). This means T9-10 will be almost totally unplayable or unfun for a DD for at least the next few months at least. So, I plan to be at T7-8 as much as possible for at least a while. Well done, WG! I am concerned this may be the phase they finally managed to push this game over the edge.