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  1. Camperdown

    Dev Incompetence or just idiots?

    WG has no love for this game
  2. Camperdown

    General CV related discussions.

    Btw it also happens that teams underextend (camp). I have been accused of overextending several times when I was simply in the right place but got no support from my camping team
  3. Camperdown

    I finally reached my goal!

    I had 2 terrible days too yesterday and the day before. Sh!t happens
  4. Camperdown

    Not naming and shaming but...

    Enterprise is underpowered! Buff Enti!!
  5. Camperdown

    Abusive Chat ban

    My feedback is: WG does not really address key player concerns. Your reply is (after taking it through the corporate newspeak translater): no, you are wrong, we do listen. QED.
  6. Camperdown

    Abusive Chat ban

    I don't think the developers are necessarily bad. It is the management decisions that drive the developers. A very old fashioned attitude that you can over your customers if it brings in the cash. The attitude that kills businesses and industries.
  7. Camperdown

    Abusive Chat ban

    Well, let me put it this way: it sure does not look like WG is interested at all in addressing some of the more problematic issues in the game. And I am quite sure that some of them are quite feasible to fix. So, in the end there can only be the logical conclusion that WG is not interested to fix them. Which in the end will be bad for the health of the game.
  8. Camperdown

    Abusive Chat ban

    I really don't understand why WG is not even slightly interested in addressing some of the strongest felt issues of the player base. Surely you can't feel that ignoring your customers is good for the health of your game?
  9. Camperdown

    on Dodging CVs in ranked

    I play DD too. I assume there is a good chance the red DD is bad at avoiding bird poo, so that's no disadvantage for me
  10. Camperdown

    Worst tech tree cruisers t8,9,10

    Of course not, everyone knows Soviet BBs and cruisers were the best in the world
  11. Camperdown

    Whats your favourite Port?

    There are still a few German DDs on the bottom at Narvik, so perhaps?
  12. Camperdown

    16 matches - 15 defeats

    Hi, You are a fairly new player. I suggest you grind 1 or 2 attractive lines to T5 and 6. So you escape the CV hell at T4. Then play T5 and 6 for long enough to get comfortable and be able to win 52% or more and do some useful damage. Find out which ship type suit you best, DD, CL or BB. No, not CV you pervert When you get a losing streak, play a ship you are comfortable in or take a break. Play coop or ops for a few games. GL HF
  13. Camperdown

    OMG WG!! ... What Are You Doing?!!!

    I don't mind radar most of the time. However, if you have more than 3 radars on the enemy side it becomes onerous. Also, 2-4 red radars in ranked is a pain. It simply disrupts your opportunities as there will always be at least 1 radar at a choke point. Also being roasted by 2 radars after eachother is too much.
  14. Camperdown

    Abusive Chat ban

    Just reply: I can curse in multiple languages, oaf
  15. Camperdown

    Staying at low tiers?

    Hi Systergummi, welcom back! I have been burnt out 3 years ago, didn't play for a year. Don't stick with low tiers, here's some advice which I hope may help you. - Choose a handful of ships you like playing. Look back at some ships you may have forgotten, but really like playing. - Play those ships at least half of your battles. - Don't do more than 2 or 3 grinds at any point in time. Choose grinds you enjoy. Grind silver trees you enjoy and lead to a ship you really want. - Buy 2 or 3 premiums you really like. Or collect the resources to buy them. - If you have a loosing streak or feel frustrated playing, play 1 game with your favourite ship and then stop for the day. I play 50% DD, no CV, very little BB and 30% cruisers. I like Lightning, Gadjah, Fiji and Chapayev. Play Daring in ranked. I enjoy those 80% of the time. Find your mix and play that for at least half your games. The fun will come back! Enjoy!