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  1. Camperdown

    Remove Submarines

    Wow. I thought I would drop by on the forum to check how things are going. Boy am I glad I stopped playing this shitty game by a shoddy developer. Good luck to y'all.
  2. What has changed is an inflow of new players who can buy their way into T9-10 in no time. So imbalances in MM are more likely to occur, which lead to frequent stomps. As a results you may have more losing streaks.
  3. Camperdown

    [POLL] How your gameplay might change with subs?

    I will lurk a bit just for the good old times. Take care m8!
  4. Camperdown

    [POLL] How your gameplay might change with subs?

    I am quitting WoWs as of today. Not because of subs, but because the game is in a free fall. Wedgie has given up any pretence of trying to maintain a decent game. Too may players with 300 battles are floating around in T9 or T10 ships cluelessly. As a result battles are completely random. If you have a team of noobs, there is nothing you can do. It sucks the fun out of the game. So I bid you goodbye, I hope you will still have some fun. I am done with the game.
  5. Camperdown

    Game improvements

    My impression is that Wedgie has no interest in game improvement. They focus on milking the game for cash and accept this is making the game progressively worse.
  6. Camperdown


    You are a missing the point by a few miles. The point being that mismanagement is making the game progressively worse and WG doesn't give a rat's bottom.
  7. Camperdown


    It does seem as if the game has entered a new phase, where any pretence of quality has been dropped and it is just blatantly about selling stuff.
  8. Camperdown

    Will anyone grind/pay for the next Dockyard ship?

    I have never bought a dockyard ship and never will.
  9. Camperdown

    Dirigible Derby: some observations

    Maybe too much of a simplification, but the team which understands you have to stay ahead of the airship wins? So average team IQ is paramount and basically random.
  10. Camperdown

    [POLL] Has wargaming made the playerbase indifferent?

    I have given up on WG, I am not indifferent.
  11. Camperdown

    Ranked Battles: The Sixth Season - Tiers.

    I figured that in a previous season and took my Lightning. Was surprised how tough that was as I normally don't mind being uptiered even to T10 games in Lightning. Love to seal club those 17.9K Shimas . But didn't work in T8-9 ranked and I switched to Jutland and did better.
  12. Camperdown

    Ranked Battles: The Sixth Season - Tiers.

    I can really recommend to have a couple of favourite ships at T6-8 fully equipped and with high point commanders. Imo much more fun than powercrept T10 where you meet disfunctional teams of rookie players and camping snipers.
  13. I had a hiatus a couple of years ago because the game had burned me out and it felt like a chore to play. When I came back, I decided to only play stuff that was fun. So no endless grinds, no CVs, almost no T10. So it's mostly DDs and cruisers and best tiers are 7 and 8. But I have grown sick of WGs wanton mismanagement of the game and will largely stop playing when GT7 comes out in 2 weeks time. It is basically a game that was good and could still be good, if WG would have some basic respect for the player base and would focus on a decent player experience. But it's milking the game for revenues only with stoopid gimmicks and increasingly bad ideas (yes subs, I am looking at you). So to quote officer McClain: yippee ki yay motherf*ckers
  14. Camperdown

    Proposal for APC-shells

    All AP from about 1905 is APC. Around 1908 this changed from 2 CRH to 4 CRH nose shape. After WWI in the 1920s and 1930s 6 CRH (or even more streamlined) was introduced with a ballistic cap. These shells are what is provided in WoWs if you check the shell type and mark numbers you can track that. Your claim of more than 1 caliber penetration needs to be greatly qualified, as this has always been very hard to achieve in naval shells under real life conditions, due to body hardness and toughness, filler and fuse complications. Any more than caliber penetration in working condition should be considered very satisfactory performance.