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  1. I have been playing the game since supercontainers were introduced. I have gotten a fair number of them. From memory I would say every 60-90 containers on average. The content varied but was mostly useful. So I have many complaints about WG but not about supercontainers and drop chances.
  2. Dampfboot

    FREE Commander Retraining and Respeccing

    Nothing for free anymore comrade, need to maintain stronk cash flow from capitalist swines.
  3. Dampfboot

    Petrodreamlovsk nerf when?

    You know nothing! Russians had the most advanced radar cruisers in WW2.
  4. Dampfboot

    German CV tokens such a joke

    I was pretty angry when I discovered this as well. But WG discovered that the non-luck based systems they introduced for the last two new lines didn't generate enough cash flow, so here we go again....
  5. Dampfboot

    Any way of opting out from supertesters?

    I think it's a necessary evil. Although WG usually ignores test results and player feedback and just follows the holy spreadsheet which says that russian napkin ships must be top of the list.
  6. On that, I only actually realised just now that all of the mission chains require a different German CV to complete. If I am calculating correctly, the missions expire before the CVs are becoming available for research? So I have to spend Doublons for gambling on containers in order to complete these missions (unless I get super lucky and get all three CVs from the free containers)?
  7. Dampfboot


    Honestly for DDs, I don't mind some napkin designs. None of the Russian DDs is particularly outperforming. It's with the cruisers and BBs where it is ridiculous. Declaring a wet napkin dream ship a naval legend.
  8. Dampfboot


    They would have to seriously buff it though for anyone to spend coal on a Khaba these days.
  9. Dampfboot

    Z-35 .. what is it?

    Not in the premium shop yet, interesting.
  10. Dampfboot

    Nicknames you give to boats in wows

    Grosser Kurfürst = Klofürst Smolensk = *censored*
  11. It doesn't look great but it's practical, so I like it.
  12. Dampfboot

    Sound update

    I quite like the sound update. Granted, the game has bigger issues that needed to be dealt with. But you wouldn't want the sound guy fiddling around with the much needed balanz...wait a minute that could actually work. He probably has actually played the game as opposed to the whole balanzing department.
  13. Dampfboot

    Just ONE day of Narai. What the F?

    I actually just realised that instead of people assuming it's an honest mistake by a poor programmer who probably didn't have access to air conditioning, people automatically assume malicious intent by WG to nerf Scenarios and push people into PVP. Shows you the track record of the company and the kind of trust they have built with their valuable customers over the years.
  14. Dampfboot


    WG has a long history of ridiculous mission requirements. I guess you don't remember the PR desaster or the crazy weekend missions years ago. In this case it's ok. If I can do it on the side, fine. If I don't, just one container, who cares.
  15. Dampfboot

    Just ONE day of Narai. What the F?

    I played it three times yesterday with no issues, I guess was lucky then.