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  1. Shitweather simulator completely [edited] up the game balance and about half of the ships are suddenly useless. However WG insists that shitweather simulator is fun &engagingtm
  2. I was hoping they would stop screwing around with the CVs and roll-out the complete CV overhaul asap. But I think they have their resources focused on the Russian BBs which are obviously more important. Since we all remember the vital role Russian BBs played during the battle of Stalingrad and the epic fight between VMF Paper Fantasy and the Tirpitz.
  3. Co-Op Battle revamp?

    New Matchmaker is bad, I told them on the PTS but of course WG didn't listen.
  4. [EU] Downtime Compensation

    Please WG, give old division interface back. Excuse my French but which interface design expert thought this would be an improvement? Also servers seems completely broken now.
  5. Musashi P2W

    Be grateful we didn't give it radar you capitalist swine!
  6. Oh WG those poor Colorado and Nagato captains that get lolpennedtm from all angles by this murderous much money milk monstrosity will be so happy long-term customers. Greedgaming at its best.
  7. I did it now including the New Year snow flake campaign. But the amount of stupidity, cowardice and idiocy I met on the way was just astonishing. Like normal weekend players but multipied by 10 and then some. WG please do not make these stupid mission requirements anymore. Take something that is actually helpful in promoting sensible gameplay. Why didn't you include something that requires to take caps or accumulate spotting damage, tanking damage (ok there was some but not very much). Makes you almost lose faith in humanity. I think I need to take a break from the game for a while, maybe until the armored baguettes are released, if they are good.
  8. General Feedback

    You need to teach these bot CVs that they should prioritise the closest target attacking them. Enemy CV flew half way across the map to attack me whilst a Bismarck was firing at him from 10km away.
  9. Was hoping to exploit my Gallant, seems like 100s of players had the same idea. Silly me.
  10. Duke of York Campaing impossible

    Not sure why you are surprised. It is a WG standard procedure and honored tradition to screw up funtm (holiday) events with some serious cash cow milking and ridiculous mission requirements. Remember the bonkers Clash of the Elements requirements and the Christmas Convoy shitstorm?
  11. the "carry harder!" thread

    Man did I have to carry, push and drag our team over the victory line. This is hard work. *phew*
  12. You're win rate seems quite low, are you playing for damage rather than the win? Looks like it at least. Probably those DDs complaining because you don't provide spotting and air cover. Get good?
  13. Battle of North Cape

    Ah yes, they let the ridiculous mission design monkey out again lately, I thought he was gone.
  14. Remove detonations please

    RNG is your friend! Yesterday hit a Yamato with 8 (eight) Chewie torpedoes silmutaneously and it survived. Today same situation, again full fan of Chewie torpedoes incoming on Yamato at a good angle, first torpedo detonates the Yamato. I think it was very fun & engagingtm for him.
  15. I am wondering why CVs weren't banned from Ranked as well. WG publicly admitted that CVs are broken and they are unable to fix them until soontm So logically they should have been removed. Doesn't make any sense to me.