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  1. Dampfboot

    Leaked "AP Fix"

    Hey its already middle of April and WG still has no ETA on broken ballistics and CV fix. Graf Zeppelin isn't fixed either. Good job!
  2. Dampfboot

    Ultimate frontier ruined

    Not sure if they changeg something, won this operation often in the past. Now its almost always a loss, player quality must have gone down massively.
  3. Dampfboot

    Bonus Code - Container - Signals - Camo's

    Thank you, worked!
  4. Dampfboot

    IFHE on The Conqueror

    Honestly you guys are such amateurs, providing such blatantly wrong a advice to a poor newbie. So here is the 19 point UNICUM PRO skill set up for Conqueror: 1st: Direction center, since you don't have any plane to begin with, having 2 is already a 200% increase in ship power! 2nd: Smoke screen expert, so the smoke area gets bigger when you sail into one, since you are a big ship, very useful! 2nd: Last stand, must have since the damn engine breaks all the time from those ridiculous BBs using AP 3rd: Survivability expert, these extra HP are vital 3rd: Demolition expert, buffing you fire chance from 48 to 50 is a 4% increase, that means four more fires per game on average! 4th: Air Supremacy, that makes four planes in the air at all times, together with the two planes from direction center 4th: Radio location, permanent radar is basically a must against those pesky destroyers
  5. Dampfboot

    Opt in for 'tougher' Random Games pool

    Given the reduced number of players in Random during Primetimetm I don't think this is a good idea. What could work is maybe to automatically put the bottom 10% into a protected matchmaker which lets them face only bottom 10% players until they improve.
  6. Dampfboot

    Opt in for 'tougher' Random Games pool

    WG won't do it, would spread out the player base too much. Clan Battles already does that. They need to keep their BB potatoe base happy. If they have too long waiting queues, they won't spend cash.
  7. Dampfboot

    Space Battles

    Very difficult to see things, aim etc. and doesn't make sense at all. Art and music are nice but otherwise it is very poorly implemented. It is unfortunate though that resources are spend on such a crap mode when many things in the game are broken: - CVs are broken - ballistics is broken - shitweather simulator - TVIII matchmaking
  8. Dampfboot

    WG Please stop torpedo missions.

    It is the people who play so badly. Doing 30k torp damage or 60k torp damage is not something you need play badly or suicide for. Something like have 10 torpedo hits, 8 floodings, and during a full moon in one battle, I could understand.
  9. Dampfboot

    Z-39 (upcoming premium) Dropped to TVII

    We want a decent German premium DD. I think that is not too much to ask.
  10. Dampfboot

    Please fix TVIII matchmaking ASAP

    Well looks like badly made spaceships are now the priority, TVIII matchmaking is obviously not important.
  11. Dampfboot

    Please fix TVIII matchmaking ASAP

    WG, please fix the TVIII matchmaking. It is unplayable. 70% of the time is low tier fighting against ships with twice the firepower. You are also killing your own cash cow. TVIII premium ships are the most expensive. Given the fun&engagingtm TVIII matchmaking you have to either make TVIII premiums seriously overpowered or nobody will buy them. In the first case people will leave because of blatant pay to win, in the latter case you can kiss your money goodbye. In either case people will spend more time with their familytm. Here is just one example of your fun&engagingtm TVIII matchmaking:
  12. Dampfboot

    Flamu's Discussion - WoWS: The Focus On Damage

    Completely agree with him. Look at the new shiny golden plaquest they are handing out, 100% focus on damage.
  13. Dampfboot

    ''Error Conecting Server''

    Got that, seconds before my game ended. I think it ended in a loss for everyone. I think WG should focus on broken ballistics and CV mechanics plus server stability instead of churning out new premiums.
  14. Dampfboot

    which BB has best penn

    While actually sitting on the bottom of the sea.
  15. Dampfboot

    which BB has best penn

    Of course Yamato has the best penetration, because it has the famous lolpentm That is until end of this year when famous Russian BBs are released which, as everybodytm knows, fought the most naval battles in WW2 of all ships.