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  1. Dampfboot

    Important message for the community

    One whole new map in 2022, wow, that's amazing. Are you sure you earn enough money from your various secret monetisation strategies to finance such a huge undertaking?
  2. The holy spreadsheet says everything is fine and working as intended. No changes needed.
  3. Dampfboot

    Brawl mode. Are you for real WG ?

    Greedgaming trying to outdo itself, as usual.
  4. How dare you criticise glorious Motherland ship that is totally historically accurate and won many battles in WW2. Go to Gulag capitalist swine!
  5. Dampfboot

    Z 31, the floating turd

    A whaling boat with rowers and a harpoon?
  6. Dampfboot

    OMG WG!! ... What Are You Doing?!!!

    The holy spreadsheet told them that this is the nerf that is needed to achieve perfect balance equilibrium. The holy spreadsheet has spoken! How dare you question the holy spreadsheet? Heretic! Go to Gulag! Jokes aside, nerfing the 12km radar probably makes it a tiny bit easier for DDs to survive, so that might have some knock-on effects.
  7. Reset Japanese BBs to afford Shimakaze upgrade.
  8. Dampfboot

    Tips for Absolute Beginners !!!

    Don't use smoke 10 seconds after the game starts.
  9. Dampfboot

    Which DD can tank TWO torps?

    I once hit a Gearing with three Daring torps and it survived. Take that physics!
  10. Dampfboot

    Best ships/tech tree lines for beginners?

    I would recommend the new German line. If you are able to play that dumpster fire well, you can master any other line in the game with ease.
  11. Dampfboot

    haha very funni tweet wgee

    A lot of new things you don't really know how they will work in practice because of all the inter-connectedness, feedback loops etc. The science of unintended consequences is really under-appreciated. But I know that if I hit myself on the head with a hammer, it's gonna hurt massively. The same way I know that to encourage all BBs to hang out on the A and J line and snipe cruisers is going to be bad for the gameplay. I don't need months of live testing and spreadsheet data to figure that out.
  12. Dampfboot

    Time to remove stealth torpedo launch

    How about....no?
  13. Dampfboot

    Before you consider buying Flandre ....

    The WG QA intern finally noticed the obvious bug, so they have an announcement up now. Thanks Flamu for the testing.