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  1. With the new "add a friend" system, they have made it so both the newcomer and the veteran gets bonuses. That's pretty cool. You are therefor welcome to use my bonus invite to get your bonus too: [edited]
  2. You finally made it after countless battles. You made it to Tier VIII. You got your brand new ship, that you have been longing for, only now to realize that only on the best days will you be able to make a living. Not even victories will make you break even, you need a good battle with a win, every single time, not to start to loose huge amounts of money. Even with a premium account I can only stay afloat. Only by playing other Tiers, am I able to make money for my expensive Tier VIII escapades. Its like taking your Ferrari for a spin.. You only do it now and then. It shoulndt be like this. We made it this far. Give us some rewards. Give us bigger money rewards. We have earned it. Right now its silly,.
  3. I play wows because I have come to love the authenticity and level of detail that has gone into the game design of wows. I love the rawness, the RL like feel I get, the immersion. Even if there are some historical inconsistencies, and ships that weren't really there on the oceans. But it is still kept at a modest and acceptable level. For me the slight historical freedom shown in wows, is not an argument, to go all out Anime. WOWS for me was a breath of fresh air, where I could play an adult game. At least I felt less silly playing around with my battleship, than most other war games out there. The addition of Argeggio, destroys this for me. If its to reach the Asian community, I can understand it. I sincerely hope some thought has gone into this decision by WG. It seems like a rather farfetched and indeed a very risky move. But lets have a POLL. And lets see what the community says.​
  4. Please, someone make a petition against this. It is a very sad day for wows.
  5. Cydone

    A Question of Philosophy - Can I be a noob if I'm aware of it?

    The conundrum with the N00b tag is that once it has been given it is almost impossible to get rid of, within one particular game at least. If someone calls you a noob, there is no argument you can put forward, that will change that. Good players become noobs when they are called as such. It is the worst black magic of online gaming! Noob awareness within one self, is particularyly painful, but even more so, when someone has called your noobness. Nobody is above the noob tag, and any pissed off teen, or any other angry player for that matter, will fire the noob tag at anyone close enough to hear it. Shoulndt that water out the weight of the noob tag? I mean if it is used anywhere and everywhere, for any action you do at any time, by everyone, then why do we still cry deep within our gaming souls, when we are called noobs? Therein lies the mystery and blck magic of the tag. Noobselfawareness, relieves you only of a tiny bit of noobness. Its the first step out of the UBER NOOB tag, that we have all come to fear like the plague itself.
  6. Cydone

    "Garage" in Port

    Id like to see a port with all my ships in it!
  7. And call it The Briefing Room. I like it.
  8. For me its the gameplay. The times when you have a team that really works together. For me playing BB's, its having CA's offering help, and escorting me to the battlefield, while the DD's spot ahead and clear out any foolish DD's or CA's. And then, when the enemy start hammering on our CA's I move in, with another BB, and we take the heat off of the CA's. We align our ships at angles, and we move in and out of battle like cylinders in a machine, depending on how much damage we have taken. Stuff like "I've got the east flank, you get the hell out of here!" or "Please clear out that Cleveland!"... "Done!" or "Cover me, Im going in!" Love it to death.
  9. Cydone

    more realism on carriers

    In fact let me give it a shot. Lets try at least and list the suggestions so that they are readable: (From OP) Change in dmg on torpedos for Battleships there weeknes waz from the topp not the hull thats why the japanese did attack pearlharbor so they could bomb em. And add timer fuktion on the torpedos so they self explode when the screw is in bottom. the same go for all the ships the main thing you did torpedo waz destroyers and cruisers. Add torpedo boats to the bs so they can send out. whit a return to rearm and a long time reload. Change the rear gunner armerment on the planes so not 1 scout can take down 1 group bombers they are there to make em miss not kill em totaly. Add a fighter attack on the boats so it can take out small ships like the destroyers cous there hespano cannons did freaking do dmg belive me. it fire a APe round that could pen a tiger 2 in the front and it waz just that round that is the key to all ap shots we use to day. 1 group shuld not kill a destroyer on 1 round but at least take half his life before return so the destoyers make forced to stay whit the cruisers and use there aa to cover. so teamwork realy is the key to win not how good destroyer drivers you got in the team. The torpedo boats for the BS shuld be small class 3 with 2 front torpedos but max on a tier 10 3k hp. and add magnetic bombs to the destroyers and make em visbal by sonars. this would improve the teamwork play alote and make it a bigger challange. and i like the bot system it would be shame if you take it away cous it is a real good learning fase for new commers and a realy god idea to have quests on insted of the random battels if your are thinking of a questline like in world of tanks. Hope to hear what you think about it dev team and not only 1 off you but all off you. use the forum to brainstorm. you shuld take friday afternons sit down and brainstorm about new things to all aff your games. you have the potential in your games you just need more in em too not making it the same game rounds over and over. campers shuld not benefit in your games group players shuld.
  10. Cydone

    more realism on carriers

    While we must accept people coming from places where English is their third, maybe even their fourth language, this thread was extremely hard to read. It looks like alot of ideas of improvement, listed in complete disorder and with so many misspellings, that the whole meaning, is like deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs. You need some kind of a Rosetta stone to make sense of OP. But I'm sure he meant well.
  11. Cydone

    Colorado is a great ship

    How do you know? Your stats say your top ship is the Cleveland, and you have only had 48 battles. Is it a new account? Edit: ok I saw you played them in the beta. Good for you. Hope the Mont isnt what you say it is.
  12. Cydone

    Battleships, just a waste of space

    The number of different types of ships in any battle is decided by the MM, not ship popularity. Usually it will favor less BB's in a battle. In fact in the Ranked Battles coming soon, BB's will be limited to 2 on each side. Why? Lets play and see.
  13. Cydone

    Battleships, just a waste of space

    Well, from New Mexico t6 your AA become pretty nasty. I love when CA's volunteer support, but if we are two New Mexico for example, we can pretty much hold any line. If there are no DD's that is. With DD's we will need CA and DD support. And that is exactly why we stay out of range. With my spotter I can hit 20+ clicks out, but prefer to be at 15-17, not closer than that. A little secret is that DD's become super easy to take down once they come within 5 clicks. The good DD players stay well away from 5 clicks, and just within torp range. My secondaries will start hammering on them at 5 clicks, and it is easy to hit with a broadside doing massive damage, since at this close range, predicting their path is alot easier. Further out, DD's are the biggest threat to BB's imo. Waste of space though? Nah, BB's are the backbone of any serious battle in WOWs.. at least from tier5-6 upwards. It takes good BB players though. They need to fathom that they have to enter battle, and take the heat away from CA's. Oh and please, CV players, we need you to spot for us. Stay out there and spot. So many times we lose shots because of concealment. Spot for the BB's and you will have a whole different outcome. Since BB's are so slow and so far away, we rely heavily on other ships to spot for us. DD's do a great job at this, but need to be aware that when they hide behind a cliffwall, we lose our targets too. Anyway, love the bb's to death, and will play them till the end.
  14. Cydone

    I can't buy the stuff I want

    Part of the game is finding ways to optimize your money income, and its meant to be tough. Its not a carebear game.