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  1. Are you afraid people can't navigate wowreplays site themselves without finding your replays, or is this another thread made in order to boost your already bloated ego? Yes, we get it, you're a greatest player there is, but watching replays without the player commentating doesn't yield much in terms of either insight or experience. At least not for the average player. Hence, why it comes off as a pure show off. I think most people have a handful of games on their favorite ships in which they completely dominate the game in question, and all those games wouldn't differ a bit from the replays you have pasted in OP. So what makes you different? "Hope you guys can learn something from these replays!" Hah! EDIT: Yes, I criticized the almighty Sander93, you can attack me all you want. non-constructive, being disrespectful to other players RogDodgeUK
  2. netc0rd

    0.5.6 Patchnotes anyone?

    Could someone elaborate on the "nerf to Hindenburg shell trajectory"? What exactly are they doing to her guns?
  3. This video is fine here imo. It's good fun, and I doubt it was uploaded with the intention of being used as view/clickbait. If you want to see real circle jerk (you know who you are), brag topics with zero purpose you oughta look up Sander93's threads.
  4. I don't think that would be enough to discourage japanese DDs from going up vs enemy gunboats, with such a short active time for the Radar you suggest. They'd just wait it out then either run or torp carpet the enemy. The Japanese DDs *should* fear the enemy gunboat DDs immensely, and the US gonboats in turn should fear the Russian DDs. They each needs to fill a niche in order to attract players. I do agree the versions of Radar and Acoustic on the DDs should be watered down version of their CA counterparts though.
  5. How about this: Russian DDs get radar. US DDs get Acoustic. Problem solved?
  6. netc0rd

    What exactly is the role of the Moskva?

    Thanks for the input, people. Even the ones claiming "l2p". OnT: I kinda agree with your assessment of the role of the Moskva, JohnA87. I think the reason I'm so dissapointed with the ship is the fact that the Moskva, on paper, packs a really decent thickness of armor all across. This I actually looked up before I started the grind towards the ship, hoping it would be one of those ships I could use to "lead the charge", since it kinda caters to my playstyle; being an overly aggresive one. Then reality (IE He bombardment) hit me, and I quickly realized I couldn't play the ship like I wanted to. Hence this thread. Though I have to point out that, if I want to snipe at enemy in a cruiser, I would do so in my Zao. I'm impervious to damage since I stealth fire with my concealment, and my HE damage AND fire chance are higher. I just don't understand the Moskva's appeal for that particular role. Also - The last thing this game needed was another sniping ship, although it seems this is exactly what it does best, it also turns the match development stagnant, which already is bad as it is. These are my 5 cents tho, and people may agree or disagree. I still hope for more imput by people who have faced off with the Moskva or bought it themselves. Let's keep the discussion going, shall we?
  7. What WG should do with these changes is give US DDs the Acoustic consumable. The impunity of Japanese DD's with their torp carpets from 16km, at 72knots, with the absurd damage of 21k must end. If that change was implemented US DDs would still fill a role in the meta, and the japanese DDs would be hounded by their US counterparts - as they should. EDIT: Talking high tier, obviously.
  8. netc0rd

    What exactly is the role of the Moskva?

    Well, to quote Flamu "It's a jack of all trades, except it has no torpedoes". It might be able to do most things, problem is, any other CA can do "most things" but also have some sort of extra feature. The Hinden has amazing AP damage and torps, the Zao has concealment, awesome torps and excellent HE damage. The DM has RoF, concealment and excellent frontal armor. The Moskva feels left out I feel. Just me?
  9. netc0rd

    What exactly is the role of the Moskva?

    I've tried what you suggest. For whatever reason the enemy seems to focus you despite the fact that you have friendly BBs inbetween you and your target. Might be bad luck, I don't know. I just feel singled out in the Moskva no matter what situation I end up in, and it really sucks.
  10. netc0rd

    What exactly is the role of the Moskva?

    I did, and it seemed like a viable option to the Hindenburg at the time, hence why I got it. Considering how much the russian ship line differs in calibre (shell trajectory and whatnot), armor, if the ships are equipped with torps or not I deem the comment about "l2p earlier ships first" not worth my time. You don't learn to play the Moska by playing either the Budyonny nor the Dimitri. That's a fact.
  11. netc0rd

    What exactly is the role of the Moskva?

    I'll just ignore previous comment for obvious reasons. Next.
  12. netc0rd

    What exactly is the role of the Moskva?

    Silly me, completely forgot to touch on the subject of radar. Having the radar on the Moskva doesn't make it an efficient DD hunter imo, nor a support of your fleet in any way. First off, the cooldown is too long. Secondly - Seeing as you need to be within 11,7km of a DD means you'll probably run too close to enemy fleet, since, arguably, you'll probably try to use the first radar pop early in game to cancel DD capping zones. Getting too close to enemy fleet while being spotted by enemy DD - EVEN if you spot that DD in return, will net you a one way ticket to the spectate game due to the focus you will receive from enemy fleet. And should you survive that initial encounter with enemy DDs you then play the waiting game, dodging 10+ torp salvoes until you can use your radar again. All whilst being perma spotted. Ain't game mechanics lovely?
  13. So I Visa Warrior'd my Moskva a few days back only to realize it was a waste of cash. I've had absolutely horrible games with the ship, and I fail to see what the role of the ship is. I own most of the T10s --CVs and Shima excluded-- and each and every one of these ships actually brings something to the table - They differentiate themselves from the others by all fullfilling a specific role - All except the Moskva: The HP pool is nullified by the fact that you're a floating citadel. Looking at the armor you'd think you'd be able to tank enemies whilst you angle the ship, but nope! - You're going to bleed HP no matter what shoots at you. The guns of the ship, albeit nice, fail to reach that "oomph" level of barrage you can lay down on the enemy whilst sailing in either a Zao (a pain in the *ss for enemy BBs), or a Hindenburg (which can wreck enemy CAs at even long distance due to massive AP volleys). Heck, even the Des Moines excels at two roles over the Moskva - First and foremost as an escort due to excellent AA and secondly its low detection range; With the concealment spec you can actually sneak up upon enemy cruisers and lay waste to multiple ships in a short span of time. Even the Moskva would get its a** whooped vs a DM 1v1 close range. The ship's lack of torpedoes makes it unsuitable of chicken race against other cruisers, and torpedo dive runs against BBs. So to summarize: You can't brawl with the ship due to paper armor and lack of torpedoes. I honestly believe any other T10 CA would wreck the Moskva if it came down to 1v1 close range. You fail at escort role due to crappy AA,and concealment, not to mention the focus you're going to receive from enemies; You're an even higher priority target than a stationary Yamato at mid range. (I guarantee you Moskva owners can attest to this statement.) The ship falls short at the sniping role in comparison to both the Zao and the Hindenburg - Want HE spam fest? - Go Zao. Want AP spam fest? - Go Hinden. So where does that leave us? - Well. While the Moskva can do *some* things the other CAs can, it does it so *very* mediocre/meekly. Imo, a small buff to either the HE or AP damage would be in order, and if not that, at least some buff to the ship's armor. One huge issue right now for the ship, which I honestly feel will never go away, is the fact that you also get so focused while sailing in the Moskva. I don't think it's due to the novely of people having a new ship in game which you can fire upon with impunity, but rather the fact that you're gonna score massive hits on it whether you fire AP or HE on it. It just melts. So, boys and girls. IF you have faced off with a Moskva in one of your games, or consider yourselves one of the few unlucky people who actually invested in this ship - What are you thoughts on it? Is it up on par with the other CAs? What roles do you think it fulfills? - I'm actually really eager to hear what people have to say of it. Oh, and one last thing - Please don't drag the preliminary stats of the Moskva into this thread. They don't account for anything considering which people actually own the ship right now. Thanks.
  14. netc0rd

    DD excessive survivability? lets review and discuss

    There oughta be an incentive for BBs to actually fire on the DDs while they are in mid range. Problem is BBs roll with AP, which is pretty much a waste on DDs since, at range, you will probably only hit a single or tops two shells due to dispersion and enemy DD dodging. I say give DDs citadels. I see absolutely no reason as to why they shouldn't have one.
  15. Between the Hindenburg and the Moskva, which would you say is the superior cruiser, or would you say they're both situational? I'm asking since I have saved up a shitload of XP, which I plan on using for unlocking either Moskva or Hindenburg. Just want your take on which you think would be the most worthwhile ship. Cheers for the vid!