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  1. Kyone_Akashi

    Any mod for bring the old "whizzle" deafening sound?

    Phew. If the sound was changed (which appears to be the case), you'd have to recover the original file to even make a mod. The override itself should not be a problem, but you would have to find a version of the client from before the change was made to extract it. Or, as a workaround, extract it from some other source, but I think it would be tricky to find a video that has only this sound and no other effects or music in the background...
  2. Understood, thanks for letting me know! I might just drop by sometime tonight.
  3. Ahoy~ I've been eyeing you gals for some time, but with the recent announcements in regards to clan bases, I thought I should finally consider an application to BLUMR in earnest. What are the expectations towards members in terms of activity? My gaming times are a bit erratic (especially during work-days), and I habitually do not stick to any one game forever but rather switch focus every few months or so. For example, I just returned after having been absent from WOWS for more than a year, and though I currently take to the seas on a daily basis, I cannot say how long this would last, so I would like to avoid raising expectations I cannot meet. In short: are you only looking for dedicated full-time members aiming to stick with the group for years, or would you also consider "casual" hangers-on who are just looking for an uncertain number of weeks/months of fun, and on top of that may occasionally play with other friends rather than the clan? I suppose I'm looking less for a clan in the traditional sense and more for a community of fun people whose division I could join whenever I'm starting the game. Though I'm sure these drawbacks to my application should at best qualify me for a place on the benches, depending on the nature of your outfit, I might still be able to add something, if you have the space to spare. On the upside, I consider myself a generally laid-back, friendly player with ships on every tier from I-VIII and experience with all ship roles, who plays a mix of PvP, Coop and Operations, has a bunch of semi-customized anime mods installed and, obviously, likes Haifuri a lot. Warships.Today stats are here. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! >_<
  4. Kyone_Akashi

    Problem with HSF Voiceovers after Quick Command Update

    As a workaround, another player has created two mods to "fix" the missing quick commands. After installation, they have to be toggled in the Audio settings, but on the upside this also means you can use these voices on any other ship without having to transfer the captain: Akeno & Mashiro (Harekaze) Thea & Wilhelmina (Graf Spee) But I too would hope that, some day, the studio would provide fixed voiceovers as an integral part of the client. Many people who purchased these ships may not know about these workarounds, and as such will feel the frustration outlined in the opening post.
  5. Kyone_Akashi

    HSF Harekaze - nation flag on wrong camo

    I recently noticed that the "bare" appearance of the Harekaze features the anime's Yokosuka school emblem in place of a Nation Flag, persisting when one mounts the free Type 10 or any of the normal camos. The "anime" camo, however, has no Nation Flag at all. Wouldn't it make sense to give the Y467 camo the school's flag, and the default/historical appearance the flag of Japan, like with other IJN ships? Alternatively, I'm sure people would not mind if the anime camo would feature the Blue Mermaids flag, too. It is already in the game files as a free commemorative flag (so far only available in the Asia region, sadly) and this organization is, in a way, a good representation of the HSF's "nation".