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    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    sorry for not reading all the comments, so part of this might have already been mentioned before. Bugs: while controlling planes I sometimes keep the ship-UI (selection of which planes to use) or while "controlling" the ship I keep the plane-UI (plane skills) Controls: I'm not a big fan of the mouse+WASD control, it should be one or the other, not both at the same time, especially as mouse control is really laggy and the planes take consierable time to react to diretion changes done via mouse. I want to be able to use damage control for my CV while controlling planes! Gameplay: personally, I enjoy the RTS playstyle more than the new one but I agree that it doesn't have a place in this game as only 10% of the playerbase ever tried CV and I think the new gameplay is going in the right direction. One big issue for me though, downtimes are way to long. After you drop your payload, going back to the CV, starting a new attack squad just to fly them to the battlefield again. From launching to entering the actual battlefield (attack flights) takes about 1-2 minutes, then you have around 1 minute of fun with dropping your payload and then rince&repeat - in a 20 minute match you can probably launch around 8 squads, spend around 12 minutes flying around to get to your target and 8 minutes for the attack itself... I think this is WAY to much doing "nothing". Maybe designated rally points where your attack planes will wait for you to finish the current attack flight would help to shorten this time - balancewise, just reduce alpha damage to compensate for faster attacks Rocket Planes: quite easy to use, damage is... do they deal dmg to BBs? I think they are only for attacking DDs and maybe cruisers? don't know, they don't seem that useful to me and might be missing a real role to play yet. Dive Bomber: horrible, just horrible - the controls and view is just bad, it's really hard for me to hit anything with them, if they do hit, they are decent but not amazing - with the current "risk-reward" of not hitting at all they don't seem worth it to me. The way they work needs to be changed in my opinion. Torpedo Bomber: I can't hit DDs with them (at t6) it's just impossible even other ships are super hard because I cannot really make out how fast ships are going, maybe a very rough indicator like DDs have would help. Besides that, as long as the aiming isn't the smallest one, it's basically useless to drop your torps because they spread out so damn far that you wouldn't even hit the Moon with a wide spread. IJN having deep water torps... why? just why? I don't understand this at all - USN gets to choose between AP and HE Bombs and has regular torps while IJN gets deep water torps that prevent you from using them on DDs outright? I don't get it at all... (And then add submarines and you are already unable to hit 2 ship classes with torps, but those will be another balancing hell anyway) Fighters: took me a while to understand how this even works and I don't like it. As the CV player you now have to go out of your way with your attack squadron to 'hunt' the enemy planes, then call down your fighters and hope they will lock on to the enemy attack planes. I don't like this at all. My suggestion: rework of the fighter plane-consumable of ships. Make it a "call for Fighter support from the CV" and give this (in limited amounts) to every single ship. Those ships that have planes on board just get floater planes that help with spotting and such (personally, I think the floater plane needs rethinking anyway) All that said though, it's somewhat easy to get good damage games with the new CVs, might be because bots are supid so I cannot tell much about that. I fear that the skillgap with this new playstyle might be massive though and needs to be tested in a more realistic environment. Balancing: AA is still problematic - one or two ships combined won't do crap to planes, 4+ ships shredd them to pieces - and this without skills/AA specs/abilities - I think it should be more of a curve, let's say there are 4 ships with each 10 DPS AA - alone they deal 10 DPS, a plane enters the AA of 2 ships they deal a combined DPS of 18, with 3 ships it's a combined DPS of 25 and if all 4 combine their AA it would be only 30 DPS. This could then be used to increase the AA of a single ship, while reducing the overal combined AA DPS. I know, this might be not the most realistic thing but it is frustrating for the ship that is being attacked that it's AA is useless while for the CV player it is frustrating that they can only attack lone ships Damage for CVs: as mentioned before, potential dmg is highly restricted by flight times which makes it no fun but there is another massive issue, namely RNG - you can do one attack flight with a torp bomber, get flooding the enemy ship repairs, while you set up your next attack on him the damage control runs out and you get another flooding - instant kill for you just because RNG was kind to you. On the next 200 torp drops you don't get a single flooding or only a single one which can be easily repaired - and then it takes forever to launch your next planes and get to the target which means you can't even take advantage of it because the damage control will be available again. Therefore I suggest to get rid of flooding/fire chance altogether for CVs - put it all into alpha dmg and use that alone to balance the class. Fire itself isn't as problematic but it still makes it unnecessarily harder to balance as it is purely chance based and with the massive downtimes CVs won't be able to make use of it. Overall thoughts: honestly, I'm not that big of a fan of the current gameplay, it needs a lot of work but it's the right direction. I can only hope that WG takes their time with this rework, lots of time - and after that, even MORE time.
  2. I'm not argueing! I totally agree with you, there are so many people playing this game - you can't make them all happy. One thing I don't understand from WG though... we have 4 russian premium ships (argueably one of the least important fleets in WW1+2) but only 1 from the Royal Navy? so much missed oportunity... especially considering that we already havethe russian DD-line... But please don't compare WoWS and WoT - tanks are less detailed in every aspect - we want historically correct visuals and they have to work the way they look, so of course they need more time to develop this stuff... but then again, why not just release an unfinished line? If they would just tell us "we need more time to finish the Battleships of the Royal navy but here are tier 3-5, the missing tiers will come as soon as possible". (I mentioned the BB line, because I expect them to develop the BBs first) Communication is probably the most important thing for a community... and every single company seems to be doing terribly on that part...
  3. I have to agree with the standpoint of Wargaming on this topic. I don't care about the Royal Navy - on the other hand, I appreciate the anime stuff even though, I don't really fancy it much - I'll take the "free" kongo, myoko and whatever is comming in the future. In addition to that, In order to make these events happen, WG had to develop an event-system which can be used in the future for other events - and there seem to be more Arpeggio related events to come. So I am all up for it. Besides the new mission system, which is clearly a good step into the right direction, the visual effects on the ships mostly done by graphics specialists which can't do anything on the coding of new ships - and this takes time so saying "concentrate on new ships" won't work, when you are still developing them... And considering that the biggest communities probably originate in russia and germany... those ships are way more important to satisfy these customers... But the most shocking part was actually that iEarlGrey compared WoWS with "the game that shall not be named" - just putting some graphics on the tank-models they use to create ships, not even putting much effort into it (the graphics are hideous!) just can't be compared to the quality of the ships in WoWS! I'm by no means a fan of the business-approach WG takes on their bundles and calling them "working" is just a hit in their customers face - if there is no alternative and people want a certain ship... you force them to take the bundled version... but personal feelings have no place in the development of a game.
  4. good times with the Tirpitz:
  5. Astokath

    Paper Ship Competition Submission Thread

    damn, this was way more work than I would have expected - and it turned out to be a spaceship! yay! but a ship is a ship, right? and yes, I have two left hands and am terrible at crafting something like that - at least with the limited materials I had at hand (I don't even own any kind of paint to make it look more apealing!) Well, it's supposed to be a funny entry anways. and Sorry for the potato quality... only have an old smartphone to make photos with. Edit: can someone tell me if it is fine that I drew the logo on it? my printer is broken so I couldn't print it...
  6. Astokath

    Deadliest Catch

    getting better, 11 torpedo hits could have gotten more, but domination mode... so we won to fast.
  7. Astokath

    Release activities starting on 17/09

    Wargaming NA announced some Forum Contests (guides and such) - maybe EU is taking steps in order to create these contests? would be nice!
  8. Astokath

    Release activities starting on 17/09

    I still haven't heard of anything from other language teams so I guess the Launch Event was only for the english speaking community? I don't really care either way - but the reasoning for some things were made according to the other teams who did... nothing at all. I know you guys and girls are responsible for a huge community (with WoT and Co.) but missing the opportunity to advertise WoWS shouldn't happen...
  9. Astokath

    Release activities starting on 17/09

    those giveaways were NA+EU as well! not only NA. Sadly that is a misconception of quite a huge amount of people thanks to the lack of communication from EU.
  10. Astokath

    Release activities starting on 17/09

    So, I guess the german team will start their efforts on Monday? after the Launch-"Party"? okay sounds like a big fail... Now, I looked through EVERY other language forum and news-page of the main website... nothing except for the "celebrate the launch" and special offer news... So, what again have your other language teams done? Don't know, but did you read reddit in the last days? in my opinion, NA did a great job with their Stream, yah, they could have done better with the contributor-streams after their official launch-stream and the reddit contests were... well, AlsoRobots doesn't have much knowledge about reddit so he made some mistakes there... happens. But overall, NA did quite okay - but thanks to the missing efforts on EU side there is a huge PR backlash - people are dissapointed that there was basically nothing - they are even complaining that NA got 50+ premium ship giveaways and more and EU got what? 5 that were for NA as well. These complains stem from EU players not knowing that the NA giveaways included EU... a complete failure on the communication part on your side Brynd. I don't need to mention that SEA is totally out of it... they had nothing at all. Well, I don't expect to get anything from giveaways anywas so that doesn't matter to me that much but... building a hype and then delievering barely anything and then telling us you did a good job? well, I don't know about that
  11. Astokath

    Release activities starting on 17/09

    well, I think contests should be exiting and people should be talking passionately about those - at least, if they are promoted by you Wargaming... but hey, I'm just a user, I don't know what makes users happy... right? On another note, just saw your reply regarding the diversion of the language teams (for contests and such) - you might have looked into the reddit thread I posted earlier... people are clearly frustrated about how regions are handled significantly different - now, you say "the english part of EU gets more then the others" - which is understandable as a french person can also take part in an english contest but makes it harder fo him to enter a german one... (damn these different languages!) But wouldn't it be way easier to consolidate the english community (NA+EU and if possible even SEA) let the NA people take care of them and you concentrate on the other languages? (well, I see the problem, that way NA would dictate what EU has to do... but region specific events like Pax shouldn't be much of a problem - it is NA only, and people should normally understand that the Marblehead was for this event - though, it is not understandable that other stream-giveaways were restricted) Or in other words... we live in a world that is globally connected but your strategy seems to be running in the opposite direction and forcibly pulling us appart... I know, I'm just a normal user and such - but I try to understand why something supposedly great is made to look poor... I think one of the best examples might be how Blizzard is doing it with Hearsthone: they have forums for different languages, give support for them (technical/questions) but if you actually want to reach the developers they say "please go to our english forums". It just seems like Wargaming is not Wargaming where EU is an entity of its own and NA a completly different one and they both want to do their own thing. Well, enough ranting, I think I said everything I wanted to say here - back to reddit ;-)
  12. Astokath

    Release activities starting on 17/09

    i was talking about the english twitter - i guess the german is mostly tanks as well. Just some suggestions ;-) just now the contest from PointyHairedJedi got released Please take the time to watch the first 2 or 3 minutes... he was extremely disapointed about the the contest rewards... I don't think that is good advertisment... even though I have to agree that the rewards aren't that mindblowing - it's free stuff and I'm not going to complain ;-)
  13. Astokath

    Release activities starting on 17/09

    But that is mostly Tanks... I don't play tanks so I don't care about this stuff... and it is honestly quite a bother to always get tweets about that... that's why I asked about a Warships EU twitter account! and personal twitter accounts would be nice as well (you wouldn't know but i just recently found my way to twitter!) It gives the feeling of being closer to you guys. okay, sorry - it 's just easier to make comparisons and "point fingers" how others seem to be doing it "better" than you. But your reply was more than satifsying! looking forward to those contests! (but please... I don't like paint/photshop contests - I'm just bad at those drawing things!) The Marblehead-Contest from NA was fun - having to write the word "PAXMARBLEHEAD" with the first letter of a ship you sunk but I'm sure you will be able to get some nice contests going!
  14. Astokath

    Release activities starting on 17/09

    well, I haven't seen/found a single german launch activity - maybe it is time for you to use twitter? I mean... I couldn't find your "personal" twitter account nor one for Warships - only for Wargaming - not even a german one?So, where is this "language Team" and their activities you speak of? Facebook? well, then I'm out of luck because I refuse to use facebook. and regarding your downvotes... just until today I didn't know about you being a CM - that Ectar is EU CM was pointed out to me - didn't know that either - my very first contact to Wargaming was solely through AlsoRobots and Nyx from NA and I really enjoy talking to those two! - maybe I am reading to much into this... but I think issues like that should be solved in a more friendly manner... Or this: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/29300-wargaming-europe-job-openings-in-our-paris-office/ the reply from Ectar further down sounds rather... aggressive? As I said, I tend to overthink things and read between the lines and that sounds somewhat like "are you stupid? we don't do that!" to me... I'm not saying a CM should act "apologetic" towards the community - but if someone genuinly asks something... why is it not possible to just answer the person in a normal manner? On a different note: Could I get a reply regarding this: Something I always wanted to know, NA got a Marblehead for Pax (contest, all could get one), we got Diana for Gamecom (bonus codes, only "few" could get one) Now, NA gets the Diana for Launch with a contest where, as far as I know, all can get one - will we in return get the Marblehead? Thanks!
  15. Astokath

    Release activities starting on 17/09

    besides reddit-giveaways at random times, they announced forum contests (NA Forum - we can't post there) which include the Tirpitz, Doubloons and Diana as prices - but that wasn't posted yet and will hopefully be posted in the EU forums as well, but I don't know about that Edit: Something I always wanted to know, NA got a Marblehead for Pax (contest, all could get one), we got Diana for Gamecom (bonus codes, only "few" could get one) Now, NA gets the Diana for Launch with a contest where, as far as I know, all can get one - will we in return get the Marblehead?