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    Your "Famous Last Words"

  2. OldSchoolFrankie

    Poll: Forum Shutdown.

    Not too long ago I did the following.. "remove poll function from forum", I had no idea that they close the forum to do this..
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  4. OldSchoolFrankie

    Poll: Forum Shutdown.

    Why results always have to be shocking and can't just confirm an assumption? I could imagine that people would tend to see Discord as a not-so-good replacement, but I'm surprised by the clarity of the rejection. And I think a lot of people like and use Discord, like me, but don't like it to have real discussions.
  5. OldSchoolFrankie

    Poll: Forum Shutdown.

    I don't think the question is that exciting because the answer should be relatively clear.
  6. OldSchoolFrankie

    Poll: Forum Shutdown.

    Absolutely understandable, unfortunately. Only wargaming doesn't seem interested.
  7. OldSchoolFrankie

    Poll: Forum Shutdown.

    And of course forgot in the initial posting, I would be happy if you did a little advertising for this last survey. Even if there is not much time left, we might still get a high participation.
  8. OldSchoolFrankie

    Poll: Forum Shutdown.

    Thank you very much, that was it for me too and I will miss it..
  9. OldSchoolFrankie

    Poll: Forum Shutdown.

    The last poll before the forum closes. You can't expect any further polls from Discord, as this is unfortunately not easy to implement. Well, at least Wargaming will be happy, what does Wargaming care about the interests of customers? Thanks for the many participation in the past and all the best to you players.
  10. OldSchoolFrankie

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    He organizes the move to Discord, of course..
  11. OldSchoolFrankie

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    The forum encourages constructive discussion (yes, you experience other things too) and that's something Wargaming doesn't want. The more united the playerbase is, the more problematic it becomes for Wargaming. And the fact that there is only so little lead time until closure and that contributors were not informed in advance shows the lack of appreciation. They only care about the money, not the player himself. But we already knew that.
  12. OldSchoolFrankie

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    Your opinion is important to us. We take the platform for you to express this, but your opinion is important to us. gg wp WG Edit: Not to forget, probably even the silent majority called for this step.
  13. OldSchoolFrankie

    Do you think Wargaming will declare Concealed Maneuvers a success?

    For me it's more a question of when Wargaming said something wasn't successful. These guys just can't go wrong, they're surefire success. But for real, in the days of the rework, I suggested exactly these things, in addition to mines and fog, that packages could be dropped that could restore HP. However, like many others, I had the idea at the time that aircraft carriers should be defined less by damage. Now they get it all and Wargaming continues to destroy the unique selling proposition of their own game. And yes, ofcourse they will declare it a success, but some revisions may be needed. That something in the balance is absolutely not right here becomes quite obvious when you look at the competitive modes and these classes are not allowed there. Yeah, but give them more tools, why not..
  14. OldSchoolFrankie

    Trade in, new event? Good or bad?

    Ah wonderful, I've found the perfect picture, it takes so much fewer words in many future discussions and it fits well here too.
  15. OldSchoolFrankie

    Settings? WTF?

    But wait a minute, that's exactly what the silent majority asked for..