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  1. Modpack minifix for All mods didn't change since last time - I've updated only the installer Please be careful - the mods will be installed into game folder! You'll have to copy them into
  2. Abyssal Yamato skins was broken. Fixed now - reinstall it please The download link is in my signature after each my post. Here: You must login to forum in order to see signatures
  3. Modpack updated (sorry, I forgot to switch language). Shiratsuyu skin removed
  4. I've been creating skins for a long time (I started in august 2015 as I remember) and I've got a really big collection of them. But also I collect anime related skins from other modders - and that's why I've decided to create a modpack so everyone could easily install these awesome skins when it's needed. All skins are included in this modpack with approval of their creators. If you have made a skin and you want it to be included here - PM me, I'll add it. The collection is not complete though - I'm still working at adding more skins. It contains not only skins but also some other modifications that make the game look totally different - interface changes, sound modification, new dock, flags and some other features. Other interface modifications are welcome too I will support this modpack as long as I can and update it regularly. The modpack itself is a little program (20MB) that represents a GUI where you can choose skins from a list. Then selected items will be downloaded from a cloud repository and installed. You can check the "do not delete after download" paragraph then the downloaded mods will be saved in your game folder. After that you'll be able to use "Of the reserve pack" paragraph - so you won't need to redownload mods again and again and you'll have to do that only for the first time. All skins are provided with screenshots so you'll be able to hover your mouse above the skin name and see its preview List of modifications present in the modpack: Abyssal Interface Заменяет индикаторы торпед и самолётов на боевом дисплее, меняет внешний вид порта и иконок боевых действий, плюс внешний вид трассеров от снарядов: Changes hud elements such as torpedo/plane indicators, fire/flooding icons and many more: Abyssal Flags Nation flags are also changed with Abyssal Fleet symbols. Though they still ressemble the original flags Voices of the Abyss This mod changes some voice notifications with Abyssal girls exclamations. I wanted to create an ambience of battle against them - that's why not all notifications are modified. For example, when you see an enemy battleship you will hear Battleship Princess voice, when you are on fire - you'll hear "BURN!!!" and so on. Sound example Skins list As you can notice - some ships have several skins - you'll have to choose which of those you want to install. Not all ships have skins either - the work is i progress. Not only my skins are present in the modpack - the author is indicated in [square brackets]. Modpack has screenshot for each skin - so you'll be able to take a small glance at what you are installing. Also all skins are provided with previews for ship carousel and research tree USA Level Carriers Battleships Cruisers Destroyers 4 [Xandier59] Arkansas Beta Sinon 5 [Abyssal] New York Ru Class Battleship [Abyssal] Texas Supply Depot Princess [Abyssal] Omaha Chi Class Torpedo Cruiser [Xandier59] Omaha Umaru [Abyssal] Marblehead Chi Class Torpedo Cruiser [Xandier59] Marblehead Umaru [Abyssal] Nicholas Ro Class Destroyer 6 [Abyssal] Independence Wo Class Aircraft Carrier [Abyssal] New Mexico Re Class Battleship [Red_Knight] New Mexico Ru Class Battleship [Abyssal] Cleveland Air Defense Princess [Xandier59] Cleveland Ruby (RWBY) [Abyssal] Farragut Ro Class Destroyer [Xandier59] Sims Blake (RWBY) 7 [Xandier59] Ranger Weiss Shnee (RWBY) [ToyaLiqueur] Saipan [Abyssal] Colorado Seaport Princess [Abyssal] Pensacola Light Cruiser Demon [Abyssal] Atlanta Halloween [Abyssal] Flint Aria Wintermint [Abyssal] Indianapolis Light Cruiser Princess [Abyssal] Mahan Yo Class Submarine 8 [Abyssal] Lexington Aircraft Carrier Princess [Abyssal] North Carolina Southern Ocean War Princess [Abyssal] Alabama Dead Master [Abyssal] New Orleans Heavy Cruiser Ne Class [Abyssal] Benson Submarine Princess 9 [Abyssal] Essex Aircraft Carrier Water Demon [Xandier59] Essex Sayuki [Abyssal] Iowa Battleship Water Demon [Abyssal] Iowa War [Xandier59] Iowa Yang (RWBY) [Red_Knight] Iowa Kancolle [FSI] Iowa [Abyssal] Missouri War [FSI] Missouri [Abyssal] Baltimore Seaplane Tender Princess [Abyssal] Fletcher Destroyer Water Demon 10 [Abyssal] Midway Princess [Abyssal] Midway Rias Gremory [SEA] Midway Chuukanseiki [Abyssal&SEA] Montana Battleship Princess [Red_Knight] Montana Battleship Princess [Wo-Era Mods] Montana Blanc [Abyssal] Des Moines Heavy Cruiser Princess [Abyssal] Gearing Destroyer Princess Japan Level Carriers Battleships Cruisers Destroyers 1 [Xandier59] Hashidate Katori 2 3 [Xandier59] Tenryuu Kancolle [Xandier59] Iwaki Yahagi [Xandier59] Umikaze Kancolle 4 [Xandier59] Houshou Kancolle [Xandier59] Myogi Akame [Xandier59] Kuma Abukuma [Xandier59] Kuma Kuma [Red_Knight] Yubari Kancolle [Xandier59] Isokaze Kancolle 5 [Xandier59] Zuihou Kancolle [Xandier59] Kongou Kancolle [Abyssal] Kongou Ryuuguu Rena [ReNation] FuruHatate [Xandier59] Furutaka Kancolle [Xandier59] Furutaka Kako [Xandier59] Minekaze Hibiki [ReNation] Kamikaze Konpaku Youmu 6 [Xandier59] Ryuujou Kancolle Fusou Kancolle [Xandier59] Aoba Kinugasa Fubuki Inazuma&Ikazuchi 7 [Xandier59] Hiryuu Kancolle [Abyssal] Kaga Utsuho Reiuji [Abyssal] Nagato Fremy Speeddraw [Xandier59] Nagato Kancolle [Xandier59] Myokou Haguro [BlackHawk] Akatsuki Makimaki [SEA] Shiratsuyu Shigure [SEA] Shiratsuyu Harusame [SEA] Shiratsuyu Yuudachi 8 [Xandier59] Shoukaku Kancolle [Abyssal] Amagi Anchorage Water Demon [FSI] Amagi [ReNation] Mogami Yuudachi [Xandier59] Mogami Suzuya [Xandier59] Atago Kancolle [BlackHawk] Atago Fujiwara Mokou [SEA] Atago as Arp Takao Red [SEA] Atago as Arp Takao Blue [SEA] Atago Halloween [Red_Knight] Kagero Amatsukaze [Xandier59] Akizuki Kancolle 9 [Xandier59] Taihou Kancolle [BlackHawk] Izumo Hijiri Byakuren [Abyssal] Izumo Vocaloid shape [Xandier59] Izumo Kaga [BlackHawk] Musashi Seaport Princess [Abyssal] Ibuki Suika Ibuki [SEA] Yugumo Kiyoshimo 10 [Xandier59] Hakuryu Kancolle [BlackHawk] Hakuryu Utsuho Reiuji [Red_Knight] Yamato Musashi [FSI] Yamato [SEA] Yamato simple [SEA] Yamato Semideveloped [Abyssal&SEA] Yamato Midway Princess [Abyssal&SEA] Zao Hakurei Reimu [Xandier59] Zao Reimu [Xandier59] Zao Angela Balzac [ReNation] Shimakaze Cirno [BlackHawk] Shimakaze Rumia Russia Level Battleshsips Cruisers Destroyers 4 [Abyssal] Emperor Nikolay I in bloody shape 5 [Abyssal] Murmansk Chi Class Torpedo Cruiser 6 [Red_Knight] Budenny Ram&Rem [BlackHawk] Molotov Shiki Ryougi [Red_Knight] Molotov Ruri Gokou 7 [Red_Knight] Schors Eve 8 [Abyssal] Chapaev Madoka&Kyubey [Xandier59] Kutuzov Iris Heart [Red_Knight] Kutuzov Miku [ReNation] Tashkent Mononobe Futou 9 [Abyssal] Dmitry Donskoy Esdeath [ReNation] Udaloy Reisen Inaba 10 [BlackHawk] Moskva Archer [BlackHawk] Grozovoy Iku Nagae [ReNation] Khabarovsk Yin [Xandier59] Khabarovsk Krul Tepes Germany level Battleships Cruisers Destroyers 5 [Red_Knight] Konigsberg Kiryuin Satsuki [ToyaLiqueur] Konigsberg Megumi 6 [Abyssal] Bayern Iron Warrior [Red_Knight] Nurnberg Ryuuko Matoi 7 [Abyssal] Gneisenau Death [Wo-Era Mods] Gneisenau Ram&Rem [Abyssal] Scharnhorst Yakumo Yukari [Abyssal] Scharnhorst Albedo [SEA] Scharnhorst Saber Lily [Red_Knight] Yorck Weiss Shnee 8 [BlackHawk] Bismarck Black Rock Shooter [Wo-Era Mods] Bismarck Shinoa [BlackHawk] Tirpitz Patchouli Knowledge [Xandier59] Tirpitz Kancolle [Red_Knight] Admiral Hipper Prinz Eugen [BlackHawk] Admiral Hipper Yuno Gasai 9 [Abyssal] Friedrich der Grosse Nurgle Plagueship [BlackHawk] Friedrich Insane Black Rock Shooter [Red_Knight] Roon Rory Mercury [Praetector] Z-46 Arcueid Brunestud 10 [Abyssal] Grosse Kurfurst Mortarion [Abyssal] Hindenburg Fast Battleship Princess [Xandier59] Hindenburg Tokisaki Kurumi [Abyssal] Z-52 U-511 Great Britain level Cruisers 7 [BlackHawk] Fiji Sakuya Izayoi [BlackHawk] Belfast Firekeeper 8 [Praetector] Edinburgh Shiki Ryougi [WEM] Edinburgh Arp Repulse 9 [Abyssal] Neptune NieR 2B 10 [BlackHawk] Minotaur Saber Alter [SEA] Minotaur Noire Black Heart France Level Cruisers 7 [Praetector] La Gallisonniere Marie Antoinette 8 [Praetector] Charles Martel Astolfo 9 [WEM] Saint Louis Vigne 10 [Praetector] Henri IV Jeanne d'Arc Poland Level Destroyers 7 [Xandier59] Blyskawica Misaka Mikoto Pan-Asia Level Destroyers 8 [Abyssal] Lo Yang Jellyfish Princess Link for the modpack installer: Also you can see it in my signature Please read carefully! There may be a problem with your antivirus/firewall. To solve it just open settings of your antivirus/firewall and set a folder as trusted. Then you can download the modpack in this folder and it will not be blamed by your defense system. Here's the link to a site where you can check the modpack (copy its download link there) and see that there are no viruses/trojans/worms etc
  5. Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    The modpack is operational again. Unfortunately, I didn't get any help and it is not stable (I mean that you will encounter troubles while trying to install mods using it). Here are the problems: Most of mods will be installed into folder but some will be installed into - just copy into - everything will work Sometimes you will recieve an error message after the installation - check your desktop and you'll find a txt file. It contains a list of all mods that were not installed - just rerun the installation by selecting only those mods that weren't installed - this will solve the problem Anyway - all mods are tested by myself and they are working. If you get troubles - contact me and I'll answer Also I don't have right to post my own topics in region other than Russia - that's why I publish it here My main topic is here Modpack link is in my signature
  6. Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    I've written a short tutorial how to use ModsSDK to create ship skins. Feel free to use it
  7. Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    Abyssal modpack is back! All mods are working - dock, flags, explosions etc... Download here
  8. Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    Yes I've forgotten about Dx9 thing :) Maybe in upcoming updates I'll solve this problem too.
  9. Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    New skin - Japan premium tier 7 carrier Kaga as Utsuho Reiuji: Download
  10. Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    No need to remove ALL PnFMods skins - only those that tweak the 3d models. I use semi-developed Yamato, Tesla Montana and FSI Amagi - they work fine.
  11. Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    Do you have SEA Group mods installed? It may be the issue - their models of Developed Yamato, Yamato as Shogun Battleship and others that change the 3d model of the ship cause the crashes. Unfortunately you can't use these mods in battle even with a powerful PC. Also there is a Wo-Era mod for Yamato that changes the 3d model. FSI skins don't cuase these crashes. The problem is that these skins are very "heavy" and it take too much time for the game to calculate them. There is a security trigger in the client - if a model calculation takes more time than it should - the game exits. If you look at this ship in dock - nothing will happen but when you meet it in battle - 50% chance to crash
  12. Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    New girl joins the Abyssal Fleet (well, literally) Russian tier 10 destroyer Grozovoy from the "torpedo" branch with Iku Nagae from Touhou. Screenshots: Download Ship, guns, torpedo launchers and other things are included P.S. Unfortunately I don't have technical means for developing the modpack (its sources are about 5GB for uploading into the cloud and it takes me about 3 days to do so)... You should refer to my main topic in RU server to get my skins... I hope I will solve the connection issues and reanimate it.
  13. Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    I am not able to post in my own topic. I still can comment other's topics though I've played these 50 battles long ago on US server so I can continue posting in my US topic. But now I can't play these battles. Reason? No time for this. Look some maths: One battle ~10 minutes. 50 battles ~ 500 minutes. 500 minutes ~ 9 hours I play something about 4-5 hours A WEEK. It means at least 2 weeks to get the right to post here. No way I will do that. I have very little free time so I won't spend on ths useless counter As for the link. That's easy. There are often questions about the modpack - so I have to answer them. It means I need a topic where users would be able to ask me. But 90% of users are lazy and don't read the first post. I have some experience - leaving the link in the 1st post doesn't help them. Many users enter the topic and ask immediately - "where is the download link?" The best choice of the link disposition is my signature. That's why I place the link in signature. I would like to leave the link in this forum too but... Users' questions - how will they be able to ask? In my topic. But my topic here is dead! If there was a way to place several links in signature - I'd keep the forum and modpack links both. But I had to choose - topic or modpack. If I leave only modpack then you won't be able to find a thread with popular answers. Registering takes only 5 minutes - you can even use same email as here. No need to play 50 battles to ask questions and see modpack updates By the way - here's the link for updated wowsunpacker. The old is broken after
  14. Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    You must login in the forum to be able to see the signatures. I'll share it in the main post of the topic then. Unfortunately there is no way to share more than 1 link in signature so my EU signature will remain as it is. As for the modpack - I didn't update it for yet. But the skins work. You can download the modpack and use it - the method how to make it work I will describe in US forum right now
  15. Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    AT LAST! I CAN POST HERE AGAIN!!!! Ouf... In the name of Chaos Gods... My modpack is still living Thank you for the collection! I took several skins from there. By the way can you tell me who is the author of Hipper skin? I want to improve it a bit (adding _n and _mg files with some glowing) but I need source files for that...