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  1. I am not able to post in my own topic. I still can comment other's topics though I've played these 50 battles long ago on US server so I can continue posting in my US topic. But now I can't play these battles. Reason? No time for this. Look some maths: One battle ~10 minutes. 50 battles ~ 500 minutes. 500 minutes ~ 9 hours I play something about 4-5 hours A WEEK. It means at least 2 weeks to get the right to post here. No way I will do that. I have very little free time so I won't spend on ths useless counter As for the link. That's easy. There are often questions about the modpack - so I have to answer them. It means I need a topic where users would be able to ask me. But 90% of users are lazy and don't read the first post. I have some experience - leaving the link in the 1st post doesn't help them. Many users enter the topic and ask immediately - "where is the download link?" The best choice of the link disposition is my signature. That's why I place the link in signature. I would like to leave the link in this forum too but... Users' questions - how will they be able to ask? In my topic. But my topic here is dead! If there was a way to place several links in signature - I'd keep the forum and modpack links both. But I had to choose - topic or modpack. If I leave only modpack then you won't be able to find a thread with popular answers. Registering takes only 5 minutes - you can even use same email as here. No need to play 50 battles to ask questions and see modpack updates By the way - here's the link for updated wowsunpacker. The old is broken after
  2. You must login in the forum to be able to see the signatures. I'll share it in the main post of the topic then. Unfortunately there is no way to share more than 1 link in signature so my EU signature will remain as it is. As for the modpack - I didn't update it for yet. But the skins work. You can download the modpack and use it - the method how to make it work I will describe in US forum right now
  3. AT LAST! I CAN POST HERE AGAIN!!!! Ouf... In the name of Chaos Gods... My modpack is still living Thank you for the collection! I took several skins from there. By the way can you tell me who is the author of Hipper skin? I want to improve it a bit (adding _n and _mg files with some glowing) but I need source files for that...
  4. Somehow I've lost rights to make posts in my main theme (they say I need to play at least 50 battles >.<). Please someone leave there a message that all questions can be asked in my US theme on in PM
  5. Alabama as Dead Master (Black Rock Shooter) - replaces not only the standard Alabama but also the supertest one (they use same models so it won't be possible to separate them until they enter ModsSDK) Download as always - hull, guns, previews etc. Everything needed to see the ship as it is on the screenshot
  6. Modpack updated for
  7. So we have a newcomer here. Request from ValkyrieSun - German tier 10 destroyer Z-52 as U-511 from Kancolle Will be added to modpack after game update
  8. Sorry forgot that. In case of PBS_skinned_emissive you should write PBS_skinned (if it doesn't work then try PBS_ship_skinned)
  9. The fluorescence is modified by file. You should remove blue channel from it (or paint the channel in black) and the lights will disappear. But if the model is made with ModsSDK then you can disable the light with .mfm file - replace the string PBS_ship_emissive with PBS_ship and the light will fade.
  10. I'm ready to release my next work. Well, not only mine - my big friend BlackHawk16 helped me a lot with this skin (in fact it's his skin - I just gave a hand and made several adjustements) Dark masterpiece of a Teutonic genius, the ultimate top of German shipcraft, one the most famous ships of human history... That's Tirpitz! A PINK Tirpitz (yeah I didn't expect it too... Though it's rather nice!). Character - Patchouli Knowledge from Touhou Project Download Hull, guns, preview image and modified hp panel are included Will be added to modpack after the game update
  11. Camo is disabled for purpose - skins look ugly with it. Try to remove camouflages.xml from the res_mods/x.x.x.x folder and you'll see. Since modders don't know which ships you want to skin up so we include a config that removes all camos. But if you want to see them back try this. Remember - you have to update it after each patch!
  12. Modpack updated for
  13. Interesting art... Do you have more of those? I didn't see it when I was searching for Gangut arts. This character is made to be a Russian battleship! Kiso is a cruiser, Tenryuu is more a destroyer than a cruiser - they dont feel/look like battleship. And they're 100% Japanese even in disguise
  14. Hmm I don't know... This particular image is somehow tempting but there aren't many arts for her... And they are all too cute. Why all Russian ships are so loli in Kancolle?! I think that October Revolution will get another skin... Maybe Balalayka from Black Lagoon
  15. Modpack updated for Bad news: Added several new skins by BlackHawk16 - a very good friend of mine Added alternate gunfire sounds for main caliber guns - either you can install it for all ships or only for battleships (the sound is too epic and it doesn't match the pew-pew destroyers ). After installation you should select Voices of the Abyss sound mod in settings. It won't ruin anything - new sounds replaces old ones but if there isn't any sound for something then the standard one will be played Now the good ones: Since introduced new enhanced models for tier 8 ships some of the their skins are broken - some users report of broken Bismrack and Amagi skins, though they work fine for me. But North Carolina is broken for me Maybe I'll find a way to fix. Maybe not. presents us new and enhanced sound engine. Cool! Voices of the Abyss mod is now broken (except for the gunfire). Maybe I will find a way to fix it. I've spent over 6 hours on this task already but still no clue Report any bugs or glitches you find - I will be very glad to hear that