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  1. Maybe that is the problem? I didn't donate to WG for more than a year and they may be upset with it... Well they should give me something that I would like to buy
  2. Not a word from the developers. Compass' method won't work with me - as I understand he has to update 100-200 textures while I have about 20.000 It's nearly impossible to do that by hand You know, I'm desperate. It's not the first time that they show us such disrespect. Well, the problem is not in respect. The problem is that they say to us "You are not welcome here. You can do what you want but you won't get any help. No help no reward no understanding" I didn't mean it at all while I was playing this game. But I don't play it (for several months as I remember - my last battle was before my vacation in July). And I know a lot of games where developers cheer up modders and help them a lot - for example, Stellaris. Man you should really check what they do! They apply a major game update that contains only API changes so that modders get more clear access to game settings! They cheer modders and even launch contests among modders! My only interest in WOWS was related to the skins. But since I can't do that - I leave this game
  3. I advice you to use these settings then. If I increase the volume then you'll hear sound artifacts - it will be awful
  4. I will be able to fix the skins when the SDK is fixed. There is a way to fix the skins without it but I don't want to use it - the skins will not be so detailed and perfect as I want them to. So I wait for the SDK update. Hope it will this year
  5. You can't do anything. All skins are broken. UI and Voice packs still work but the skins need total 100% rebuild. I don't know where to find time for this
  6. I will give you better - a PICTURE of the SDK! Here's the link to the topic where you can get the latest SDK. Look for it in the last developer's post (page 6, author - MedvedevTD)
  7. Not ALL skins are broken. Just some of them. By the way - I have 2 skins for Scharnhorst made by myself. Albedo is not working while Yakumo Yukari works like a charm. MAGIC MAZAFAKA!!!!! Yep they published it. And it doesn't work
  8. Anyway Scharnhorst with Albedo don't work. I have a lot of skins that need an updated SDK. The developers published a new version of SDK this week but it was broken. Hope they will fix it in a week or two. I can fix all bugs but I need a new version of SDK (by the way - old ones don't work at all anymore)
  9. The problem is 100% related to the skins that are inside PnFMods folder. I think that some ship is broken. Still I don't know which one though I need to get a new version of ModsSDK
  10. I still don't know what is the problem with the modpack but let's try a thing. Here is a direct link to the Montana mod. You have to download it and simply copy its contents to res_mods/ while the game is shut down. Then launch the game and check the ship if the skin is applied
  11. Glad to hear it By the way - I speak French a little. But I don't have much practice
  12. That's very strange... But the skins are not affected by game language - so if you switch to French there won't be any troubles. Are you going to use the interface mod? Maybe it will have troubles with language There are a lot of German ships in my modpack - nearly all of them have skins...
  13. The game language doesn't matter. I'm sorry that I've mistaken again with the link - here's an english one. I don't clearly understand your problem... Try the correct english installer and tell me if you have any problems now. If yes - then we'll continue searching the answer
  14. RUSSIAN?! o.O I guess the problem is that there are non-english symbols in the path to game folder Create a folder that contains only english symbols in its path - for example, C:/WoWS_mods Copy worldofwarships.exe from your game folder to C:/WoWS_mods Launch the modpack installer and select C:/WoWS_mods as target After the installation copy the res_mods folder from C:/WoWS_mods to your game folder
  15. Here is the direct link to the installer