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  1. Martin_vanvuuren

    Fear of the Patch, Fear of Update !

    Last week i got a big update, a very long download. But again after have installed the update i have to remove the game and install it allover again. Today i get an update again, i can not find it on the forum. So i do know already when it is finished i have to remove the game and install it all over again. I ask myself is it something of the super developers to seed only big updates? Aren`t little update possible anymore? So yes, i am feared too.
  2. Martin_vanvuuren

    Ridiculous install time!

    This is really crap, updating the whole evening and then ending with an error.in red. After restarting the game i get this message, Now it is saying DATA REPACKING to continue it is necessary to change the format for storing game data etc etc and that takes a very long time too. It will end by reinstalling the game again. I get really sick of it every time. Maybe its time to throw this game into the dustbin.
  3. Martin_vanvuuren

    Kiddy clowny ships

    Nonsens. Winrate is 94%. I think yours is lower.
  4. Martin_vanvuuren

    Kiddy clowny ships

    How can i find them?
  5. Martin_vanvuuren

    Cartoon ships

    I have placed this post before but it is gone from the forum. I do i get rid of the clowny cartoon ships? Please help me. I did not ask for this rediculous addin.
  6. Martin_vanvuuren

    Torpedo Planes

    Yes, everybody have a mouthfull about realistic. The planes are really rediculous. Even when going nearby a coastline they can drop torpedoes from that coastline. There is nothing realistic about it. Torpedo planes had to fly low to drop that torps. And who said bye bye is a troll. They can make the behavior of the planes more realistic.
  7. Martin_vanvuuren

    Kiddy clowny ships

    Hi guys, Since last week i do see the kiddy clowny ships under in the screen in the harbor. How do i get rid of them?
  8. Martin_vanvuuren

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    Same here, After the last update the game did not load to the end. So i re-installed the game. Did a defrag and a regclean. I can play the game again but it is unplayable by all the LAG and freezes. I play with a minimum configuration and all drivers are updated.
  9. Martin_vanvuuren

    After update.......game loading

    Re-installing the game resolved this issue.
  10. Martin_vanvuuren

    After update.......game loading

    After update.......game loading and after 3 days i still get the same. I think i have to re-install the game.
  11. Martin_vanvuuren

    The sunlight shows as red! How to fix?

    Mars is not red.
  12. Martin_vanvuuren

    CV Sound Bug - I hear Jets!

    I do hear normal and indeed jet sounds.
  13. Martin_vanvuuren

    Server down / problems?

    My game is still loading and does not get the server choise.......
  14. Martin_vanvuuren

    server down?

    Game still loading....
  15. Martin_vanvuuren

    Server down / problems?

    No problem to play on the NA server but i have tried the EU server but the game is loading for ages and i even think it is stuck.