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  1. Ebu34

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    Agree. At least we could steam off with good Operations before if you dont fancy and dont want to stress you with PVP. Now we have that option for one week which is nerfed Narai all we have.
  2. Ebu34

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    Can you explain me whats your contribution to this topic with your answer? Im troubling to find any purpose of it.
  3. Ebu34

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    Wee Gee at very narrow intersection right now imo, either they fix the god damn balance issues, and other issues which people stated to them and stop cheeki breeki dishonest moves which they think they are getting away with it (Narai s*itshow, Puerto Rico, Freexp value depreciation, more expensive "fremium" ships etc.), or going to continue to pump out more braindead "fremiums", premium alike and going to watch the game going to down hill. As people stated before me: 1. CVs just pure s*it show right now. 2. Tier X games thx to p2win and p2level, just unbearable. ROFLStomps, and pure torture to play. 3. HE spam is being serious problem thx to fire spitting Smolensk piece of s*it and other 2 secs reload nothing you can do to counter ships they introduced. 4. No room to tactical play left at high tier, there are literally more then two Smolensk other derivative ships (Colbert etc.) behind every rock, waiting you to enter their absurd firing range. If you been caught one of them you are just done. Alt+F4 the game. Dont tell me you need to manage your DCP BS when they are spitting 16 shells in every god damn 2 seconds. 5. What BS they pulled at Narai was the final nail to coffin for me. They forget to "fix" the real problem as it seems. 6. Infamous desync issue. And they dont give rat a*s about it yet. Instead fixing the issue, they are pumping out yet another unending series of ships again. I stopped to play the game at yesterday. Just watching the s*it show WG created and reading the forum. Stopped to pay this game for 3 years because of changes they made. And if they continue like this, i am going to firmly stop to play this game alltogether nevermind pay a dimme again..
  4. If i answer you question OP, NOTHING! Im done truly done today. And gave up from this game. 1. CV BS. Nothing to counter them. AAs are joke. They are striking to anyone with impunity. I was in game. Literally striked my Moskva deleted 3/4 my HP, when one Des Moines one Venezia close to me. We couldnt do a dent to planes. Its enough!! 2. High tier high volume spam HE and farm HE meta. Conquerer,Smolensk piece of s*it, gun bot DDs, Colbert so on. There is no room for precision shoot, rewarding AP. Its pure HE sh*t show. Spray and Pray. Nothing more. Pure braindead gameplay. If you want to close in for AP shot in time when you shot some shots get one or two citadel if you lucky. You are going to be burned to death in matter of seconds. If you cant close in you cant do anything except join to clown job and spam yourself. 3. Braindead players. ROFLStomp 9 out 10 games. Doesnt matter you are winning side or losing side. No joy. 4. Why we playing this game? For fun. I dont have fun anymore. Just pure agony and rage to play. Thats why i have stopped to pay this game for almost going to be 3 years. And i cant take it anymore. I gave up and quiting today. There are plenty games to spend my precious leasure time. And actually can have fun!.
  5. Ebu34


    No worries Spending my hard earned cash to triple A games which deserves instead Wee Gee. Their lost.
  6. Ebu34


    This. Cheeki Breeki Wee Geee strikes again. And they think people are fool. Not bought anything for 2 years. I suggest people to do that until they come their senses again.
  7. And my stats are solo. I dont play in div btw. Edited my last post. I explained for you better.
  8. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/529819088-Ebu34/!/pvp/overview/ You can check if it doesnt too much trouble for you. In case you are lazy. Attached the screenshot. Btw no one asked your "help" Edit: For you second query.Have plenty!!! Example is when you equalize the situation. You dont have signals and camos, you play same amount matches. You got same amount Freexps. Right? But ship prices are inflated.
  9. So, can you tell me the way you can get more Freexps then before? Let me tell you. OP signals and camos. Last time i checked, one minutes ago, You can get them with real money. Let me give you example lets say you dont have any signal and camo. Can you get fremium ship at same match amount as before prices are deflated?
  10. Have 6.6 Mil Freexps. Nope. I am not going to buy it. Because if i buy it, i would justify the price which WG set for it. Sold zillion of Freexp farm signals, camos etc. Then deflate the currency. You need to buy twice the amount of signals and camos to buy it. Im not buying this cheap tricks Wee Geee. Missouri was 750k Freexp. It was fair when Freexp to Tier9 is approx. same Freexp amount. Musashi was 1 mil Freexp. Its not fair but lets say okeyyy Wee Geee. But 2 mil Freexp for one ship? Nope its my limit to say NO! Ship cost should be the same amount maybe a little bit more then Freexp needed for equal tier silver ship. Until then nope.
  11. Ebu34

    Smolensk Not OP

    Finally worth to answer replies. Thank you sirs! For not trying to be wise [edited]and telling the obvious like "Dont play Tier+8" ho ho ho. I bet he is the favorite of the party. Im no being AFK. Just not pushing.Im grinding through my last BB line which is Soviet one. And currently at Tier9. Its frustrating to play against Smolensk. When multiple one at max range and continuously changing directions and wiggle while spamming shells after shells.
  12. Ebu34

    Smolensk Not OP

    Im just not moving from spawn if i saw Smolensk at enemy team. Enough of this BS. Tier X is just unplayable. They are burning and spamming HE in complete retard mode. And all you get if you can hit the damn thing at 18km is overpens. Stop this BS WG!
  13. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/529819088-Ebu34/wsgkFzfgRlZaxXqrAWgr_V5W7iQ/!/pvp/overview/ Before start a argument just talk about truth. Or nobody take you serious. As i am doing after this post. And i rarely play in div. All my stats almost single.
  14. Im here for express thoughts. Not for try hard to do monkey business and not even remotely funny sarcasms. If you want to add constructive criticism or support stop being act like party boi and be man up. I gonna ignore your further posts except as i explained.
  15. Hello my fellow forumates, As many other topics I want to talk about CV rework BS. But before that we had already RN BB HE BS which is irritated me alreadt. We are trying to have 'fun' at under continous spot and harresments of CV with little to no counter attack. 2 CV games became usual nowadays. Even before you can barely start to move CV BS begun. Everyone playing pasive and hugging islands for even slight protection from cancer. Next patch suppose to fix this. But i feed enough today and made a decision until WG fix this all issue. And i am taking some actions. If i see 2 CV games i gonna immediately quit from that match whatever penalty get or not. Im not here to torture and suffer from poor design and mechanics. And no one can force me to. If that wouldnt solve the problem i gonna quit from game as many other veterans i know. Just simply switch another game which i can spend my valuable and limited leasure and 'fun' time better. We are solely here for fun WG. You need to be remainded that as it seems. You can delete lock or whatever you fancy guys. But as a customer i have every right to express my thoughts. And expressed. Playing game from just OBT started. Im afraid going to end this month. Well done WGfor cathering more braindead game play. PS: Dont send me %30 cupoons anymore. Im not spending any single dimme to this game anymore. First you need to deserve it! Sorry far rant guys. But i am frastruating and had enough.