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  1. Congrats guys. You hijacked the whole topic. Slow clap again.
  2. I highly suspect about some chat brawlers are paid pro actor for water down or keep away people from real topic or whatever you say. Whenever we talk about relevant matters, these guys show up like fick from teared underwear and weave their net, and let people to fall it. Thx to them, topics being worthless to read. Dont fall it guys!! Can you pin that for topics sake? @Leo_Apollo11
  3. Topic is not whatever you can get Tier 9 premiums or not. My point is you are paid to get those camos and signal for farm Freexps? I bought them for solely farm freexp for upcoming Freexp ships. Dont like to use them for skipping line. Then suddenly your gaining what you pay is diminishing. Because suddenly Wee Gee decided to introduced new currency for most of new freemium ships. See my point? Now they gonna introduce new way to farm coal or steel (as you can read upcomings), and people gonna buy the new way to farm them? See my point? Its like you are paying to state bond with money. And state decides, your bond is less valuable now. Suck it and buy second version 'bonds' Or we can put that way: you collect money for feature and state says your money is worthless now for certain expenditure, you need to get new currency. Next they gonna come up with new currency lets say bottlecap or whatever they fart. Your hard grinded or paid coal going to be useless to buy 'fremiums' again. Endless cycle of new currency, devolation of previous one. Cheeki Breeki.
  4. Ebu34

    "Lock on" bug?

    Its real. There is no official statement for the problem either.
  5. 1.Hype people about Freexp and announce more Freexp ships to come. 2. Sell zillion of freexp tool ( signals, camos etc. ) Gudd profit! 3. Let people grind Freexp. 4. Make Freexp inflation. Then made it obsolete for new premium ships with introduction new resources aka. Coal and steel. Make announcements: Feature Freexp ships once in while( release for counter the reaction of people like throwing bone to dog) going to 1 mil Freexp rather then 750k. 5. Release new ships with 'new resources' 6. Talk about noway to buy steel then dedication to game. 7. Release info that you can buy steel Soon TM. Profit!! 8. Rinse and repeat. Im not going to fall it Wee Gee. Slow clap. Steel and your new 'resources' can be yours!! You think smart then your dedicated playerbase and customers? Once you trick me shame on you, twice? shame on me.Thats why i stop paying you since last year. Being dishonest, there is no place for it in my book.
  6. Like 2 years ago if i remember correct Apollo.
  7. Ebu34

    The Pumpkin harvest has gone rotten this year.

    No WG i spent my 100 Euro to another Full AA games. WTF that prices for bloody nothing significant? Im not oppose to spend money to this game. But my spend should worth it.
  8. Ebu34

    Premium shop containers poll.

    Yamamoto boxes have better buck for money regarding special signals. But these are even expensive for my liking. Its too much money in my currency.
  9. Ebu34

    Premium shop containers poll.

    I bought ton of them 2 years ago. But I gonna past this year like the last year. I couldnt justify the price.
  10. Ebu34

    Royal Navy Event - Absolutely frustrating/unfair

    I dont know you guys but i stop spending money for this game a long time ago. Because that shaddy business. I was one of the best paying customer. Slow clap Wee Geee. I dont like to be forced to pay, i want to spend with my will.
  11. Ebu34

    Kronshtadt vs Alaska, your choice

    Then any good player with Alaska know that and try to brawl at close range. As a result Alaska has speed advantage. 10km range is i think enough to pen Yama cheeky citadel with Alaska. Without fast BB you have less chance to avoid close quarter skirmishes if your opponent wants to brawl. Turning means more chance to get citadel hits. If it was not true there wasnt bow on meta in the game. Btw Flamu video was one of my arguments not the all.
  12. Ebu34

    Kronshtadt vs Alaska, your choice

    The recent underwater citadel meta is not helping to game imo. Bad players live long then necassary and reduce the chance of carrying the match by good players. Lasting potato means more HE spam and punishing to good players which use AP as opportunity rises. Eventually good player dies because of overpen BSs when broadsider noob burning him to death. As in latest Flamu video, Alaska can crap on Yama in close quarter and citadel him to death when all the Yama can do is hope RNGesus bless him and gives at least normal pen instead of overpens. GJ WG. ‘Slow claps’
  13. Ebu34

    Stealth Buff: New Year 2017 Camo

    Lets say i bought ‘significant’ number of this crates at 2016 Halloween.
  14. Ebu34

    Stealth Buff: New Year 2017 Camo

    I had 3k of them. At least now i can use them.
  15. Ebu34

    will alaska be free xp or coal?

    Got all the Freexp ships. And have 1.3 million FreeXp. Eagerly waiting for Jean Bart