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  1. Qazper

    Swedish Coastal Warship Projects

    By pure coincidence I happened to find an article from 1941 by a Swedish engineer Einar Wikander where he among other things suggests a revision of the 1939 coastal defence ship based on experience from the first two years of WW2. I'll give you a hint: quadruple turrets! ;) http://runeberg.org/tektid/1941a/0408.html
  2. Qazper

    Swedish "aircraft carrier cruiser", 1946

    This project was quite a surprise to me! Three things strikes me particularily about it: 1. the minuscule size; it's smaller than most WW2 escort carriers were! 2. the icebreaker bow, which must be unique for a carrier design and gives us clues about the planned areas of deployment. 3. the unmistakable de Havilland Vampire which the carrier seems to be designed around (lift size, hangar dimensions, etc.) which is remarkable since the drawing is dated less than six months after the first flight ever by a Vampire from a carrier (incidentally also the first jet to fly from a carrier!) and almost two and a half year BEFORE the first flight of a production Sea Vampire!
  3. Qazper

    Introduction and Welcome!

    Finally found this too and I'm very happy I did. I've missed the old forums. /Kasper