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  1. OverPens

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    its aniversary patch. win with tier x = 1 sc (one sc per tier x)
  2. OverPens

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    40 Super containers
  3. OverPens

    Movies about warships

    i wanted to mention that one. also the midway and greyhound are good
  4. OverPens

    Shikishima annoying after ROAAARR

    Thats best gun sound in game for me
  5. OverPens

    New Slava is trash

    I wouldnt agree. The point of Slava is to be a long range gunner. As it has normal dispersion rule. not like other Russian battleships that dispersion is worse on range. It has great accuracy and version before this one was literally broken. A ship has to have a weakness. Slava weakness is bad armor. strenght supreme accuracy of main guns. had few slavas in teams they do crazy damage and they stay on rang. its very vulnerable if u get close due low armor. Slava isnt a bad ship its only people who dont understand the playstyle of some ships
  6. OverPens

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

    hey there. 1 bump per day mate :)
  7. I like the idea but would be awesome to make permanent camos for tech tree ships to buy with coal.. but not same as 5000 doubloon one for tier x but different looking one with same bonuses.
  8. OverPens

    We must do something now...UNACCEPTABLE

    First of all use screenshot button Second : You dont get ribbons for hitting your teammate. You get the teamkill penality third : you dont get ribbons for hitting the island
  9. OverPens

    Soviet tokens - anything other than Mikoyan etc

    so we can still earn tokens in 0.9.5?