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  1. Up, still looking for good CA and DD players.
  2. What do you know about my feeling today, on my rank 1 game i had afk dd for 3 minute and when he finally comes alive, 2 minutes later and he get detonated...and wait when i had to redo my rank 1 game again, one of my dds detonate again on the fkin rank 1 game
  3. NOOOOOOOOOO YOHANEEE that's the worst idea ever
  4. same here, removed the check from the box, just deny me from using it, i can still hear people spamming it.... good job WG
  5. Still looking, 2 spots available
  6. We are still looking for very special CA and DD players, one spot left
  7. Clan wars, thank you Wargaming

    I also enjoyed it more than i expected, and i noticed others too in my clan, they even said they could no longer play or enjoy random after CW and it forced me personally to activate voice chat and over come my fear of others laughing at my broken English :D thanks WG we had lots of fun moments and some sad ones, we were honored to go vs strong clans and we ended up with top 16.
  8. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter the raffle. Please count me in :) Prize #0 = New gaming laptop Prize #1 = Kii Prize #2 = Molotov Prize #3 = Doubloons
  9. bump, we want special CA players, come and join us NOW
  10. Yea few questions to understand your intentions
  11. Sorry if i was not clear enough but this implies that you should already have unlocked a tier 10 ship for clanwar battles to join us.
  12. I already have your cv, just apply in game
  13. Now we are accepting noobs and lowered the required win rate to 54% win-rate give or take.
  14. 6 empty spots are available
  15. And Special Greetings with FU flavor to my friends at ( TTT, OP, WGP2W/P2L, ALN, AAO, SCRUB, OMNI ).