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  1. [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    Looking for unique players of all kinds ;)
  2. [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    Accepting people now for the next season of clanwars!
  3. [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    Still looking for "OP" dd players, not the clan
  4. where is the fun in that? the only reason i play clanwars is to play VS you guys
  5. [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    Deal, tell all your "RAGE" friends to report me when they see me in random, it might work
  6. [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    Over 16k games here and still waiting eagerly for my first chat ban
  7. [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    PM was sent, thank you :)
  8. [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    Still looking for good DD players!
  9. Clan Battles Season 2

    Can we get a feature where we can extract all battle results of the clan? the current battle history only shows recent games... it would be nice to be able to extract all games results, so we can do some internal analysis, where do we suck and vs which teams and stuff like that :)
  10. Hello, I am having this problem where it takes like one minute between me clicking connect with my login info to actually reach the ingame port.... this started to happen when i installed windows 10, when i had windows 7, i was connecting immediately with few seconds and i would be in port,,, i have no clue whats causing this slow login thingy, any help or tips? Thank you.
  11. [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    Clan got expanded to 50 members,,, we are hiring!