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  1. Mrmr123

    Dear WG: Is there a future for FreeXP ships in WoWs?

    If they allow us to turn free exp into coal at acceptable conversion rate, it would be cool i think.
  2. Mrmr123

    The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    22 SC and only one Prem Ship
  3. Mrmr123

    How to hide APR ships?

    Thanks a alot Crysantos for the fast answer, as always ;)
  4. Mrmr123

    How to hide APR ships?

    i don't wanna argue with anyone, i see the problem have already been mentioned here on reddit
  5. Mrmr123

    How to hide APR ships?

    I dont want to sell them, i want them hidden just like they used to before this update.
  6. Mrmr123

    How to hide APR ships?

    Only if you bothered reading my post like u bothered reading the patch notes as i said, that only hide the camo stuff, the ships are still in port.
  7. Mrmr123

    How to hide APR ships?

    With the new update i see the APR ships back in port, i dont remember how i made them disappear before... was it the same setting that hide APR camo? since i still see the ships in port.
  8. Mrmr123

    [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    Recruitment Opens up again! Decent DDs, CAs and BBs players are welcome to join.
  9. Mrmr123


    I am the clan leader of W_I_G. Scrubtastic is one of our very best players. As a matter of fact, he is out of our league. He helped us a lot in our average clan. While leading us in battle as our FC, he pointed out mistakes we did, trying to improve every one of us. So, if you do not mind him pointing out mistakes you do when he is FC, he will be a very strong addition to your clan. Good luck to you Scrubtastic in your new adventure!
  10. Mrmr123

    Bug Reports

    Description Game crash when i am tabbed out, only since last update for me. Reproduction steps Hit start button, tab out while the game try to find you balanced MM, read forum or reddit or check discord... come back when launcher icon start flashing indicating a game have started, then there is a high probability of a game crashing. black screen, have to use ALt+ctrl+delete. Technical details Crash folder http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=07753578462436840612
  11. Mrmr123

    How to nerf Worcester (?)

    Well i expected it to be easily kill-able like a Mino or DM but i cant find it cit either xD
  12. Mrmr123

    Legendary upgrade missions

    Yeah life changes...
  13. Hello Maxim, Is there a difference between income and net income columns or just duplicates? Also is the karma columns suppose to be working? for me it appears empty. Thank you.
  14. Mrmr123

    Legendary upgrade missions

    Why couldn't we just buy them from arsenal... i dont have time for these long grinds :(, also why it couldn't be just doing these missions once and u unlock all these upgrades, why u need to do these mission for each ship :(