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  1. Bug Reports

    Description Game crash when i am tabbed out, only since last update for me. Reproduction steps Hit start button, tab out while the game try to find you balanced MM, read forum or reddit or check discord... come back when launcher icon start flashing indicating a game have started, then there is a high probability of a game crashing. black screen, have to use ALt+ctrl+delete. Technical details Crash folder http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=07753578462436840612
  2. How to nerf Worcester (?)

    Well i expected it to be easily kill-able like a Mino or DM but i cant find it cit either xD
  3. Legendary upgrade missions

    Yeah life changes...
  4. Hello Maxim, Is there a difference between income and net income columns or just duplicates? Also is the karma columns suppose to be working? for me it appears empty. Thank you.
  5. Legendary upgrade missions

    Why couldn't we just buy them from arsenal... i dont have time for these long grinds :(, also why it couldn't be just doing these missions once and u unlock all these upgrades, why u need to do these mission for each ship :(
  6. Arsenal

    I want the ability to buy flags by big quantities, like currently if i want to buy 1000 ramming flags i have to do the long purchase process separately 50 times! cant we just increase the amount we want on the checkout page?
  7. Halsey Campaign Mission 2 Task 8

    I just done it from first try with gearing NEW torps xD
  8. [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    Profile submissions ends as soon as this new update hit.
  9. This program is getting better and better with all these features, very big thank you :) I have stupid little request, can we get as optional i don't know what its called the thing that appear between numbers that make it easier to read like 14,834,853 instead of just 14834853 Thank you.
  10. [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    Registration will close up once this season of clanwars start, hurry up ;)
  11. [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    Still open...
  12. Too many bugs with missions?

    OMG i was happy about that modules number going up, it turns out that dmg modules number is mine... xD So where to find enemy dmg modules number? NVM, hovering over every single enemy ship will show how many if there is any... Also fireproof mission was selected and active, and it had 1/6 complete since i had with older game dreadnought achievement, so firepoof from other games didn't count, i then canceled that mission on moved on with others.
  13. Too many bugs with missions?

    Hello, i am not sure where to post this and if i am doing something wrong or if its real bug since i dont see others posting about this yet, for example yesterday i had 2 games with fireproof that didnt count for mission 3 task 8 https://imgur.com/5CzVEtX and today i had a problem with mission 4 task 7 where u need to destroy 12 modules and be among top 3... https://imgur.com/a/Ipjy9KL https://imgur.com/jbI7jLv Can anyone confirm if these are bugged missions? Thank you.
  14. [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    Search still on...