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  1. If you have/are close to yamato, dont bother with musashi. In any way, Do not buy Kronshtadt.
  2. How is Main Battery Hit Ratio NOT tied to the Ship?? How do I learn to aim on a stationary, broadside target?? Donskoi (build) has 10sec reload, so you can spam it more, so you can miss more, so its not that far fetched that Hitratio of a more spamable ship is lower. Why not compare atlanta vs yamato next....HOW DENSE ARE YOU? Get of you high horse, you are AS bad or worse as the Kron trying to make a point.
  3. The Sharn can hit ships. Kronshtadt can not. 4km hindenburg broadside, 6 rounds into the nether.
  4. DO. NOT. BUY. KRONSHTADT. unless enjoy getting frustrated because you cant hit ANYTHING broadside from 10km, and basically driving around the map and catching led for 20 minutes. crap Ship, and by now i believe what flamu and flambass suspected, they changed the ship after testing for release to be worse. https://clips.twitch.tv/CrazyIcyFinchFeelsBadMan
  5. I tried today, to no avail. It gets worse with every game. Im done with that ship. I want a refund. /Last time i felt THIS frustrated and fed up playing a ship was the old pepsi cola and old faragut, but this, this beats it.
  6. Thank you all for your input. I still have doubts tho, i consider flamuu and flamebass to be quite knowledgeable about wows, and in the twitch clip they both imidiate agree that accuracy got changed/nerfed after testing for release, and i tend to believe them on those issues. And sure, once in a blue moon i manage to land a citadel on an iowa or something but in no way shape or form did i ever rekt someone off the map, or make up the countless times i completly missed a broadside desmoines or donskoi, or something bigger, or at least do close to no damage. Its twice as frustrating for every decent hit you land. and that just makes this ship even less fun to play than a pepsi cola or emerald.
  7. Ok, i want to voice my opinion on this ship as well. I got the Kronshtadt 3 days ago, because i prefer cruiser play, esp. Hindenburg and Moskva. So it was only natural the Kronshtadt looked very appealing to me. Before the actual purchase i checked the usual people on their Kronshtadt previews/reviews and they where overall very positive. So they where an influence on the purchase. So after trying to getting used to the playstyle i have to say, i kinda feel ripped off. Esp. accuracy is a BIG issue. multiple times cruiser sitting broadside at below 11km and i am unable to do meaningful damage to them. I do understand, that each ship has its advantages and disadvantages. Kron is tanky, has radar, all good stuff, so you have to have some trade offs. shitty aa, slow and clunky movement/turns and to a degree, low range and inaccurate guns. But it feels like [edited] inaccurate. At some point Wargaming actually changed the Ship to be more accurate, but might removed it without telling, because two streamers noted that as well while streaming. https://clips.twitch.tv/CrazyIcyFinchFeelsBadMan So right now, i really want to return this ship. its horrible, not worth a premium, not worth a T9. I do not know what Wargamings idea was what role this ship is suppose to fulfill. Right now, its only a damage soak, thats all its good for, drive around, shoot water, get shot at, dodge it, dont kill anything that is broadside or low, just dont hit anything. Hitting crap is the main idea in this game, i cant hit crap that is far, can't come close enough for a radar play, before that i get clapped because i get spotted first before anything else is spotted, first spot focus target, i would have to retreat, but its difficult because i turn like truck with a trailer, or i try to use my 30second radar for 1 salvo on a DD (have to adjust turrets, reload is 16, all takes long enough so its only on salvo). So yeah, this ship is frustrating to play, and might even have been stealth nerfed. I dont want this, please give me back my free xp.
  8. HeIIraizer

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    Would like to piggyback on this. To 1+2 first of, a mixup happened here, or a lack of information in the previous post. OPs op mixed up 2 tasks from a mission that may caused this not very accurate response from op. M5/T1 11 Torp hits with british ships, thats totally doable, not limited to "in one game", lots of brits with torps, doable, but M5/T4, is a different story. 90k Torp damage, with british cruiser/dd only, in ONE battle. thats pretty much impossible with any brit cruiser i would say, and the only brit DD in the game is a premium that you have to buy or win. but thats "only" a T6 and has really not that great torps (reload, speed, damage). 2. rather not so easy because your OP didnt mention "british" in that requirement. british cruiser or destroyer. Doing 90k torps it in a cruiser in one game, id say close to if not totally impossible. or spending money on the galant, and even then its less from easy id say. 3. saying its not easy... doesnt do some of those Tasks justice. some are still heavy rng. disable/destroy main turrets f.e. or: M2/T2 destroy incapicate/destroy 25 modules on an enemy ship. not ships, singular, one ship, that means probably the same ship, in one battle. M3/T1+T2 be first to spot X (with Y). i f.e. dont have german DDs @ TierV (not a big problem tho, i just hope for my quick koenigsberg or something and just die after), also somewhat RNG if all the Y spawn on the other side, not straight across from me. The others are fairly easy, just grinds, earn X amount XP, do X amount damage (to certain ships). all fairly chill. but than they do missions like these mentioned above.
  9. HeIIraizer

    General Feedback

    Nothing but problems with the new update. Graphic artifacts in the water: http://i.imgur.com/tqTSOMn.jpg http://i.imgur.com/QjnqLoM.jpg (my error, checkered flag around islands and in looong lines across the blank ocean) Laggy/Stutterstepping Ships when binocular view: Ships sheem to just pop up and then stutterstep or simply JUMP to a new position after a second or so. Ship / UI Freezing ( idont know how to explain it better in one word) The UI/View freezes in the direction you where currently looking, you cant move the camera, and the ship under you just keeps driving away, you can fire, steer, but nothing else. Dropping out of the game and relogging "fixes" it.
  10. HeIIraizer

    Email about welcome gift but no welcome gift?

    Would really like what the criterias are/where. But it looks like WG is working on it so im pretty sure we'll never find out