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  1. 1st: over 9000 2nd: error404 dark.png not found
  2. Because of the rising number of captains from the Großdeutschen Reich the Großadmiral desires to form the Oberkommando der Marine to defend its interests from foreign threats. 《- especially 1 polish+Daring
  3. STFU! You'll never become a part of the BRONIES
  4. Who the hell is that retarded and still using flash?
  5. By the way.... can you pls add the 7? And update the number of members pls.
  6. What the hell is wrong with you? Anyone here who can open that stuff without getting telled "DON'T DO IT!" by your anti virus programm?!?
  7. So: today 14:00 CEST KotS? Everyone rdy?
  8. I know who is pissed now XD
  9. We're still recruiting? I thought PL doesn't want more/any refugees.
  10. Thats CGI reminds me of your skill....
  11. You need 3 ships to balance my skill.....
  12. ..........Griva. The true god will return today.