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  1. iiDutchy

    NSX Recruiting

    Hey Guys ! Recently left a clan as Deputy because of problems within the clan, There for ive now decided to crete my own clan along with some others who are considering stepping over aswel So we are new clan that is looking for new / experienced blood with the goals of: - creating a good group of nice people to have fun with on a day to day basis. - creating teams to participate in Clan Battles - have fun in random battles in divisions - have some fun playing weird battles in training rooms - train and learn together , but mostly have fun together. If you should be intrested, feel free to hop in the NSX Discord server and come say hello :) --> https://discord.gg/kSRxzfV <-- Sincerely iiDutchy
  2. iiDutchy

    USS Flint Reward

    Heey Guys ! Just have a quick question and don't realy know where to place it since i can't find a Ranked Battle Season 7 Topic. I have achieved Rank 1 , 3 Times now and ealy looking forward to getting the Flint , but now i was wondering if the Reward ship comes with a Commander ? Can anyone give me info about this ? :) Thank you !
  3. iiDutchy

    When I can have the ships?

    You get the first one after playing One battle, Reward: Tier II (2) Diana Class Cruiser. The 2nd ship you get after playing your first battle in any Tier VI (6) Ship, Reward: Tier V (5) Battleship USS Texas
  4. iiDutchy

    Newbie question

    Detonation most likely
  5. iiDutchy

    Ribbons irl

    Looks nice !
  6. iiDutchy

    Ranked Battles Season 7


    When will we receive the rewards for Reaching Rank 1 from this season? f.e. Jolly Roger flags / Flint / Black
  7. iiDutchy

    How many people are planning on leaving Warships

    Yes players do come and go , very true. The thing is , you all named Hardcore players , and slowly killing off your hardcoreplayerbase , is a death sentence in the long run.
  8. iiDutchy

    How many people are planning on leaving Warships

    I know a few people I used to play with who just upright left the game bc of RPF. And i am pretty sure a couple more will leave because of the stealth fire nerf. But that not being the whole issue , a lot of SF-players wont be playing their ships like the Zoa , Fletcher , Geaing , etc. And if they don't find any other ships / playstyle they like , they will play the game less and less until they eventualy find another game to play. My point being WG is killing the playerbase slowly , step by step , by pulling stunts like these Instead of adressing real issue's.
  9. iiDutchy

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    Alright so its not just me , thats one thing.
  10. iiDutchy

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    2nd time rank one , yet i didnt recieve the Jolly Roger II after the end of the 6th Season. Anyone else has this isue ?
  11. iiDutchy

    Hosho planes are destroy within a sec

    Sound like you got strafe-runned
  12. iiDutchy

    help me please

    When you smell a Troll , check the profile , In case of doubt , check it aswel.
  13. iiDutchy

    Any one know what this is?

    He joined a Division ingame by himself , without anyone else making him the one and only player in that Division. As for the "J" part , that is most likely just bugged and should be a "B" or a "C"