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  1. I legit think this is the wised thing ive heard you say all day including discord
  2. i mean seriously, dont you bloody dare let this go live and then go like: "but based on the feedback from the community.." because as far as i can see, this is the community feedback: DONT DO IT !
  3. if any , and i mean any of these rushed / not thinking through things make it onto the live server .. this will bring so many major ramifications that it will make the cv rework look like a minor 'tweak'.
  4. you might be on to something here :thinking: Try to make our players forget once disaster with another .. Jup sounds like WG logic to me
  5. iiDutchy

    Update - Ranked Sprint Fix & More

    hahahaha .. hahahahahaha .. HAHAHAHAHA 250hp more at TX makes no difference what so ever .. do you even play your own game ?! what a joke this game has become !
  6. iiDutchy

    Update 0.8.5: Rogue Wave

    Targeting planes one by one with all AA mounts ..... in what world is that a thing ? even better its not even attacking the planes that are attacking a ship :) then again not that it really matter , bc you will lose all your planes anyway with this update unless you go for a lone target then 1 or 2 might make it back to the cv (if your lucky) if this still exist in the next update i am putting in a refund ticket and i am not even going to bother with this game anymore, STOP "FIXING" THINGS THAT ARENT BROKEN and work on a real problem , like the port UI that keeps freezing every 5 to 10 seconds whenever you wanna click something.
  7. iiDutchy

    Ranked Battles Season 7


    When will we receive the rewards for Reaching Rank 1 from this season? f.e. Jolly Roger flags / Flint / Black