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  1. Duke_of_Asia

    How to citadel BBs with moskava

    ty for the suggestions, i knew i had to personally learn in training room how consistently citadel bb. What i was looking for was penetration graph so I dont have to figure it out from start when there are competent people in this forums who have already done it. Lord WC gave the rough idea of penetrations so worked with that and it helped a lot.
  2. Duke_of_Asia

    How to citadel BBs with moskava

    Need help how to citadel different BBs with Moskva . where to aim for citadel and from how much distance for ships like Yamato, Montana, Conquerer, Republique. the reason I am asking is, I am playing ranked and not able to citadel bbs properly if it is possible. Thank You in advance
  3. Duke_of_Asia

    Dear Match Maker

    I never have done this as I am not delusional about myself being best player as I always try to improve my game play. and learn from Unicum players. but as per you Quote " Now I know I'm a pretty decent shot, and tend to pursue victory just a little bit more then your local folks. No insult intended EU folks, but it seems in mid tiers at least most of you have a horrid sense of timing." this is where you are delusional your NA stats beg to differ with your claim http://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1003189516,TL_Warlord_Roff/ 6500+ battles,49.2% win rate, 650 PR rating and most important 26503 average damage...... I mean really after 6500+ battles? and you blame that on entire server and MM On side note :- !Na LUL
  4. Duke_of_Asia

    Expected date of Ranked Season 7?

    Since wargaming has started to show ranks of previous seasons in post battle team scores, is it safe to save we will have next ranked season pretty soon? If Yes does anyone know the expected date of Ranked Season 7? also what teir ships will be allowed to use in this season?
  5. Duke_of_Asia

    Torpedo Hack

    OP i m not denying torpedo visibility hacks, but players who use them suck at this game anyway because 404 brain not found Mean while enjoy this video for more salt by ichasegame and if u got salty by watching that video try this by Yuro
  6. Duke_of_Asia

    Neptune needs more armour

    its true m8 but the citadel is too high in water even blind shoots enter it. Since all or nothing armour layout is bad asset in this game
  7. Duke_of_Asia

    Neptune needs more armour

    RN Cls don't have armour hence they get the Smoke and Heal(super heal at t8+). I m not saying this to you op but i have seen many RN CL captains not using smoke and going guns blazing out in open seas only to get citadel. the only thing those guys use smoke is for running away and i watch it like
  8. Duke_of_Asia

    Why I stop play for Clash of elements

    I had already posted this before the event started will repost it here 750 battles in 3 weeks considering 50% WR are easy and war gaming know it so all of u chill plz On the side note: War gaming you now how bot ridden your game is ( thou some times we all feel like we better had bots as team mate than real players) either for ship grind , Free xp on premium ships or Credits. Most of these bots used to run in Co-op battles and rest in random game, all you are going to add in random battles is more bots. And if this event goes through as its requirements are right now, those players who win 125 battles per week, I would recommend you to check there account for suspicious botting activity. shouldn't be difficult because they will have super unicum win rate,damage and xp per battle(Hint:sarcasm)
  9. Duke_of_Asia

    WoWS Bonus Codes (EU)

    Thanks M8
  10. Duke_of_Asia

    Which Guns do Udaloi Use?

    aah ok ty m8
  11. Duke_of_Asia

    Which Guns do Udaloi Use?

    The description under module says the udaloi has 130mm/50 B-2LM guns. whereas under captain, in detailed description it says 130mm/55 B-2-U guns. so which guns does udaloi actually possess? Also what is the difference between these 2 guns in there penetrative value and kurp values? Ty in Advance
  12. the Second Upgrade for guns on ognevoi gives it khabarovsk 130mm/B-2-U, but with only half the guns. If anyone has used them plz share the experince, and is it competitive against new Kiev for T8 contender in random battles.
  13. Duke_of_Asia

    Akatsuki spotted a giant wave

    that was caused by aliens.....
  14. Duke_of_Asia

    so WG you dont give a f. about Belfast smoke problem ?

    yes i know it drops only 1 puff even when u are at speed slower than 20knots a lot of times, but i does not affect the ship since it will slow down before it the ship moves out of the first puff it generated( even if we don't get second puff). 20-22 knots is the sweet spot that works for me where i always get 2 puffs. Start laying smoke when speed more than 22knots and risk not getting second puff at all and be sitting duck to be killed, or start laying smoke after your speed is below 20-19konts and only get 1 puff confirmed ( you will not move out of first puff since ship will slow down) and face with smaller smoke to move around in.