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  1. Deathadder_61

    Fly Strike Win Mission

    Well we are in the last week of it before the next update and just seen there is no more air supply containers so we can get the crowns and florins....then why have a 4th week of it very disappointed as the whole thing for the british cvs was to get crowns and florins but wargaming are looking at there pockets again making people so close on getting there final CV buy premium containers from the store. Think we have been conned again
  2. Deathadder_61

    Looking for a active clan!

    message sent
  3. Deathadder_61

    Looking for a active clan!

  4. Deathadder_61

    SDS7 Is Recruiting

    SDS7 is recruiting Active Players for Division,Operations, Clan Battles and Tournaments. We are a English Speaking Clan from all over the world ...We play for Fun and use Teamspeak as comms......If you meet these requirements please contact us in game or here .....Plus we dont care for stats just want people who want to have fun and want to play competively in tornaments Deathadder_61
  5. Wargaming please fix the game we know you are concertrating on CVs rework ( in which i think you brought into the game to early)but how about fixing UI in the game which you have known about for months Also how about putting the single economic flags back into the premium shop people dont want to buy the 5 flags in the bundle lets get back to the single packs OF (100) I have noticed as well when playing a DD and you are in your concealment zone that it takes anywhere from 20-30 secs after firing to be concealed again after your guns have reloaded
  6. HI This has probably come up before but is wargaming going to add the regions to the game centre without downloading the full region from the server I have account on another server but when trying to log in the gaming centre i have to download the whole game again cant we just have 1 game download and play all regions on that
  7. Deathadder_61

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    Mr Conway Thanks for the quick reply But saying SORRY isnt really good enough You have to remember when you first brought this out it was through the week so everyone got on board to play it now for me i was getting up at 3am to play the EU server as thats all my clan could play due to work and other commitments we left the the asian server till the weekends as it was suitable for my Clan being in the afternoon in Eu for them and 10.30pm for myself here in Australia but everytime we came on to play it was cancelled so we didnt have the opportunity to play another region at all so now you can see why im abit upset about the rewards not been awarded equally to all players...If there was away of taking all my hard work of getting ships on the EU server to the ASIAN server i would be playing there and not on the EU server
  8. Deathadder_61

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    Due to technical issues from the test clan season, we decided to reduce requirements for rewards. Therefore, players who completed at least 5 battles during the prime time of another region will earn 500 Steel and 15,000 Coal. Nice for you to give the rewards out BUT what about the people who were looking at doing the other regions and you cancelled the testing.I think that is alittle bit unfair just give the rewards to everyone for the issues that you had
  9. Deathadder_61

    CvC battles canceled for this weekend

    WG this is not good enough AGAIN we assemble a team to give there weekend up for ASIA server Battles and AGAIN you have STUFFED us around HOW ABOUT JUST GIVING everyone the rewards and put it onto PUBLIC TEST SERVER or just forget the whole thing you expect people to wait around for you WE are sick of waiting for you and your tech issues....... Plus why wasnt it released on the ingame NEWS not all people come to FORUMS Very unsatisfied and Pissed off Player of a Clan Also my clan Members are Over this CRAP
  10. Deathadder_61

    Wtf were you thinking?

    yea probably for *edited* which the lower clans cant get only the top clans like the Stalingrad they got havent seen a lower clan group get it
  11. same chit again picked our server for asia get on to do clan battles yet AGAIN it isnt there GREYED OUT im done with this crap trying to get guys to give up there weekends to play in the clan is hard enough so till they get it sorted out I AM Done with it BS..... WG you have let alot of people down in the game and wasted alot of peoples time you keep this up and you will start losing people ..... please do it on PUBLIC TEST before adding it on live server WE ALL SHOULD BE COMPENSATED FOR THE TECHNICAL ISSUES THAT YOU SAY YOU ARE HAVING FOR WASTING OUR TIME
  12. Deathadder_61

    Error Connecting Server - Server busy. Please try again later

    Why the hell would WG do maintance in the middle clan battles not good
  13. Deathadder_61

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    Maybe to much going on in the game with operations and royal navy should have waited for another time for this clan battles
  14. Deathadder_61

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    Server down cant log in same as all my clan game was pinging high in battle in clan battles
  15. supposed of started but nothing and no news from WG yet