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  1. Deathadder_61

    Please close

    PM sent mate
  2. Deathadder_61

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Well this is crap and is everyone forgetting this was there idea in the first place for the NTC and we stood up to them as they were going to introduce powerful upgrades to the T10 ships. The way WG is moving the UU to research bureau is the first step of adding the others they wanted in the first place. We know how hard it was to Grind the first 5 Tier 10 ships then you had to reset the line again and regrind for tokens to get the Ohio now they want us to regrind to get UU how stupid is this.The game is going backwards people work as this is for the hardcore players who spend over 8hrs a day playing..WG you are going lose players if you keep going the way you are.
  3. Deathadder_61

    2018 Black Friday Containers

    what technical issues i thought you buy them and then open them what is so technical with that Plus why isnt there a announcement put up on the news or forums
  4. Deathadder_61

    2018 Black Friday Containers

    I have a account on Asia Server and when the Black Friday Containers were released i bought 10 of the 2018 containers 24 hrs later those containers were removed so people couldnt buy them and it was stipulated in the news posted 25th november that we could buy 2019 and 2018 containers now that article has been removed as well My gripe is why advertise something and you pull everything after it was released as i was looking forward to buying them on the EU server where my main account is
  5. Deathadder_61

    SDS7 is now Recruiting

    SDS7 is recruiting Players with T10 ships . We want active players we are a English Speaking Clan from all over the world We use Discord for comms if you are interested please contact us
  6. Deathadder_61

    SDS7 is now Recruiting

    SDS7 is recruiting Players with T10 ships . We want active players we are a English Speaking Clan from all over the world We use Discord for comms if you are interested please contact us We are looking for players who want to be competitive in all aspects of the game from Clan Battles to all other tornaments we reached Storm league 2 last season and we want players who will commit to go further
  7. Deathadder_61

    Clan Brawl

    Now the first Clan Brawls is over here is what we came up against in our 11 battles Every enemy team was typhoon league We are Gale League so how is this a good match making but we were lucky to win 3 games And this was on crossover server for Asia so we played 1 russian and 10 asia typhoon league teams So my point is if WG wants this to work they need to look at matchmaking for it Also i am all for the concept and so is my clan except for the matchmaking
  8. Deathadder_61

    Clan Brawl

    why isnt there a select server up we want asia server to play on and you cant select it and it starts in 4hrs
  9. Deathadder_61

    0.8.4 - Ranked Season 12

    Been acouple of Rank Battles i have been in without Rentals but the rest have had 3-4 Rentals in them.After every game i check there profile and then you wonder why you lost...letting T8 players into Rank Battles is the biggest mistake.I had a rental shimmy report me for being behind a island in my Mino told him he was a rental and that was the way you played it..I checked his profile to find he has a premium T8 BB with only 40 Battles played so this is what we have to put up with. WG please get rid of rentals in Rank Battle people with Tier 10 ships worked hard to get them and use them for this format..T8 players havent earned the right to play in T10 Rank Battles
  10. Deathadder_61

    Update 0.8.2 - General feedback

    I dont know if anyone else is having the same problem there is no more chat in the operations why is taken out Personally i like the old mechanics in port Space Battles is ok but i find it not for me just another novelty
  11. Deathadder_61

    Fly Strike Win Mission

    Well we are in the last week of it before the next update and just seen there is no more air supply containers so we can get the crowns and florins....then why have a 4th week of it very disappointed as the whole thing for the british cvs was to get crowns and florins but wargaming are looking at there pockets again making people so close on getting there final CV buy premium containers from the store. Think we have been conned again
  12. Deathadder_61

    Looking for a active clan!

    message sent
  13. Deathadder_61

    Looking for a active clan!

  14. Deathadder_61

    SDS7 Is Recruiting

    SDS7 is recruiting Active Players for Division,Operations, Clan Battles and Tournaments. We are a English Speaking Clan from all over the world ...We play for Fun and use Teamspeak as comms......If you meet these requirements please contact us in game or here .....Plus we dont care for stats just want people who want to have fun and want to play competively in tornaments Deathadder_61
  15. Wargaming please fix the game we know you are concertrating on CVs rework ( in which i think you brought into the game to early)but how about fixing UI in the game which you have known about for months Also how about putting the single economic flags back into the premium shop people dont want to buy the 5 flags in the bundle lets get back to the single packs OF (100) I have noticed as well when playing a DD and you are in your concealment zone that it takes anywhere from 20-30 secs after firing to be concealed again after your guns have reloaded