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  1. DirtyHarry_15

    Karma fair usage

    Do other players see your `karma` in game. I must admit it all seems a bit pointless to me and a system that can very easily be abused.
  2. DirtyHarry_15

    captain xp

    That's the thing with using Elite ships all that `free` XP costs real money (doublons)to be able to unlock. Maybe we could use some of the xp from elite ships to be able to train our captains so they can get xp quicker?
  3. DirtyHarry_15

    Koenigsberg gameplay!

    I personally go for the Konigsberg whenever I play as their pretty much easy kills and are made from tin foil ;( However when you play them, just do as many players have already mentioned. Sit back, pick your targets and they can perform miracles with their accurate long range guns.
  4. DirtyHarry_15

    Thesis on Carrier Gameplay Overhaul

    Well written op. They`ve got to do something about CV`s. It seems that every time I jump into mine its been nerfed...again. 35 knot torps now...come on WG why don't you just take away the planes altogether and get rid of this terrible idea of having carriers in a ship combat game !! WG should read this topic and take note.
  5. DirtyHarry_15

    I think I'm done for now.

    Totally agree with OP. I usually suggest what tactics and the usual reply is don`t die or win!! yeah ok but what strategy shall we use to do that?? It seems that for a team game theres very little teamwork. Usually full of individuals all playing their own little games and rarely contributing to the team as a whole. Theres also been some strange nerfs/buffs with various ships (please don't over balance ships. Some HAVE to be better or worse than others) and although mm`s better its still questionable. World of Warships has a long way to go before its a team game.
  6. DirtyHarry_15

    IJN TB drops ?

    Blimey your right about those torp speeds their hopelessly slow...think a BB just waved at my torps and went around in circles for a bit then pulled away and still my torps coudn`t keep up with him!!! WG make em faster please!!! Another thing, I don't suppose that anyones got any videos on how to use the new ijn manual spread, I understand what your all saying but would like to see it done on you tube or something a few times ;)) Thanks
  7. DirtyHarry_15

    IJN TB drops ?

    Thanks for advice. Like I said it looks good and I really need to practice.
  8. DirtyHarry_15

    IJN TB drops ?

    Just came back after a break and see that theres a new patch 5.2.1. Anyway went to play my Hiryu and omg what have they done to the tb manual drops!!! Their horrible! Im talking about the "Torpedoes Converging Spread" I cant hit anything ;(( They start really wide and narrow to a small point about 1.5-2 km`s away....this actually sounded like a good idea but bearing in mind the torps are now only travelling at 35knots that means that any half competent captain will be able to just steer port or starboard and easily avoid them. WG what are you doing?? Basically the best torp drop for IJN would be a narrow rectangle drop, like the usn and the best torp drop for usn would be the old IJN slightly wider rectangle drop. As they fire 6 torps it would have worked better for them. Is anyone else having trouble with the new IJN manual drop if not please give me some tips on how to use it better ;)
  9. DirtyHarry_15

    CVs - Issue thread and thoughts

    Yes I hear what your saying but surely that alone then makes the USN overpowered by simply being able to make an entire Aircraft Carrier useless! If there was a ship in game that could do that to other ships surely that would be over powered and most right minded people would not be happy with that. SO why allow it for the most powerful machines of destruction ever created...it just would not happen in any way. This is why I think the OP had a very valid and workable solution to the CV issues. Custom air groups. CV`s have `x` amount of fighters, DB`s and TB`s and the player can literally customize the groups to hes/her preferences, rather than a few already selected ones. Why would not this work ??
  10. DirtyHarry_15

    Jap CV vs US CV

    Every time I come into the forums theres a new post about CV`s and it seems that most don`t like the unbalance that the IJN CV`s have with the over powered USN CV`s!! ARE YOU LISTENING WG !!!!!! Probably not as their about to nerf the IJN CV`s...YET again with a drop in torpedo dps and a different even more annoying spread for torpedos No weapon upgrade for TB`s and DB`s from 4 to 10 (USN do have upgrade`s all the way up to 10 !) No decent spread NO chance against USN fighter groups Gonna look into this whole CV fiasco WG ?? NO BLOODY CHANCE !!
  11. DirtyHarry_15

    CVs - Issue thread and thoughts

    Agree with OP here. But I don't agree with all the USN CV boys who just don't seem to understand the point why people are unhappy with the massive unbalance IJN CV`s have. They cant use fighters effectively. 1, They cannot defend their bomber groups without being slaughtered by USN (even had a situation were a lone cruiser fighter wiped an entire IJN Zuihou squad out!!) 2, They cannot at any tier control the skies and go defensive like the USN fighter squads can. USN CV`s are about to be buffed (again) "...U.S. bomber planes will become more stable while under anti-aircraft barrage fire: their bomb spread in these circumstances will be slightly decreased. Nice, wish the IJN ones had that to. Oh and guess what IJN are about to be nerfed (AGAIN!) "....Japanese torpedo bombers underwent quite serious balance changes. Their torpedoes will now inflict less damage at lower Tiers." Really ! Thing is IJN torpedo bombers weapons do not upgrade from tier 4 to tier 10..now there nerfing them more !! So people don't like CV`s and call them "sky cancer" and stuff like that, they think being a CV captain is easy...NOT! They moan at WG about the hard time they get with them so WG take a bit of a negative view and start dismantling them...sorry only the IJN ones. So what if the lone BB captain screams because he`s Wyoming just got stuffed while he wasn`t paying attention to the sky. Cruiser captains shoudn`t moan as they have huge amounts of defence for AA, if anything a good CV captain will do hes utmost to avoid them! Naval warfare was shaped in WW1 and WW2 by the CV, it ultimately became THE most important vessel in any navy throughout the whole world. Any navy that didn't have CV`s was made redundant. Stop keep whinning about them and keep them at the top of the list to be improved not disregarded as a novelty to have in matches.
  12. Don`t think anyones asking for USN CV`s to be nerfed. Just seems that most people here are dissolusioned that its always the IJN CV`s that ARE being nerfed when, if anything they need to be buffed.
  13. DirtyHarry_15

    What Royal navy premiums do you want?

    Belfast, wow what a Cruiser that was. Plus I actually went on board it a few years ago and would be good to play something that I`ve actually walked on ;)
  14. DirtyHarry_15

    German Cruiser Feedback

    Only on Kolberg atm and really hate it. Fires 2 miles in the air and is just to, well blam...blam !! Little skill involved in using it just hold left mouse and watch its little shells frustratingly do hardly any damage. Really hoping Kriegsmarine was going to be good long range and accurate fire but am sadly disappointed so far ;( Hear the next couple of tiers are no better. Oh is there ANY great difference between Dresden and Kolberg apart from a little bit more armour. Feel like I bought a replica of the Dresden and its just as bad? BTW nearly every battle ive been in, its usually Tenyrus or St,Louis left while all the poor German sailors are swimming to the shore! Come on they must be better than this !
  15. Looks like their still not going to do much more with them in the next patch. Conical torpedo deployment,(as in all fire to one point rather than spread over the whole ocean) and lower dps for torpedo bombers !!! They never upgrade their weapons from tier 4 to 10 and now their lower than before !! Doesn't matter what they do to them really, when USN fighter squad hit IJN fighter or bomber squads they die, simple as that and until they do something about that then IJN CV`s are scrapmetal. End of story.