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    Tier 7-9 Cruisers complete waste researching.

    LOL can't cope ... stats show....... How about been placed in the teams which always loose , where players suicide in first 40 seconds, jumping on enemy and die outnumbered, or BBs hugging age and staying 20km, where you can't get range so you cruising around for nothing waiting for shots and waiting to at least not be outnumbered and game ends..... Or even better !! enemy run away for 10 minutes and you can't chase them=no hits. many BB games for me were like that..... not a singe shot, or 3-4 hits per game facepalm. Check my Signature LOL , or link to Tynipics..... 14 Citadels and 4 kills in a battle LoooooL with Clevland....... This game makes random battles , so your achievement is mostly random= not your achievement, so it means almost nothing......... P.S. If this game had 1 VS 1 matches then all the stats would be worth as a prove of your skill.
  2. SkullAndBonesPotco

    Tier 7-9 Cruisers complete waste researching.

  3. SkullAndBonesPotco

    1 On 1 Fighting Mode PLEASE ! VOTE !

    Hi, Please Make 1 On 1 Fight patches mode where for example 2 Clevlands fight 1 VS 1 May be even make 1VS 2 , or 2 VS 2 Etc
  4. SkullAndBonesPotco

    Game -force players to teamplay and reward it=Enjoyable game don't matter what

    Completely agree . This game feels like quarter of the game,,,, so many thing have to be added to make it real fun.
  5. SkullAndBonesPotco

    Tier 7-9 Cruisers complete waste researching.

    I am sorry I am not turning this post in yours and mine conversation, so please don't ask me any question, leave your opinion and let other people do so also please.
  6. SkullAndBonesPotco

    Tier 7-9 Cruisers complete waste researching.

    Tier 1
  7. SkullAndBonesPotco

    Tier 7-9 Cruisers complete waste researching.

    Don't know about higher calibre and switching to AP.... I can't get more than 1.5K damage from them shells... even only 400 quite often...... I kill Pepsicola, Atago 1VS 1 with my Clevland 10 out of 10 times a specially in close combat. Pepsi takes x2 times longer to recharge and less cannons so it doesn't have a chance against 12 Cannons machine guns pn Clevland which are set ship on fire every 3d salvo and 10-12 hits per salvo IN from 10 km ...... Battleships...... I get Arsonist Medals nearly every match on them..... sometimes even x2 arsonists medals..... of course I am shooting BB which is not shooting me tho XD
  8. SkullAndBonesPotco

    Tier 7-9 Cruisers complete waste researching.

    Hi, Why would I even bother researching any Cruiser after Clevland when they all have 2 times slower reload, less guns , and mad slow guns turning speed......? My Clevland takes down any T6-T8 Cruiser easy..... People cry to Nurf Clevland, but then I am sorry to say I am giving up this game having to play with retarded Cruiser with pretty much Battleships stats except for the armour Facepalm.
  9. Hi, Currently We have Cruisers and Battleships placed together when round starts. Next Cruiser sail ahead of battleships cause they can't wait for battleships due to wanting immediate action and Cruisers higher speed, then jump against 2-3 enemy battleships solo and die, or jump against enemy 2 battleships and a Cruiser..... then your team's battleships engage same enemy and die outnumbered..... This repeats in almost every single match. Also battleships have 18-21km range and cruisers have less 14-17km , where for both accuracy is insane poor=no fun... due to battleships higher range Cruisers can't even support firing , except they jump ahead and die cause of it... Battleships have more Health so they supposed to be shielding Cruiser and get reward for it , where friendly cruisers only meant to stay right behind them, or right next to them to protect them from Destroyers and planes, but it is almost never the cause so forcing players to do so is required as well as rewarding them for it. Also shooting from more than 12km reduces accuracy by 70% .... my Clevland can get 8 hits per salvo on average if shooting from 11.5km-12km and 10 on average if shooting from 10km. ................................................................................................................. I recommend starting round with Battleships in front and cruisers behind, so when they both engage enemies in about 14km they be right next to them and to stop battleships cowards from hiding behind enemy Cruisers and destroyers LMAO make some lines on water -marking distance from the centre of the map and grand all battleships xp, or silver reward for passing these lines before Cruisers. Small teams making= When round starts mark 3 players green for example --- 2 battleships and 1 Cruiser meaning it is your small team in game and you all have to stay together- no more than 6km away lets say. and give reward for doing so. This way we could achieve more team play, good formation and practical shooting distance of no more , than 14km in most of the cases. 12km However is the best gaming distance - for enjoyable shooting for Cruisers and battleships.
  10. SkullAndBonesPotco

    Battleships xp gaining is unfair in comparison to other Vessels types.

    Nothing can help not just me but also a lot of other people with same trouble, cause of you and your ignorant selfish ''Mr right attitude'' thinking alike pals. Thank you for support. That's all from me. I am done with this thread .
  11. SkullAndBonesPotco

    Battleships xp gaining is unfair in comparison to other Vessels types.

    blablablablabla.... this song is on repeat and I can't turn it off. If you can't understand this topic then move on. Not good getting involved in something you don't understand and a specially bad to suggest something in this conditions LOL
  12. SkullAndBonesPotco

    Battleships xp gaining is unfair in comparison to other Vessels types.

    screw this stats, tables and other fake b.. crap, BBs slow sailing, slow shooting, mad bad accuracy and you get xp accordingly and which has to be fixed ASAP. From now on just say yes I want it fixed , so it will be voted so, other ways there be no improvement..... Any way don't matter what more xp earning is never a bad idea, or you rather pay for it real money ? Facepalm you 'smarty pants' And it is very selfish to just keep saying that you are so cool and get so much xp and less skilled players can just keep getting 30-200xp per round. Go to Church and ask for forgiveness
  13. Sorry but I am not looking for more realism in gaming, instead I am looking for more fun and live in this game. Currently this game has no birds, no Fish, no whales, you can't name your ship yourself, you can't paint your ship as you like.... I feel like programmed robot -playing this soul less game I am sorry.
  14. SkullAndBonesPotco

    XP Earning and Researching New Ships System is Nonsense

    lol then I can't wait for War Thunder to release Ships....