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  1. Elenortirion

    Naval Underdogs: Poland - Discussion Thread

    I'd also like to point out that Polish Navy was not "caught off-guard" by german invasion - the defence plan was mad with healthy margin of time for implementation and surface fleet have left the baltic before the outbreak of the war. Now there was a bit of... mess in regards to submarine fleet that was left to defend the coast, but it had more to do with overal plan for usage of submarines being crap, and in case of certain submarines - case of not following protocols (during the time invasion happened all crews were supposed to be spending nights on their ships, and in case of at least some of them they were indeed sleeping onshore which delayed their launch when the order was given). Other than that (and things pointed out before by others) quite decent article :)
  2. considering what I have seen this would rather speak more of quality of captains behind that kager shiratsuyu and gadjah mada...
  3. Elenortirion

    WOWs Mythbusting

    that part is actually untrue, as the sum of sections HPs is always bigger number than "total hp" you see you need to bring down to 0...
  4. Hello there, I was tasked by our glorious leader to create this post over here so here I am: Whom we are: we are World of Warships division of small community of friends also known as Shining Gale, we have discord and some other divisions in different games. Whom we are looking for: people wanting to have some FUN together and also people wishing to deploy with us onto next clan battles season in totally-serious-no-sarkasm-intended full IJN deployment. 'cause glorious nippon steel folded over 9000 times, and that's why. if we get 'nuff people we can also consider deploying more meme comps. for greater fun of more people. what we can offer: outside of some fun, memes, discord-based voice chat during clan divs/clan wars we can offer some bonuses from our humble Naval base, which at the moment of writing of this post are: -10% discount on tier 5, 6 and 7 silverships we are working on more but more people working on it would help alot ;) what do we require: some minimal sense of humour, a lil tad bit of maturity perhaps, and at least some activity around those clan battles seasons so we can at least - if nothing else - have consistent deployments there ;) interested? contact me on forums or in-game or Hadraniel in-game, or just respond to this thread ;) Best Regards and see ya guys on the high seas ^-^
  5. Elenortirion

    Carrier Rework and the artificial fog around it

    and this is assumption on which you are wrong, as they have stated even themselves that they are unsure while this prototype looks promising it is not settled down yet. and why not publish any detailed info on it yet? simple - since it is still prototype in testing that is ONLY "promising" they want to avoid situation where they decide this specific iteration is not exacly what they want and change the thing again, and release something different in the end. why? because pretty crappy part of this community would arise with pitchforks etc. accusing them of bait and switch tactics because "this is not the same thing as you showcased year ago"
  6. Elenortirion

    [WIND] Silvery WInd is open up for people

    Updated few informations in OP [pretends to not be shamelesly bumping thread]
  7. Elenortirion

    RN BBs - HE meta sucks!!!

    well it is much easier than irl of course and for most people I know not all that hard but then knowing how to lead is the key aspect to it altho mostly when I hear my friend complaning they complain either about A) straddle [purely rng thing really] B) not delivering specifically citadel hits so you say that we should completely ignore devs introducing uterly brokenly OP features just for "uneducated" people to never find out and play the way YOU want them to play? yeah sure try to get damage done to enemy BB that is bow on to you after a couple of minutes of cruisers and destroyers working down it's superstructure - say hello to you 0 damage pens because hey, damage saturation is a thing. what you are advocating here - staying as a BB with AP loaded all the times is frankly just as bad as advicing people to never swap out of HE on british BBs - because the only part of battleship play tht poses noticeable challenge at this point is to manage your ammo types and decide when use AP and when HE for the greatest of effect. oh btw on BB accuracy - you do not need to be 20km away for battleship accuracy to decide to straddle your perfectly aimed salvo all around the enemy ship - which can happen awkwardly often - try to adjust your aim for that.....
  8. Elenortirion

    RN BBs - HE meta sucks!!!

    how about thanking WG for givign them so laughtably stronk HE shells in the first place? and sorry "learn to aim" does not apply much when A) we are talking about battleship levels of dispersion B) target angles and you are not in yamato [or any other of chosen 3 BBs that actually can overmatch every bow/stern existing in the game] I think he means that shooting to hit at all takes more skill than "just" point and click - for me it ain;t really all that hard altho seeing how some other people in the game shoots I tend to sorta agree with the guy
  9. Elenortirion

    Game centre is so bad its puttign me off playing

    wait WG have any sort of game center? my WoWs is operating on standalone launcher, and recently I have installed it via standalone laucher available by default when you go on the main page and hit that huge "play" button.....
  10. Hello there, I am here to announce that a freshly founded clan Silvery WInd welcomes with open arms anyone whom does not have overly high expectations from the clan he joins Our requirement at th moment being from anyone joining is for you to be a decent human being. We are unlikely to kick anyone for not enought activity cause it would be plainly hypocritical. Our Leader has a dream to be able to deploy at one day full team for clan battles but there is no pressure on anyone to do so in any foreseeable future! As aparently there can be no WG competitive content that is not gated into seasons we actually may want to get such team sooner than later - no pressure to be superunicum but we are especially looking for people who has access to T10 ships/are eligible for rental ships For now we intend to build up our naval bace in a pace that our member count will allow so free bonusies for people. so far we have built: T5 Boathouse T6 Boathouse if you are interested contact me [Elenortirion] or [Hadraniel] in the game oh and we also have a discord channel with access to our clans in other games if anyone was interested in such stuff Best Regards and see ya on the seas
  11. Elenortirion

    A-poi-calypse Now II: the death of torpedo boats

    it breaks down at the very beginning of the split - t5 - with DD of "many launchers" [minekaze] being in the split line and the one with "less launchers" [mutsuki] being in the main line [not to mention that historically mutsuki was developped off minekaze and in terms of ship progression in the tree they are reversed, WG pls swap them around finally :/]
  12. merging torpedo reload with smoke applies only to shira - for the moment being aki will keep hers in separate slot - and I don;t see how those 3s of difference is going to affect her really and then there is a second side to this change a quite wild buff to kagero and yuugumo in the very same department yeah yeah you can yell at me now how nobody uses torpedo reloaders on these, I'll only say to that that even flamu was recently propagating this consumable on both of these ships as for shiratsuyu status in the end I still think that IJN DD trees needs a major revamp added ontop of the split.... not for the sake of balancing at all - but for the sake of actually finishing the split and making them into two distinct lines, not random mesh of ships sorted in two rows without any real sense of logic. like you know when split was WIP, remember how WG was speaing about "more hybridish" and "more gunboatish" line? and how they backpedaled from it straight after the release speakign of "there is no gunboat line, no torpedoboat/hybrid line, just main and split? and untill now there is still no single "feature" connecting all the ships in the main line from t5 to t10 and nothing common between t5-throught-t8 of the split - that would make the lines recognisable between each other. but then seems like russian DDs split was more important as they could actually think this one throught to the point that they did not have to abandon their own "labels" on them and still calls one line a gunboat line and other torpedoboat line... [dunno how in practice tho as I didn;t play russian DDs] so before they go on with further balancing of IJN DDs they have to finish what they started - and make those two lines each having recognisable features all across the tiers. EDIT: and that feel when forums logs you out in the middle of writing a post just because......
  13. Elenortirion

    Will Just leave this here German CV

    I'd also like to point out that those recognision diagrams were made by same guys who have originally mistaken akizuki class destroyer with yuubari light cruiser [first spotting of akizukis was reported as IJN mass producing yuubaris], and even after realising that, they have listed wrong speed on yuubari recognision chart [they listed akizukis speed there instead] and more over they have mistook zuihou class aircraft carrier for shoukakku class and kept mistaking it for the whole career of said aircraft carrier. and now someone tries to use those recognition charts as a sole proof on how incorrect in game model is? geeeeeze and I thought I've seen it all as for the ship I will wait and see how it plays out... not that I have any spare budgeting anyway....
  14. sorry for slowpoke: sth like this? \\\ [oh wait that would be for 6 bombers nvm ] welp I'd prefer not to cause with those reserves if I were to loose bigger chunk of torpedo bombers per drop I'd run out of bombers really fast.....
  15. well DefAA consumable implies t8.... well while it is not easy to read that source page due to "lolgoogletranslatorlol" after mentioning short arming time for torps they did say somethign baout germans using "new type of a bomb"? [inb4 proximity detonators cause DD haven't got hard time enougth yet] what I'd expect tho would be extremely clsoe manual drops for tears of people complaining about unavoidable drops.....