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  1. Elenortirion

    Fire chance... please

    It kind of feels that OP is in dire need of some education on Propabilities and Statistics. Then OP would understand the core issue with this thread.
  2. Elenortirion

    Changing the Class System of Ships.

    Nice big writeup but You have kind of missed a point, and Bismarck would like to have a word on that "superficial damage to the superstructure". To be precise: it was this "superificial" damage to the superstructure that killed it's ability to fight back long before ship was actually sunk. Now how big shell needs to be to penetrate plating of the superstructure of battleship, it would probably highly depend on battleship in question - Bismarck which you provided as example was quite well armored all together, but most of other battleships didn't (to save up on weight). The point with funnels was that smoke from the engines has to be vented somehow somewhere - raining shells upon superstructure will eventually wreck those stacks eventually and this will hinder ability to do so. Will engine still work? well as long as you can provide oxygen to them suuuuuuuuuuuuure. Would you want to be crew member of a ship unable to vent the smoke from them safely? I rest my case.
  3. Elenortirion

    WG should STOP to PUNISH GOOD players - regardless of team

    it used to be other way around, it used to be so that even if you needed to do very well at T10 to actually break even on credits (so there was a point in going back to lower tiers to get dem credits to run those TXs) but people complained they cannot just spam their yamatos and shimakazes and need to play inferior ships to be allowed to play the ones they totally luved (spelling intentional). And WG bowed and changed economy to make TXs self sufficient regardless of performance. Personally I'd say I prefered the version where You needed to play those lower tiers once in a while to mantain your credit balance. But what can one do.
  4. Elenortirion

    Current karma system

    To be fair You do have order of magnitude more of battles played as well ;) While I didn't get to farm any Aircraft Carrier line up to T10 post revamp, highest being HMS Furious and it's german equivalent I don't recall getting neither reports nor compliments from playing them so far. Notably I am not very good CV player performance wise, I am also not terrible at them either. May be something about people not noticing me all that much when I play them, something to do with my overall battle count in them, or just the tiny issue that I don't seem to run into all that much of all this infamous toxicity outside of queueing in T10 ship. EDIT: Issue with that is that if that was the case it would be exploited for benefits, and/or used to grief people.
  5. Elenortirion

    Changing the Class System of Ships.

    Thanks for correction, my info on that specific matter was quite old and may have been not as accurate as I'd wish. :)
  6. Elenortirion

    Changing the Class System of Ships.

    Nitpick squad returns. That statement is actually false. Truthfully all You ever needed to completely obliterate battleships ability to fight, or maneuver in any significant manner is "some HE shells on the superstructure" all radars, helm controls fire directors and so on were in there. historically it didn't really matter how enemy never penetrated your citadel when all of your sensors, and fire control were destroyed, and all of your chain of command was dead. Bonus points for trying to run engines with funnels shredded to pieces. Technically speaking there is nothing forbidding modern Japan to build carriers at this moment. Only their constitution forbidding them to have an army/navy. Which is why it's called Self-Defence Force and it's Naval branch. That being said if we go off by original declaration (which was overwritten with the time for obvious reasons) self defence forces would be already illegal because they've refuted their right to be participant in any war in the future. The way JSDF is running around constitutional "no army" is that they are painting everything as being purely for defensive or humanitarian operations. Proper carriers have reputation of being offensive ships primarily. While personally I aggre that "helicopter destroyers" is somewhat funny way to call something of this size, they are still missing alot of crucial features to label them as proper carriers. That being said Japan was recently trying to refit one of newer of their "helicopter destroyers" if jet catapults, which would turn them into proper carrier. Which all external parties in the area is crying as violation of Japan's constitution. Just a bit of trivia in there :) As for the point You were trying to address with the example - the way nation building the ship calls it often (albeit not always I'll admitt) speaks volumes about what is intended usage of the ship. So there is only as much point in taking it into consideration as WG wants to take those intended uses into account when matchmaking.
  7. Elenortirion

    Current karma system

    this thread made me launch the game just to check my karma number out of sheer curiosity. 47. According to this thread impossiburu. Interesting.
  8. Elenortirion

    Something lacking

    Personally I'd love operations system, to be expanded greatly. As it is RN it feels kind of niche because everytime I feel like XYZ ship the weekly pub que has restriction ruling it out. I remember one other game that back in the days it was good I'd sum up as "WoWs but in space" and they had that nice balance between pvp battles and PvE operations (theirs were multistage with ability to switch vehicles between stages tho) where PvE operations were your main go-to if you needed cash, and pvp was best for getting exp. And they had a set of those for each "stage" of leveling, so like operation for low tier ships, operations for midtier ships and high tier ships - with increasing rewards and difficulty each. I'd love WoWs operation to be able to serve similar role. Another cool idea they had was fleet level - basically a counter of ships you have "elited" (fully researched) which translated into bonus to free exp generation. Not sure how that would play with branch resetting shenanigans of research bureau thingy tho.
  9. Elenortirion

    ST Hybrids

    Nitpick squad arrives again :) Well truelly Tone didn't historically get to drop any torpedoes, but she also was "just a heavy cruiser", it was Aviation cruiser. Interestingly that You mention Mogami 1943, because Tone was designed from ground up to fill the same role that mogami was retrofitted to. Tone class had more guns, but slightly less planes with emphasis on speed of launching full wing. That being said You are correct that she was designed for scouting operations. But as I have mentioned earlier in this thread, The cruiser designed around ability to scout from air is last thing we should want in WoWs....... And yesh I'd love to see the CAV Mogami and AV Nisshin. In the game. One because I quite like the looks, and other because 140mm twin turret club needs to be assembled whole :) Imagine Akagi/Kaga with tripple deck and them sweet 203mm turrets ;) Well considering that WG does not seem to really bother with idea of seaworthiness of design they are implementing (cough cough russian higher tier DDs) we may see actually implementations of projects that were scrapped due to proving not sea worthy. For example the proposal of Iowa BBV retrofit (with Harriers none the less ;) ) Idea was to replace C turret with facilities to service those - with vertical take off it seemed potentially feasible. Unfortunatelly calculations were made and it would overweight the hull rendering it unable to sail at all. Which never stopped wargaming from introducing a russian ship before so just wait and see for mere 764367426487538743874 steel!
  10. Elenortirion

    Why playing low tier is not attractive

    I like a number of low tier ships (yuubari for example) and I too have issue how how all the tasks are "t5+" deal >.> dunno about this new campaign didn't look at it yet, last time I was helping wife with begginer grind (couple days ago) we oftenly were only humans on our team.
  11. Elenortirion

    Remove spotting from this foched up CV class

    I mean yeah, no problem with just making stupid claim and then backpedaling from it in a couple posts while making silly attempts to paint ones pointing your error as the ones who made something stupid. Top 10/10 forum strat :)
  12. Elenortirion

    ST Hybrids

    Except tone actually got to sail out and perform it's duty... that is when it's catapult was not malfunctioning causing huge delay in send-off of her scout wing, on a ship designed specifically to optimize the speed of launching all of dem planes..... Well, no, she lacked all the repair facilities seaplane tenders had :) Also the term I have seen used was not "hybrid carrier" but "hybrid ship", and there is not alot of heavy cruisers (or seaplane tenders while at it) that were handling this much of aircraft at once. And while it is true that historical purpose of tone was primarily about scouting with her aircraft, it is arguable if it would make for a good game design, to be specific are you sure you want to get yet another type of ships specialized solely at detecting things with aircraft? Making her into hybrid gameplay design between surface ships and carriers at least gives the player playing it distraction from ruining lives of all DDs on the map ;) It is not much of a "fantasy plane layout either" at least when you take into the account the whole russian tech tree into perspective. And seeing the way IJN was developping in the late war I would say they totally did try to actually go for it. The only reason we didn't see Tone actually bombing a thing is because they didn't exactly have pilots spare at that point, and other ships were higher priority. Like Ise and Hyuga also waiting for their air wings. Or whole fleet carrier that had to be camuflaged off shore in hope for it to not be destroyed while it awaitsd it's own airgroup. As for wanting tone - to be fari I don't give two cents about tone herself, just gimmeh CAV Mogami in any playable state that is not overpriced premium and I will be satisfied.
  13. Elenortirion

    Remove spotting from this foched up CV class

    And this is precisely why, action record of experimental light cruiser yuubari is full of casualties and damage to be fixed from fighter strafe attacks.... oh wait.
  14. Elenortirion

    ST Hybrids

    Allow me to interject here with a bit of nitpicking. No, Tone was not sea plane tender(AV) in any configuration ever. Those were much lighter, with minimal armanent. The highes caliber I recall on any Seaplane tender was Nisshin with her 140mm twin guns. Tone was Aviation Cruiser (CAV). It's role was not backline maintenance of seaplanes, it was to scout and combat enemy scouts if necessary. It was much heavier armoured than any seaplane tender, and much heavier armoed. I will leave out details like engines being a "tad" more powerfull while at it. Oh and yeah, as other guys hve mentioned seaplanes capable of carrying torpedoes were a thing, even if Tone didn't carry these.
  15. Elenortirion

    Remove spotting from this foched up CV class

    liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike exactly same way as in tanks? ;)