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  1. Ysterpyp

    Hey, can you fix your game? Thx

    Few weeks ago i lost game after game ,no matter what i ded , and had enough of this sh*t!!! landslides everygame. the playerbase is just to retarded , i needed a break to keep my sanity, 10+ days of rehabilitation feels nice
  2. Ysterpyp

    VENOM's Simple Guide to: Aiming in a Battleship

    I can hit a cruiser across the map that sails in a strait line with a USN bb , using the dynamic cross-hair I also uninstalled the game thanks to wg stupid mm , every game is a landslide, i have been away for 10 - 15 days now , feels good man
  3. You do realize if they do this to GC , it open season for all premiums , so no i want gc to stay the ship that i bought in the first place!
  4. Ysterpyp

    ST. Premium ships and Soviet battleships.

    Stop this stupidity wargaming , im really close to uninstalling this game of yours
  5. Atago is really great after accuracy buff
  6. Ysterpyp

    New Ranked Season

    Im having fun sofar , had a draw as well XD
  7. Ysterpyp

    Ranked Battles & Arms Race

    my second game , enemy had only dd left we had 3 dd's left , game had 8 minutes remaining at that time XD , but was fun to show off what a 2s~ reload black can do
  8. Ysterpyp

    Thank you for all these years. I'm out!

  9. Ysterpyp

    Cant refund cv's

    I heard about this
  10. Ysterpyp

    Cant refund cv's

    i refunded , got Zao , Grozovoi , Hindenburg now researched :D with 1,000,000 free xp left if i want the Alaska or not. Will play the cv lines from the beginning
  11. Ysterpyp

    Cant refund cv's

    i will check what a hosho 19pnt captain can do first lol
  12. Ysterpyp

    Cant refund cv's

    Nvm you should play one battle before they show
  13. Ysterpyp

    Cant refund cv's

    So i have Hakuryu and Midway researched (Midway purchased), but have no option for refund? Do i have to play one battle or something or am i being a noob and missing something. Yes you need to play one battle Also i have 700k free xp from modules refund i believe but arsenal show only 14k free xp?
  14. Ysterpyp

    Problem with WGC trying to update to 0.8.0

    07:20 utc time atm , i read the times from home page on wg website, maybe im missing something ?