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  1. Dont worry wont be grinding them again , what a painfull way to enjoy your day
  2. WeeGee i know u don't care , and probably the players don't also because another its just another submarine thread. Im here to tell u that all that testing and xp we got on the subs are now all gone after release?? i made enough by "testing" the stupid submarine missile gameplay and accumulated enough xp for t8 and t10 by playing and providing you "valuable data" - yeah right Now after logging back into the game after quitting for awhile i see all my progress i made on submarines is lost and only to find i have *****ng ZERO XP and all progress is lost Way to go treating Test players i'm really tired of you BS , and remove subs ANY PLZ , FKN TOPGUN MISSILE GAMEPLAY
  3. weegee would like this time to apologize to absolutely no one
  4. Ysterpyp

    Base Credit income is a meme in this game

    nope , its gotten worse with signals and credit nerf
  5. Ysterpyp

    Base Credit income is a meme in this game

    Most of my ships are premium and have over a 100 off them so selling silver ships isnt an option for me anyway I keep every silver t10 but at times i have to sell one just to have credits for the game and most of them dont have modules as well , it just sucks to play the game like this and i dont se premium time fixing it
  6. Ysterpyp

    Base Credit income is a meme in this game

    Yeah and what about snowflake events then ?
  7. Ysterpyp

    Base Credit income is a meme in this game

    You should get more credits for playing good at tier 10 that is how rewards work , playing well at the highest level should feel more rewarding , and how the f should i be able to purchase superships with this income I cant even get my ships fitted out with modules , because then i wont have credits for signals lol fu wg
  8. Ysterpyp

    Base Credit income is a meme in this game

    i dont get the point t10 is not for farming credits , you should get maximum credits for playing good , wtf is the reward for playing at tier t10 lmao?? missouri credit nerf just to f us over even more, missouri was my credit farmer (900+ battles), mo is weaker in randoms (powercreep) So this btw @WG this why i dont pay to play your anymore Clearly paying more credits for t10 is keeping the noobs away ..
  9. 2008 base xp win netting me 175000 credits without modifiers , and 47k for non premium lmao when a t1 module cost 125k credits .. Even with premium it's sh*t That is 326 battles @ 2000 base xp for a supership with premium time without modifiers
  10. Carried hard today and got Silver R1 in few hours today basically completed all rewards at r3 and pushed to r1 , been quite fun at silver league today and had 0 afk players i know , what luck ...
  11. i had a few ranked, it went well lol, this plus 5 more georgia wins , i switched to kronstadht when i lost first game in georgia .. Happend to me today
  12. Ysterpyp

    Does USS California needs buff?

    she need better secondaries other than that she is fine , has nice armor scheme at range Warship Tier Nation Battles Win rate PR Average Damage Avg. frags Avg. planes destroyed California 7 U.S.A. 10 50% 2 122 88 056 1.6 5.7 im doing ok in it, bit hard to carry battles with it
  13. Ysterpyp

    Suggestions thread

    Spawn a customizable memorial buoy where your ship sunk
  14. Ysterpyp

    Your favourite CV and Sub

    my favorite cv is kearsarge
  15. Ysterpyp

    Subs getting buffs - some quite massive

    Sad but true, after facing sub in gk i did my lowest damage in years , 28k dmg with zero counterplay.. makes me want to quit.. for now any mode without subs is a blessing