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  1. Ysterpyp

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    you can blame wg giving t8 toys to babies
  2. Ysterpyp

    Sealclubbers ahoy

    i wouldnt call that a re-roll of your ping and connection to NA server is just to bad to play like ping spikes and frequent disconnects as in my case , i spared myself the missery and migrated to EU server
  3. if your usb smokes its time to get a new one XD -- So now that ranked will be t9 ... i wonder even harder
  4. wow this thread turned into a sh_t storm
  5. Yea i remember u from that game , i saw you in start , not sure about rest of game tho , i forgot hehe . U are thinking about the one and only @xXx_Blogis_xXx :) Was quite nice game, and u also played very well, thumbs up to u good sir :)
  6. Its really hard to pick since i was a usn dd main before i switch to cruisers thanks to radar meta, i played over 650 battles in fletcher and have 2700 wtr so usn dd clicks with my play style but still i feel forced to get stalingrad because of that ap bounce angles which is abit to much for a ship of that type.
  7. Ysterpyp


    my shinonome stats in co-op are amazing
  8. Hi all I have the ultimate crocodile super economy bonus camo already purchased thanks to my ranked suffering. My plan is to purchase the uss black ( i could of already if i not used some steel to get salem , not one of my proudest moments), And without balansgrad i feel abit empty inside, ty WeeGee :P Please let know what u think i should do Also for those that do have the ultimate crocodile camo is the black fun to grind with in randoms (I mostly play my 3 freemuims these days Mighty mo , kronny and Jean bart and looking to expand my t9 fleet) What are good games like with this camo , xp and free xp wise? Thank you
  9. Ysterpyp

    Captain Skills vs Crew Skills

    skill are ok as is now , much more game changing stuff in the works that you should you worry about
  10. cool, will i get a snowflake for cb rental ships
  11. Ysterpyp

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    its the only ship and des moines i fear in wooster
  12. Ysterpyp

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    i want to join :P
  13. Ysterpyp

    AP bombs - a list

    Yea its very situational , i only did it once vs midway in my kron and i believe it won us the game, as he missed with a full sqaud with time ticking out. But still it is riding the edge of your seat
  14. Ysterpyp

    AP bombs - a list

    one tip i can give u if u have very bad aa but def fire like kronshtadh , even if enemy cv uses autodrop he will hit a few . but if he is better cv captain he will use manua drop and if your aa is to weak to shoot down any planes then wait just right before he drops u and activate defensive fire , if he used manual drop he's cicle will get huge and its to late for him to change attack . If he still used autodrop then he circle smaller that manual in panic drop lol. sometimes it works and is last resort :)