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  1. Atlanta is totally OP and I love it

    Cant wait to see you're health evaporate young one
  2. Stalingrad OP

    Give it time and you will see a bunch of them
  3. This is getting out of hand

    OP , you are so sensative , it's adorable :'D
  4. Stalingrad OP

    You forget 3 things mate 1. ) What is the average wr of the other players you get on your team? 35-45? and you get 5 to 6 of them and what will this ship do to them? 2. ) 5 minutes into the game all the potatoes are sniped , and the unicum player is left to carry the slack . this will increase landslide losses\wins and would make playing solo on high tiers much more shait 3. ) This "thing" has usn autobounce angles , even if you do angle , some people would not angle enough and blap , there goes another potato. WG not catering for the average potato is bad idea, this thing will destroy t10
  5. at part 5 now , got 2 SC's yesterday with spotting plane module , and speedboost module
  6. Tanking Damage - how much have you achieved

    2,500,000 in a cv , yes vs 2 Minotaur's bow-in in my hakuryu lel , they can do absolutely nothing lol. just bounce :D Dont know in bb's,dd's , ca/cl , dont ever check
  7. World of Lemmings

    i only see people playing worse and worse , hence why the lemming trains might increase.. 45.45% Bad 2 557 Super Unicum this is today stats 11 BATTLES , how harder can u carry these sac of potatoes baboon noobs
  8. embrace the ways of the lolanta I personally would pick the GS to farm the glass cannons :P
  9. Rant / CV / AA / in-game exploits / a request

    well i think its disgusting last ship to kill 10% hp minotaur and could even come near him with t10 planes , balans
  10. Truly worried about CV rework

    FPS is not latency/ping Sometime i notice im strafing planes on their exact location , and nothing happens , but rarely.. Its not a big deal for normal play and 105ms feels perfectly playable, but for FP shooters ,and fast action , its a deal breaker . Luckily i haven't purchased any premium CV's
  11. Graf Spee owners - hints and tips, please.

    Very situational ship , only play when high cruiser numbers in matchmaking. Example ? (Play when release of US Light cruisers = profit ) You don't want to play it with 5 bb's per side
  12. Truly worried about CV rework

    Hi Im truly worried about the cv rework if it becomes a FPS environment ,wouldn't that effect people that have 105ms ping? Fast moving objects and highish latency will be a real problem for me then, and i bet alot of other people to! This is why i play this game in the first place , its not depended on have 35ms ping, although it help abit
  13. GC waiting impatiently for ranked @ t5