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  1. Why , u already get a warning you're detected
  2. Carrier APM

    The system needed only a few tweaks imo lol. This new mode how stable is it under 105-130ping? wil i fly into the ocean , wil i miss my targets ? bomb aim delays (Target can dodge easily) and the sorts .. All points to a terrible future for cv gameplay!!
  3. Belfast

    bought mine after rank season , playing that thing in ranked is only for scrubs .. oh wait...
  4. Advice for a noob

    us cruiser require more skill , but if u can handle them it will make you a better player. I would suggest for noobie to play with British CL line , which has its own smoke generator
  5. Tirpitz vs Kronshtadt

    All about player skill :P
  6. none of those ships have carry potential in rAnked anyway
  7. This poll is a little biased don't you think Play like sh*t lose star
  8. Abusive or insulting players

    occasionally they do ban when its really bad stuff , but the actual insults i find on here are hilarious
  9. Ranked Battles

  10. Wenting/Renting topic: losing 97% of the games

    OP is atleast trying to improve , i suggest staying on lower tiers fist first , tier 3 has protect MM . You already have a PR rating of 12 in t5 lol
  11. Ranked Battles

    Tier 4 and 5 , because why the hell not?
  12. Ranked Season 10

    Pretty much what i was expecting .