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  1. Ysterpyp

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    im away for 3 months now, and dont feel obligated to return CVs suck. Powercreep everywhere. DD's unfun to play Even more radar coming(Stealth radar) Kremlin > Other bb's
  2. Ysterpyp

    Question about moskva to arsenal

    thanks , i hope so though else less reason to return anyway
  3. Hi all, I don't follow news anymore about wows , will be comming back in a few months after i get a new pc, The Question , I don't have moskva purchased (sold to buy other ships for steel missions in dec), but i unlocked her, will i still get her as a premium ship after the soviet line change?
  4. you where in a slow ship that cannot dictate the engagement, and spawned in an isolated location.. With CV focusing you and having zero AA. Welcome to low tier BB's
  5. Ysterpyp

    Nerf Smolensk

    Top ships in wr last 28 days by average to good players , Smolensk way at the bottom. Guess mostly bad players play it?
  6. Ysterpyp

    Can they go further beyond Smolenks

    And boring to play
  7. Ysterpyp

    how to con people out of steel

    Camo shows that you earned it.. Black has the best economic permanent camo that i know of that can only be earned by 3 x Rank 1s (Prev was like 7 rank ones for that camo??) 150% xp, 150% free xp 150% captain xp This will be a good thing when stats go down :)
  8. Ysterpyp

    Can they go further beyond Smolenks

    Smolensk is better than both , that is what your spreadsheet is not saying
  9. Ysterpyp

    Can they go further beyond Smolenks

    Well u can beat a Worcester/DM one vs one where Worcester had to show more side to the latter to get all guns on target, much slower to run and kite A Worcester with torpedoes
  10. Ysterpyp

    enough of the new ships.. how about some more maps?

    make Missouri great again?
  11. Ysterpyp

    Can they go further beyond Smolenks

    The rearward firing angles are excellent, also better maneuverability than Worcester. Radar is useful but not much against a Smolensk firepower. * Excellent kiting ship * Insane firing angles * Kite away and blast away heavy cruisers in a light cruiser, of course comrade * Has invincible potato armor
  12. Ysterpyp

    What is a "decent" winning %?

    A good win rate is above 50% for your tier 10 ships
  13. Ysterpyp

    What is a "decent" winning %?

    59% solo with 105ms to 150ms ping i have to deal with.
  14. Ysterpyp

    Why do we play?

    havent played for 10 days now in woWs , a new record for me xD. Breaking the addiction..
  15. Ysterpyp


    Compared to Kleber, why would you play it ?