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  1. I have noticed scrubs really like to rage at Atlanta's.. i don't have one but i noticed it l, would also love to own one. to induce scrub rage :P
  2. maybe he was on immunity just after using DCP
  3. MortenTardo detonates every 104 battles, seems balanced Ysterpyp detonates every 158.9 battles, Detonations should be at 50% when a ship loses more than 80% hp in a single salvo , or torpedo attack
  4. I just bought the cleveland so you get 2 ships unlocked , afaik you don't get any compensation grinding to the New Orleans and definitely nothing for the pensacola, maybe captains only or some credits for modules that get dropped .
  5. Its awesome the Moskva spawns in the match with its detection going past the caps with CE , amazing battles from the start :P
  6. lol , i have no faith in internet explorer as a javascripter
  7. cant wait to seal club with MR. smith it will rock pan-Asian life :D image 10 dd's that cant torp your with a 3.1 second reload on guns . oh sweat heaven
  8. Because then you would miss the absolute beauty and power of the shchors Btw i grinded the whole line , and chapayev is a beast of a ship, Donskoi AP is powerfull but you have to play her really carefully at the start and try to go to flanks and not the middle of the map
  9. over-match is checked first then auto-bounce angles
  10. balance

    where is the dislike button? @TheNamelessLegend = *Edited
  11. your talking nonesense, its game mechanics its impossible to bounce on gearing because no armor value part is more than 460 / 14.3
  12. 10 mm cant bounce 380mm shells , it can bounce 143mm shells
  13. look at my 7 day stats .. i did nothing wrong , just **** patatoes on weekends Each time i get close to 59% winrate , i get the fucng idiots on my team.. I have taken a small break from this game
  14. dont you mean atlanta?