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  1. Ysterpyp

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    WG Lame Center is useful for 2 or more accounts to switch with other than that its pointless memory used just like most of windows 10 and windows defender and updates , designed to burn out your cpu or kill your ram. You can always disassemble WGC.exe and check it lol, WGC uses a lot of memory its probably when they scan your harddrive for that sekrit avi files
  2. Ysterpyp

    Suggestions thread

    Add fire-mode button(e.g Like other First person shooters burst , auto , single ) Single= Single shot, so if i double click it shoots 2 turrets, not whole salvo as now Salvo = full broadside SO i can choose what firing option i want, instead of shooting whole salvo if i click to fast(double click) Sequential firing: When holding mouse button, the time between sequential shots should be adjustable per ship, ships like colbert can sequential fire with the first gun reloaded again while last gun has not fired yet or just give the player the option to change this interval Graphics options needed Some performance bottlenecks i always noticed, now its noticable with my onboard gpu, (my AMD Radeon 6600 card died ) New Computer with intel UHD 610 onboard graphics which can run your game around 45fps on low setting , some of these issues was noticeable with the AMD radeon to just at higher graphics settings smoke clouds (In ranked season with 3 or more smoke screens ) rocket planes explosion ( fps drop with AMD as well, ive seen it happen to streamers as well ) Disable wave draw. Draw only ocean color with Pixel Shader and skip Vertex Shader draw . No need for waves if user disables them and can give a huge performance increase. CALM SEA MOD does this but it still modifies the vertices of the ocean i believe giving no performance benefit??) In game music should have an off setting, setting the volume to 0 and im sure the audio will still play silently in the background and using unnecessary processing power? Some nice additions will be Shell tracer color setting, its hard to see AP shells against certain backgrounds Anyway , will upgrade soon to a new graphics card. But those are still some bottlenecks that are an issue even with high graphics settings Quite impressed WoWs ran on this intel onboard gpu and runs well (45fps) Ship rendering still takes time , why not show an indicator of where the ship will render
  3. insane ranked solo warrior excuse graphics , i need a new card.
  4. Ysterpyp

    Do you have problems on the server?

  5. Ranked solo warrior :)
  6. I think we won that one :)
  7. Ysterpyp

    Wows download is huge

    I calculated how long it will take to download the last 25gb Progress at time 14:48 / 26.94GB 15:01/ 26.44GB + time for 500mb 13 minutes 15:15/ 25.94GB + time for 1000mb 14 minutes 13min + 14 min = 27min ~27min waiting time for 1 gb 25gb still remaining 27min * 25gb = 675 minutes left or 675 / 60 = 11.25 hours remaining Must say i reached 800kbps which is the fastest ive seen with our internet
  8. Ysterpyp

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    No one is forcing you to play , if u dont like the game take a break and come back if u want.
  9. i have 2200 PR only in gearing lol
  10. Ysterpyp

    T3 Charleston

    Charleston 3 U.S.A. 9 88.89% 3 607 51 463 1.89 0 my charleston stats :) 50k average dmg
  11. Ysterpyp

    Looking for power of division unicum

    play more lower tiers, you need better stats than that . Find a ship you can farm PR with easily like st.louis, clemson and club people so you pad your stats first before going to the higher tiers.
  12. Ysterpyp

    Can we have more reports per day?

    When do i get something for my 200+ karma, no reason not to get reported When i fly cv it goes back to 190 and i think karma maxes out at 200 lol
  13. Italians only get fun at t10 , the rest are meh. But it's worth it though.
  14. Ysterpyp

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    Good luck dodging in california and colorado .. ect , SS-170 Coronalot will be waiting