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  1. Eberious

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Got two last night one after the other, 20 million silver and 250 of some type of flag. I've had about 9 others which have been 5 flag of this or that and some piant, or small amount of credits.
  2. Eberious

    Strange detection spikes

    lol, OMG! yes I do , lol.... in the middle of no where. I don't recall saying I was behind a island. I think my example was pretty clear. Connection wise, all is fine. I don't have any other issues running the game or my PC. It's a minor thing as it comes and goes fairly quickly but for those times when it happens in line of sight of some guns is another story. Tis only a game afterall, so I'm not going to get hell bent over it.
  3. Eberious

    Strange detection spikes

    Again, no ships anywhere near me, not sure why folks are having a hard time grasping this concept..I more or less know what certain ships have. Just because this hasn't happened to you(or a large amount of others) or failed to notice doesn't mean that its not happening. A game last night, closest ship was a BB and at its max detection range right before it disappeared. So, no ships anywhere near me. And yes, pics or it didn't happen.
  4. Eberious

    Strange detection spikes

    I'll join you here OP, I too get this issue. Won't happen every match but will get detected by nothing, no ships around other than those on the same team, no CV's, no DD in the round at all other than myself, or can see the DD on the far side of the map. And I get detected in the middle of no where. Which is starting to get annoying as players start (expectedly) shooting at me who would otherwise no have been able to see me. At times, I get detected by planes that are left circling sunk CA's and BB's which at times I can't see utill they are right on top of me. ?? so they disappear and reappear within thier detection range. I'll try and get screen shots to back this up next time, but it last only for a few moments and it gone again. edit: seem only to have started from the last update as well, or so I've noticed anyways.
  5. Eberious


    Nope, haven't change anything. rarely go into settings really. I'll take a look at them in case this update changed that, but only thing I have ever changed was the music volume...to off. lol. And yes, the sounds were fine, don't think they were broken, why fix them?
  6. Eberious


    Well wow, the sounds on almost everything is shot to bits. When shooting, the noise effect is flat, just had a game with my North Carolina which is usually a loud thunder and a rumble, so was some what confused when the sound of shooting sounded like I was shooting a DD gun. Getting hit also sounds weird, I think it didn't really make any sounds tbh. Also the general running sounds of the ship and weather/ocean sounds are pretty much gone, unless I turn my volume right up. At which point shooting in game and anything else running on my pc(music etc etc) is coming through at the right volume. Also did you nerf planes, and I shot them down waaay to easy. Not complaining mind good for me ;) , not so good for CV's though.
  7. Eberious

    Bottleships etc....

    Love it!, kids will enjoy this as well. Hey WG, do we get the keep the ships and maps since you all went to the trouble of creating them, please!!!!
  8. Eberious

    ARP Haruna : no interest : it is a copy of ARP Kongo

    Got to collect the all !!!. lol Kinda understand whats hes saying, but hell. I love the Kongo.
  9. Eberious

    not able to join boot camp mission

    Indeed, I still have this issue. However as you'll know by now, playing normally still clocks up the results, as well as the rewards for completing them.
  10. Eberious

    change "sink ships" missions please!

    Best to have kills really, what would they replace the damage caused challenges with? And omg!, don't want to derail topic. But kill stealing is a thing, to say its not is totally absurd. Way more obvious during these 'get X amount of kills' missions. Good example. me and one other cruiser against one CA, me and the enemy exchange fire. Kept an eye on my so called ally during this fire fight, not a single shot. I didn't miss anything, would of seen and heard shots coming from him/her as they were right beside me. About to get the kill and they open up and take it. I was almost dead, now facing another CA, they turn around and flee, I engage as what the hell. I die. This happens a fair amount. Not the above example exactly but I see enough of it, and I'm able to tell the difference between a ships that been focused fire and not. yes yes, I get the xp for damage caused, great. But its kinda good to get the kill you have been working on solo. anyways, nuff said. Sorry for the slight off topic.
  11. Eberious

    WG's newest trick, killing you when you're not actually dead.

    Had that over the last few nights as well, around the same amount of hit points left as well. Not every game, maybe 1-2 out of about 20 odd games. I was as good as dead anyways.
  12. Eberious

    Amagi credits earning nerfed insanly?

    I don't have the Amagi yet, but I can share your pain. I recently got the US NC BB and man that eats through credits in service costs. Might just be sucking at the moment getting used to it, but I run at a very noticeable loss on almost every game. Have seen it posted else where that its expensive to run, so might not be me. Which is frustrating, as its such a pleasure to game with, need to run it as a pleasure trip in-between running other credit generating ships. Really is a huge difference as soon as you go on that tier. crazy. Where my credits were on the up every game, they are hovering around the same level. Would be nice if WG would lower the overall cost of running.
  13. Eberious

    Sister of fog and Captain extraction missions

    Yah, will have to see it registers. Just as soon as the kids get out my hair for the night I'll get a game in and update here which ever way it goes. cheers Edit, right few games in and the missions are registering results, along with the second one for the extraction. Still greyed out though. As long as it records progress its fine.
  14. Hello, Wanted to open new thread on this as not seen anyone else post it and didn't want to have any replies lost in someone else's thread. So, new missions mentioned in title. I cannot start them. The orange battle button is grey, says select a ship that meets the criteria. Well, it only highlights the ones I can use by default from my available ships and being of able mind I'm selecting ships that meet the requirements ....yet it still says the same. Also I have a level 12 account. I'm in the Yokosuka port, pretty much all the time. Logged out and back in again. Strange thing is, they were available before I went to have me dinner(so were orange)???? It allows me to do the daily missions and the boot camp challenge one. Anyone else?
  15. Eberious

    Where has the fun gone?!?!

    Hmm, can slightly agree with the OP on the fact that unloading a full BB salvo at short range into a cruiser I find now more this year than last seem to hit the ship and do nothing with maybe a hit or two that seem to do nothing regardless of shell type, to falling all around the ship not hitting at all. Taking in to account shell dispersion, even at close range this should be a min. So would of thought the hit ratio would be higher. My Colorado seems to get battered and sunk very quickly nowadays by normal shell hits, from cruisers(I won't talk about torpedo hits, doesn't end well ) On the other side of that, to contradict myself, some games I'm super deadly in my ARP Kongo or 50% upgraded Fuso. All other ships in my fleet seem to under perform this year so far. Other than my destroyer classes. I don't know, as frustrating as it is to have that happen, the opposite happens the other half of the time. Other than my BB getting owned really quickly, that still sucks.