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  1. Batz_10K

    Bug Reports

    1. Description The available ships that get selected in the carousel when you choose the first Exeter mission "Exeter's Last Stand" does not match the ships in the description of the mission The description says "Tier V-VIII US, UK or Commonwealth destroyers or cruisers", but I only see the US and UK destroyers selected in the carousel (the cruisers and commonwealth ships are hidden) 2. Reproduction steps Set compact carousel and enable "hide unsuitable ships". select combat missions and select "Exeter's last stand" 3. Result Only the destroyers are shown. I am not sure which ships are actually valid for this mission. 4. Expected result I expect to see all the valid ships that can be used for the selected mission. 5. Technical details Attached screenshot
  2. Batz_10K

    Public test round 2 - 0.7.8: Improving the detection mechanics

    The PTS population seems a little low. Had a 3v3 random game earlier this evening. The good news is that the Charles Martel reload nerf doesn't seem to be as bad as I was fearing. Render delay seems to have improved, and I *love* the 4K support, although I am not sure I have figured out the correct settings to make the aspect ratio seem right. Edit: 16:9 was the correct setting for my system, not 16:10
  3. Batz_10K

    Tanking Damage - how much have you achieved

    I actually survived this one. With about 10K HP and 0 heals. It was a loss, of course.
  4. Batz_10K

    Commanders skills: Priority Target and Incoming Fire Alert

    I absolutely agree that IFA is no substitute for situational awareness. But it can definitely improve situational awareness. The big one for me is that it can tell you when an unspotted ship fires at you (say a BB behind cover on the other side of the map.). This has saved me from surprise citadels often enough that I think it's worth taking the skill. Yes there's an issue with information overload if a DD is spamming HE at you from smoke. I'd *really* like it if they restricted IFA to 139mm guns and above.
  5. Batz_10K

    HMS Cossack

    They've moved the Haida since then. She is now in Hamilton, Ontario. (A couple of hours drive southwest of Toronto?), I was there last year on a business trip, and just happened to have a free day and was staying close enough to visit. I didn't take my good camera, so here's some random phone pictures that I took: https://imgur.com/a/vZMoy The ship herself was quite similar in design to the HMS Cavalier in the UK. (even down to the red and white tiles in the forward crew compartment), I did get the opportunity to go down into the engine room, and they had some extremely knowledgeable people down there - I learned that the ship actually has 6 steam turbines in total - 3 for each shaft in pairs (one pair for high-speed operation, one pair for cruising and one pair for reversing), which was very interesting. The rear turret on the modern version was removed and there's an anti-submarine mortar launcher on the stern (which fires the anti-submarine projectiles forward *over* the ship) That must have been quite something to see... One thing after visiting the ship is that I have a new appreciation for WGs ship modelling - I can recognize the torpedo sights on the bridge of the Gadjah Madah as they are identical to the ones on Haida. (and presumably also Cossack)
  6. Batz_10K

    Public Test 0.7.1 - General Feedback

    This also happens for the throttle control. I like to make fine adjustments to my speed, and I'm constantly finding I'm full reverse instead of half or quarter ahead. I hope it gets removed or they add a toggle to switch this off.
  7. Batz_10K

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Indeed. That's a separate, but related problem. The game doesn't really reward game-winning tactics such as spotting by DDs as much as it does reward damage (even though that might be useless fire damage against a back-line battleship) and capture point control. Increases in spotting damage XP might encourage DD players to spot more. ...It might be nice to get spotting ribbons for instance, so that DD players are informed that they are doing something beneficial for the team. So the question remains, does WG want ranked to reward individual performance (with all it's associated toxic behaviours - "saving my star", etc)? or is ranked intended to be something like 'clan wars lite' with a team of random players, where players are only rewarded when the team wins? (with the associated loss of a star on the heart-breaking 2000 BXP failed carry ).
  8. Batz_10K

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    So that's my point - why is it then, that the only way you get a star for a ranked match is if the team wins, and the border polisher BB who got 300BXP gets the same star as the 2000BXP carry player? if it truly rewarded individual contributions then better players should get more stars, allowing them to rank out faster, and players who performed poorly would not gain as many stars or lose them.
  9. Batz_10K

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I'm wondering what the overall vision is for ranked now that we have clan battles? It seems that the intent is to reward individual performance in a team - but there's a twist in that you're also competing against your teammates to keep your star in the event of a loss. This kind of conflict of interest is something you see in reality TV a lot (e.g. shows like survivor, where you have to complete objectives as a team, but also compete to not be thrown out of the team at the eliminations). I get why this system works for reality TV (as the conflict it creates is entertaining for the viewer) but I don't think it's much fun for the contestants, and the same applies to ranked, as there are no viewers. (well, personally I don't find it fun) On the other hand, if ranked is meant to reward how well you can play as a member of an arbitrary team put together by the matchmaker, then why not just reward the team performance like in clan battles, where everybody in the winning team gets the same reward regardless of performance. If ranked is actually meant to reward individual performance, then why not reward stars based on individual performance (say: at some ratio of XP earned). That way the impact of winning or losing is reduced for a good player. (I also like the idea of rewarding some unique currency - e.g. "bonds" that can be used to purchase rewards)
  10. Batz_10K

    Suggestions thread

    Improving the replayability of operations - While we're waiting for the hard mode operations, why not have some additional rewards for completing the existing operations with less than 7 players? (Aegis, for instance, is quite difficult with only 4 players.) I get that you probably don't want to mess with the economy too much, so maybe these could be non-economic rewards like insignias?
  11. Batz_10K

    Why ranked stinks

    For me, the main reason I play warships is to play with my friends. Can't do that in ranked unfortunately. I think it would be nice if the ranked rewards were like the clan wars rewards (everybody on the winning team gets the same reward regardless of the contribution). That would mean that there's no top loser, so it would probably need to go back to the bonus star for each rank all the way to 1. 2 man divisions would be awesome too.
  12. Batz_10K

    Suggestions thread

    Some tweaks to Incoming Fire Alert I know that this skill isn't held in high regard by most players (well, the ones that comment on forums, it seems). I use this skill - mainly for: Cruisers. This skill isn't much use on DDs or BBs To improve situational awareness (in conjunction with PT and looking at enemy BBs). The main idea is to avoid citadels from BBs that you can't see (they may be behind your viewpoint, or concealed behind islands on the other side of the map) It is sometimes difficult to see incoming shells on some maps (e.g. eastern side of Okinawa, islands of ice, etc) With that in mind, for me it doesn't make much sense to have the alert appear when DDs are shooting at you, as they can't citadel you. So a nice quality-of-life change for me would be to have IFA only alert for incoming fire with a calibre over (say) 139mm. Another (slightly related) issue is that IFA will trigger when the ship shooting at you may not be able to hit you (they are shooting behind an island and the shells are going into the island). This is a slightly tough one as *some* shells might make it over an island, and it only takes one to citadel you, so you still want to know somebody is shooting. A reasonable compromise might be to show the incoming fire alert indicator with a terrain indicator in this case (the same as you see when you target an enemy ship behind an island) Also, as suggested in other threads, it would be nice if the indicator didn't show in the same space as the PT/detected indicator.
  13. Batz_10K

    Bug Reports

    1. Description The Incoming Fire Alert captain skill sometimes produces an alert while the player's ship is not detected. The firing ship may not be firing at the player's ship. These alerts may persist for several salvoes from the enemy ship. 2. Reproduction steps This issue appears to be intermittent, but most commonly happens under these conditions Enter a game, Be detected by an enemy ship or aircraft, and have an enemy lock and fire at your ship, then enter smoke and become undetected. Have the enemy ship continue firing. 3. Result Player is confused by incoming fire alerts that should not be possible, if the players ship is not detected, and not being fired at. 4. Expected result Incoming fire alert should only show if the player's ship is actually being fired at. 5. Technical details Brief Youtube video showing issue: Replay: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvVi5Ly8NBBIgr8fJ7MjZU3Gn-Nzvw
  14. Batz_10K

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    It seems to me that one of the reasons the new captain skills are being introduced is to try to improve on the static high-tier gameplay that we have at the moment. ​RPF - This seems to be a critical skill for DDs, how many times as a DD player have you sat in a cap stalemated with an enemy DD on the other side of the cap, for the first 5 minutes of the game until somebody's smoke runs out, or they take an accidental torp, or in that rare situation one side actually has cruiser support and radar/hydro is used to drive one team out of the cap? This skill will (it seems) make the initial fight for the cap much shorter - it really is a "torps go here" indicator, telling you where to send your torps or to chase down the enemy DD if you are a gunboat DD, and if this skill was only useful for this kind of situation, I wouldn't have a problem with it. My main issue with the skill is that because it has unlimited range it will simply negate a lot of positioning and flanking style of play. As well as eliminating those fun, tense late-game situations where a lone ship is trying to contest a close game against multiple enemies. Another problem with this skill is that it is so powerful that it's going to be mandatory for a number of classes of ship, which is the very opposite of the stated intention to promote build diversity. I think a reasonable compromise for this skill would be to limit the range that it operates at to something like 5-7km so that this skill would only be useful for some situations like contesting caps, and ambush situations, as well as preserving the fun, brawling aspect of cyclones. General BB buffs - Fire prevention/direction centre for catapult aircraft, DE applies to secondaries, DE is now +2% rather than +3%. These skills seem to be included to encourage more BBs to push rather than sit back and try to snipe, by improving the resistance of BBs to HE spam, and improving the chances that incoming torpedoes are going to be spotted and are able to be avoided, which I think is a reasonable goal. I'm not at all sure whether it will have the intended effect though, apart from ensuring that many players will play BBs. I haven't looked at the other skills yet but I'll post my comments on those after I've played with them a bit.