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  1. SnipingCat

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    GL to all who apply. and may the hamster have mercy on you
  2. SnipingCat

    Öffentlicher Test von Update 0.8.10: Runde 2

    Eine Frage: Wie soll ich den neuen Kapitän "testen", wenn ich die Italienische Kreuzer nicht erforschen kann... Dachte die stehen jetzt zur Verfügung oder zumindest manche :(
  3. SnipingCat

    4x4 Tournament

    Its explained in the rules if you read it
  4. SnipingCat

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - Bugs

    1. Description.the mouse doesnt function ingame. 2. Reproduction stepsload a game in a battleship of any tier and in loading screen do a quick alt+tap in and out of the game. start moving your mouse around or clicking mouse 1. 3. Resultremoves the ability of rotating your guns and shooting your guns aswell as allowing you to exit to port in any way. 4. Expected resultIn-game experience which should have occurred if no bug is present.having the ability to shot and turn your guns aswell as leaving the game for returning to port. 5. Technical detailsbetween the 1/1-2017 to 12/1-2017 no pictures available.
  5. i have now been able to pet Lord Hamster ;_; i want to pet him once again ;-; it was definatly worth sacrificing my arm for it :D

  6. Supertester Candidate :p stage 1 in exploring citadels completed

  7. im sorry about exploring your Citadel area. i wont do it again. i promis.

  8. SnipingCat

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    what i got chosen ;-; wasnt able to get on WoWs this week but wow. just gonna figure out the day of the interview then i guess. (hoping i will get a notification or something
  9. SnipingCat

    Accuracy or Faster Reload for Iowa?

    i tried the Accurasy module first but switched to the Reload module. got no problem hitting ships up to 19km away. tbh you wont notice that you dont have the accurasy module untill you start shotting at 20+km
  10. SnipingCat

    Update 0.5.15 Feedback - Bugs

    1. Description The follow shells view is showing twice the amount of shells then what you fired. 2. Reproduction steps 1. Zoom in on a target and double click mouse 1. 2. zoom out. 3. click shift and then c (shift first and then c. not at the same time). 4. observe the following of the shells view. 3. Result When you shot you will see twice the amount of shells fired while the screen is shaking. 4. Expected result so see the direction of the shells fired. 5. Technical detailsBug time: between 21:30 (CET) and 23:00 (CET). no replay available.
  11. SnipingCat

    3 x Captain XP This Weekend!

    well not gonna lie. im quite happy that it havent happened untill now since we all can now use our Dragon Flags on it #10xcommanderxp4life
  12. just checked my calendar and i got time for the BB dual
  13. http://wowreplays.com/Replay/7332-SNIPINGCAT-Kirov-Fault-Line My Submission for the best moments replay competition by Aerron So i had this awesome (really short) game with my Kirov. in 3 salvoes i killed 1 fully hp cruisers and 1 almost full hp. 1 Nurnberg and 1 Furutako. it ended up giving me 9 cits and 40k damage with those salvoes. in a freaking Cruiser. The time is from 17.50 to 17.00 i hope you enjoy IGN: SNIPINGCAT