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  1. Ozz17

    game crash after last patch

    I solved the problem the problem was the driver of the razer headset
  2. Ozz17

    game crash after last patch

    after new patch game crash every time i start the game I've uninstalled and istalled the game and update driver but nothing... some idea of the problem
  3. currently do not play more with the Montana is useless against Yamato, thinking about all that time to get served
  4. Ozz17

    Is it safe to go back to BBs again?

    Now play with the new mexico and the Kongo, it seems that the situation has improved, but worsened with Montana
  5. Ozz17

    Dispersion / Penetration in 0.5.1.

    currently is the battleships are unplayable 10 shots to score and give 0, now playing with a Montana , with St. Louis do more damage
  6. mistake or have weakened the battleships, even the shadow of citadels, 10 shots to score 0 damage,currently playing with the Montana and when she left the patch things got worse, maybe I'm wrong but just to know if only my problem or it also happens to others
  7. Ozz17

    invisibilty cloaks.

  8. Ozz17

    invisibilty cloaks.

    also happens to me the sameI'm aiming and disappear with all types of ship
  9. Ozz17

    colorado is a juke

    to me only once the colorado I liked against Yamato 1 vs 1 maybe just luck
  10. Ozz17

    colorado is a juke

    the Colorado is bad, is not balanced compared to BBt7 Japanese and then many times it makes you play with T9 / T10 and you have no chance in those games
  11. Ozz17

    So here's my resolution to Colorado class

    now I'm playing with the Colorado just a word...I hate her please let sink it forever!!!
  12. Ozz17

    colorado is a juke

    North Carolina...there never will arrive with this dump Colorado
  13. Ozz17

    colorado is a juke

    the Colorado currently is useless much better the new mexico I think that we must strengthen it in some way