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  1. Big_PeTe_

    Collector's Club Launch

    got mine 100 too ;-)
  2. Big_PeTe_

    ORA Are Looking For New Captains.

  3. Big_PeTe_

    Disconnected from the server

    yup, think server crashed or something
  4. Big_PeTe_

    Looking for a BE/NL clan

    Hey, a 40y Belg here, also play on different hours Not that high in Tier my best atm are Pensacola en Hatsu Give me a whisp when ur online maybe we can play some matches together
  5. Big_PeTe_

    New patch, where is the ARP Myoko challenge?

    Really hope u fix this, i needed arround 300K more damage to get it ;-(
  6. Big_PeTe_

    MYOKO CHALLENGE IS GONE from my missions

    Yeah it sucks, i just needed a few more damage donne to get it. I hope its a mistake and they correct it, and not from the start!!!!