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    Same here......no fun
  2. Combat_Hamster

    Supertest - Changes to Test Ships

    Oooooooo I don't know....look at how many Le Terribles have been sold...WG are completely out of stock, so have had to start renting out the stock they have......it has been such a success
  3. Combat_Hamster

    Supertest - Changes to Test Ships

    I would tend to agree with this, the RN 8" had a marginally better rate of fire than other 8", Exeter was way better armoured than Furutaka IRL, personally I would have removed the heal and left the smoke and 12s reload. Together with the idea of VU being tier 5 means my wallet is firmly shut at the moment. I also think that changing Cesare to tier 6 is a cataclysm waiting to happen. To basically nerf a premium ship people have paid cash money for will make them very wary of buying any other premium ship...... period.
  4. Combat_Hamster

    Daleks get mobility scooters

    Equal opportunity....about time
  5. Combat_Hamster

    Battle of Lake Nyasa 1914

    Hot on the trail of HMS Mimi and Toutou, another tiny battle
  6. You can see Whimbrel and Zenith from 8.18 Last year Jellicoe and I did a searth on Google maps to find them both, Whimbrel looks accurate as I did find her disarmed on a slip, I could not find Zenith though
  7. Think they were stretching the definition of cruiser and battleship a bit...for some of the Yalu cruisers please read as armoured wheelbarrow
  8. Combat_Hamster

    Raising Steam video

    Instructional video