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  1. Combat_Hamster

    Raising Steam video

    Instructional video
  2. Combat_Hamster

    Japanese AA guns of WW2

    Quite a nice video
  3. Combat_Hamster

    Naval warfare Sino-Japanese war

    A very good page on this subject http://www.combinedfleet.com/Rising.htm
  4. Combat_Hamster

    In praise of the Reliant 3-Wheeler

    In the UK you could drive one of these sexy beasts on a full motorcycle license. I had two in the very early 80s, a Supervan 2 and a Supervan 3 Turbo ( yes, that was the model designation ). The only difference was the Supervan 3 had a 700cc engine instead of a 600cc, and wheel trims. They also did a Supervan 3 Safari, which was exactly the same but it had an extra interior light. It also had a wooden dashboard, well not actually wood, not even plastic wood, but wood effect wallpaper, so that when you had the driver's window down in the rain, it would peel off. My friend had a particularly fat girlfriend, who had to sit in the middle behind the front seats otherwise it would try to roll over. I did find a GTA mod where you can drive a Reliant Robin. Enjoy
  5. I had the same problem, I put Jestem Polakiem on the side to represent Piorum's signal to Bismarck
  6. Combat_Hamster

    Adding H.M.S Repulse?

    Repulse in 1941 was a 28.5 knot ship, with lower elevation to her guns, so would be tier 5, Renown definitely 6..good AA Warspite guns and 30.5 knots
  7. Combat_Hamster

    Dutch tech tree

    I think Doorman was very brave, I think also what gets forgotten is that a lot of the Dutch sailor were fighting for their homes.
  8. Combat_Hamster

    Titanic morse communication video

    This is brilliant and quite haunting