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  1. Hi, Logged in last night, saw Clan Battles was active, took part. How do I know now if I did play against a non-EU group or not. Seems a bit unclear if I have met my target for the rewards. Was epic to get back into the clan battle mode with the clan. Thanks! Krad.
  2. Kradenko

    Port Chaos

    Hi, Not sure if this is the place to ask this but here goes. I have bought a lot of port slots for the range of ships that I have. Some I play more often than others. Would it be possible to maybe add a tab or selection to hide certain ships that I don't play as often. Maybe the opposite of "Set as primary". It's always chaos to find the right ship. Maybe call it "Dry dock" or something. I like the sorting and filters as they are now, just add one additional one to completely hide certain ships until you go to the "Dry dock"? Thanks! Kradenko
  3. Hi all We are a South African based clan called Metal Fishes with ticker -MF-. If you are South African and play Skippies you can message me for clan details. We use Discord and play most evenings. Looking forward to hearing from you. Krad.
  4. Kradenko

    Reimbursement of old clan Doubloons

    I read that the old teams were removed and we would get the doubloons back but have see nothing in my account yet. What do I have and still can use? The clan I had is gone. Can't use something I don't have anymore
  5. Kradenko

    Reimbursement of old clan Doubloons

    Hi I was under the impression that we would be reimbursed for the clan we created? So we could create a new clan? Is it still to happen? Regards Krad.
  6. Kradenko

    The cost of Tier X

    Hi Wargaming I would like to know when you are looking to fix the cost of playing Tier X ships. Especially around the Battleships. I just played a game with my Montana, matched up with a team that really wasn't supportive or playing as a team. We were matched up against 4 destroyers (2 x Tier X and 2 x Tier IX). I sank one ship and then ran into a wall of torpedoes. Game over. This one match cost me 180,000 credits. My whole group of friends played the game religiously since it was released, had tons of fun. Until we reached Tier X. Eventually nobody could afford to repair their ships, so they simply stopped playing the game. And they have no interest in playing anymore until it is viable to play. The cost is one issue, the other is to be in such large ships with sometimes up to 5 Destroyers against you in a random match with people that are only out to get kills and aren't really interested in the team play mode. Please reduce the cost of losing ships at high tiers and maybe limit destroyers like you do carriers. Getting well annoyed.
  7. Kradenko

    The Reality of Tier 10

    Hi I finally got my Montana today \o/ First game I play it's the following matchup: 3 x Battleships (Me being one of these, in the Montana) 5 x Cruisers 4 x DD vs. 2 x Battleships 4 x Cruisers 6 x Destroyers Whats there for me to shoot while dodging the millions of torps that form a wall across the map coming towards us. There was a wall of torps that I just couldn't avoid. I lost 90% of my HP in the first 5 minutes of the round. Now I have -247k before I can repair the ship and sail it again. As I understand, there is a limit on carriers because the AA is so varied across all the ships as they have different roles. Battleships -own-> Cruisers -own-> Destroyers -own-> Battleships. Each class has it's own pros and cons, but for these Tier X Battleships it a nightmare in any game. And then when you die, you have to almost always pay in to play. So you are forced to play multiple other ships before you can play with your big ship again. Just Cap DD's, that's my vote! I always wondered why so few people actually got to Tier X, thought it was time related, now I know, with the chance of matchups like this, the cost to repair and the small impact you have in the fight, it's no wonder. Krad.