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  1. vonEtienne

    The best thing about 8.0 - a beautiful friendship

    is tiny tim your gay lover?
  2. vonEtienne

    New CVs

    New gameplay is dumbed down garbage. I sold all my cvs after getting one victory. Thanks for the steel and fxp losers. AA is ridicolous, theres no way you can do multiple runs on one ship.
  3. vonEtienne

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    I gave it up after hitting rank 10. its not worht the frustration and time.
  4. vonEtienne

    I just want to know

  5. my new personal policy: if i get some top tier clans member in my team, i will do everything to retard them

  6. vonEtienne

    some days i just want to uninstall

    okay I sold my Midway. Playing t10 CVs solo is just suicidal and pointless. I had 4 games today, all 4 different divs with worcester/minos. In one game enemy CV died because of a random spot, guess what his div buddies were literally untouchable by me. Oh yes its so balanced that a t10 CV cant even go near a t10 ship.
  7. vonEtienne

    2600 base xp on DEFEAT

    I thought about it, but midway aa with DF is strong. Although seeing how noob he played he might just not have used DF, who knows.
  8. vonEtienne

    2600 base xp on DEFEAT

    Here's the replays, admitedly there were errors on my part, like that torp strike on Amagi being pointless, or that I could have shut down enemy Midway's strikes better, but until the last 6-8 minutes I thought this'll be a fat, fat win. And yes I use HE DBs. for the DoT: The AP would have killed the Worc and Zao, but at the cost of no DoT, and that DoT was crucial in killing many BBs, so who knows.
  9. vonEtienne

    2600 base xp on DEFEAT

    I got like 6 compliments and enemy team players sad pity that I got the team I had...
  10. vonEtienne

    2600 base xp on DEFEAT

    I'll probably just stop playing CVs if the rework will turn out the way it looks now.
  11. vonEtienne

    2600 base xp on DEFEAT

    broke my damage, kill and planekill record. I collected almost all achievments possible. I devstriked both their DDs at start. I did two double strikes. I parked my Midway behind C as the enemy was pushing it for fast plane service. But all for nothing, because 4 t8-t9-t10 BBs couldn't kill a single Zao (final result was 1000 to 908).
  12. vonEtienne

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    DM hard carry, game could have been a defeat until last 3 minutes. Killed 2 DDs, a full hp DM (lol broadsides), half solo'd a GFK that nearly obliterated me, then killed a Roon kiting away from 15km for kraken. And of course the +200% first win makes the income very nice.
  13. vonEtienne

    Ranked Season X

    Do not ever f*********** do tier 10 ship ranked. It sucks, one mistake means insta-death. DO YOU HEAR IT WG, WE GODDAMN HATE TIER 10, KEEP THIS AWFUL TIER TO CLAN WARS.
  14. I whine because I enjoy the reactions I get.