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  1. Barlion1

    Invisible torped bug

    Just had the same thing happen to me. My torp warning alarm was going off but I couldn't see any torps and I didn't have the little torpedo graphics showing what side they were on. Then Wham!! 4 torp hits and sunk.
  2. Barlion1

    Appreciate the new patch but.....

    Never before was a victory part of the criteria. I get that they want to encourage division play but still. In fact they should get rid of "Get X amount of kills" considering the kill steal campers that abound.
  3. Barlion1

    Appreciate the new patch but.....

    Why on earth did you feel the need to put in missions that depend solely on your team not being full of idiots? I want to be in control of my own missions. If I have to sink 2,3, or 4 ships I should complete the mission and not have to WIN the battle. I sink my ships but the team is full of idiots that don't defend the cap and we lose. Same next match and so on and on and so on. Please get rid of the "team must win" criteria. Go ahead and put that in ranked battles but leave it out of randoms.
  4. Barlion1

    Where to download the patch?

    Keeps saying I need to update the client but it won't auto update like it used to. I went to the website and can't find where to download the thing.
  5. How does one get on this seemingly mythical NA server? I can't find an option for any server other than the EU server.
  6. Barlion1

    wow, new WOWs record :)

    It's a team game. If your teams suck your stats will suffer. But for you, F logic I guess.
  7. Barlion1

    Need a report cheat or report hack option.

    Some mods are hacks since they break certain codes and force the game to perform in a way it was never intended. Some mods are fine, like UI mods that don't give you an advantage. Anything that gives you an advantage over players that play the game as intended is a hack.
  8. Barlion1

    Need a report cheat or report hack option.

    Would love replay except replays are not fully supported in WoW. Plus I am not a liar nor am I exaggerating. Hopefully the other members of my team that noticed it also have sent in the proof you require.
  9. Barlion1

    Need a report cheat or report hack option.

    No hacks are not impossible. If they were WG would not be working to break the current aiming mod going around.
  10. I was just in a match and the enemy CV had planes that were going more than double their normal speed. Hid planes could cross the entire map in no time at all. So fast that AA could not even hit them. Hacks are getting more and more common. Please put in an option to report these cheaters so you can investigate them and do what you will. Thanks.
  11. Yes for the love of god!!!! Or just get rid of it all together. Seriously. What were they thinking? They had to know A-hole trolls would just spam that crap the entire match. The worst spam update ever.
  12. Barlion1

    Economy stealth nerf?

    So since "official launch" I have noticed that I don't seem to get the same amount of money in my games. Exp seems to be the same but I noticed a substantial decrease in the amount of cash I have been getting. I used to see 200k plus rewards even without a premium account but now I am lucky to see 150k. Even when I wreck everything in a match. Last game I got confederate, high caliber and sunk 5 enemy ships. I was excited to see my results only to get 115k in cash and a little over 2k exp. Have they nerfed the economy and I missed the memo?
  13. Barlion1

    For those people struggling to citadel a Cleveland

    Wow you scored citadel pens on a cruiser with a battleship and max range plunging fire. Um..........grats? I..........guess?
  14. Barlion1

    WARNING, dont be fooled

    It's not a feature. It's a basic windows command operation. It shuts down anything currently open. This trick has been used for ages in every game. Welcome to online gaming friend.
  15. Plays a game with volume levels maxed. Can't understand why his ears hurt. F logic.