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  1. je1419

    ridicolous torpedo plane drop range

    You can't afford my autograph.
  2. je1419

    ridicolous torpedo plane drop range

    In fact, you have have way more than 1-2 seconds to turn your ship. You have a mini map and can see the planes coming, guess what... they have torps. So start turning before they drop. You will be amazed how many torps you can avoid by this. Also as a battleship, don't solorun. Use the chat and ask your friends in cruisers to assist you. Not only will the carrier captain happily attack any lonely battleship, he will also try to avoid any battleship guarded by cruisers which most likely have the defensive AA fire ability. And speaking as a carrier captain, with the latest nerfs to carriers it's way harder to hit battleships good. Unless they don't use the mini map and don't turn until they see the torps. If they start taking evasive actions, the lower torp speed in the latest patches really makes it hard to hit with a good salvo. Yes it can be done, but it's really been changed in the battleship captains favor. Btw, they also increased the activation range so now carriers can't drop so close anymore.
  3. je1419

    Indipendence vs Ryujo (a plea for scaling)

    Thanks I should try this.
  4. Hmm... 3 IJN fighter squadrons (12 planes) for sure is death incarnated to a 1 US fighter squadron (tier 7 cv for instance). The IJN captain controls the air, which leads the US captain in a spot where it's very difficult to deal good damage with 1 TB and 1 DB. IJN just disrupts his drops badly. But the IJN captain can drop his TB and DB undisrupted. Not saying it's impossible, but it's tricky. You have to really avoid his fighters and have your squadrons escorted by cruisers. I have won many of these games anyway, so it's just to keep pushing and adapting. Oh btw, I have 63% win rate, 54k damage and 17 plane kills on my Ranger.
  5. So lets get my stats open first thing so no one wonders. Ranger - Average per game: Winrate 63%; Damage 54k, Planes kills 17 Now, I play the Ranger and I have met the IJN counterpart in several setups and matches. With a skilled captain the 3 fighter squads can really really disrupt your game play and you end the game maybe with a win but with less than average damage done. But the IJN captain can still score some decent damage with his TB and DB squadrons. I don't find it a problem as per say, since I think me and my team win many games anyway. But it FEELS very frustrating. Regarding IJN captain going for a quick Ranger kill, yes this is absolutely possible. I have 1/1/1 setup and he can easily tie up my fighters... hell, even if I have 2/0/1. If I don't have cruisers (or good BB AA like NC) near I am dead. It has only happened to me ONCE, and it was my own fault. I was alone!!! And it was NOT my teams fault... it was mine. I didn't move to a positition close enough to my team. This is my responsibility as cv captain. Yes, it is very tricky to meet these IJN carriers with good captains... and I honestly do belive they need to remove a squadron of either DB or TB if the IJN has a 3 fighter squadron setup (or nerf their fighters even more, which I think is a worse option)
  6. je1419

    Indipendence vs Ryujo (a plea for scaling)

    I play Ranger, Winrate 63%, Average damage 54k, Average planes killed 17. There, stated right from the start. As the OP said, I also struggle with the IJN carriers and their fighters. I use 1/1/1 in my Ranger but it's just painful how much the IJN carrier can disrupt me, and he can still drop a squadron of bombs and torpedoes. I have some more play to do before I think I know how I should counter those carriers. I have researched Lexington and are ready to buy it but need some more silver first. Hopefully the Lex 2/1/1 will be less disrupted by IJN counterparts than the Ranger.
  7. je1419

    possible bug: Propulsion Modification 2 - no effect

    This I really want to follow... I actually have this on some on my ships and I always had the feeling it don't do much. If I get around, I will spend some Gold and Silver on testing with and without on some different ships. But best would be if WG or a Supertester could verify or deny this.
  8. je1419

    Concealment Bug - Wrong calculation

    I think your math is incorrect. The math is not 11,3 * (1 - (10% + 3%)) = 9.831km. It think it is 11,3 * (1 - 10%) * (1 - 3%) = 9,8649km. But the main problem is that there is a bug in the game so that the Camo doesn't show in the numbers. Thus, the only thing that shows are 11,3 * (1 - 10%) = 10,17km. The good thing though is that it's only what shows in port that is bugged, the actual working concealment is correct (should be if you test it).
  9. je1419

    Are Konigsberg and Nurberg buged?

    Do you have any statistics, replays, etc, as proof of what you say? Because right now it appears as if it's an opinion of yours rather than fact. Looking at EU server statistics for Nurnberg and Konigsberg I can see that Konigsberg has a little bit more average damage, although being a tier lower. But then I can also see that survivability is better as well in Konigsberg, which means that at average the ship probably has more minutes of battle per game than Nurnberg. This could very well account for the difference in average damage per game. So the obvious question is, why is the survivability lower in Nurnberg? Well it is a tier higher and are thus facing a tier higher enemies.
  10. In this game I am in my Tier 7 Japanese DD, the Hatsuharu. The amount of Base XP I managed to score in this game is probably my record. Too bad I didn't have a First-Win-of-the-Day Bonus. But still, 4322 Base XP is pretty ok... and I was more than 2x the number two in my team, which did an amazing 2000+ base xp as well.
  11. je1419

    I did a stupid thing :(

    Thats what I thought. But nope. For that you have to have the captain skill.
  12. Here is my concern in numbers, and what I currently are working on. Goal: Playing higher tier Cruisers at EU average or above. As you can see from the attached picture, the three highlighted US Cruisers of Tier 7, 8 and 10 are all in red numbers (ie below EU average). I really tried to grind and improve with the New Orleans, but as you see... 42% win, 27k damage. Not very impressive. And that's the current direction with the Des Moines as well. Stats are from http://www.warships.today/eu I have changed a few things now after getting all your input, and I have at least now Concealment modification 1 instead of Target Acquisition modification 1. And I will change a few things in my play according to recommendations by you guys (gals?) out there. Hopefully I can get back here and proudly say I did improve.
  13. je1419

    I did a stupid thing :(

    Yeah, well... I had it too on my Des Moines. I should have of course looked it up before I bought it, yes... but I didn't. Now I have replaced it though and maybe some day I can fit it to some ship.
  14. I like all the suggestions that has been made, and most of all I realize the value of decreasing my detectability range. This means I will can manouver to a position around 10-12 km where my AP (broadside) and HE can do enourmous amounts of damage. Most situations I can angle so I can fire even my rear gun, but 6 x 10 = 60 shells per minute even with front guns only. Now I need to grind to get my captain that 15th point so I can get Concealment Expert. PS: I hope we meet, all of us... on the same side. .-)