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  1. jaurl

    Nagato....just wow

    I loved Nagato though I found her to be A glass cannon with that bow armor The close range guns are also very scary
  2. jaurl

    Some help with the Fuso

    I found the fuso is the best support ship when you need to put some pressure on the enemy, don't fire all guns on that one target get the guy in the corner with four & use two on the ship ahead. Other than that I spent a lot of time working out exactly where I should be on the map this ships position should always vary unlike the brawling or sniper ships this is A support vessel XD meaning you dole out the extra dps while others tank & dodge The gun angles feel better when fuso is on the run aswell as appose to going toward an opponent so pick your target get in range than turn tail. - after they have shot & are reloading ofcourse
  3. jaurl

    About Iowa

    I've been sniping than waiting my time until I see someone alone, once you get A good 1o1 you'll start soaking damage in it. Still an overrated ship since patchs
  4. jaurl

    Kongo AP!

    Front end of the New York since you will not pen the guns in the middle of her.
  5. jaurl

    Solo Warrior?!

    I have two - also winning A cap based game & being the last alive does award this so the chances are fairly higher than you'd think.
  6. jaurl

    Epic fail (years in the making) [opinion]

    I wasn't able too have the interwebs for alpha It had been A long wait from the first announcement of this game until the alpha, as any game they do often take awhile to make in the first place. I don't see so many bugs myself for sure though their are A few big obvious ones. My fear is the release of the game now will hit it's hype soon on & than the "hype" dies down becomes the players that are simple long term playing With many less people for us too play with XD [quote name= As a recent arrival my opinion isnt quite as polarised as the old salts but the game isnt bad. Yes it has flaws. Yes i can already see why vets are getting frustrated but theres a lot of focusing on the negative rather than looking at whats great about the game. Fail platoons, relentless nerfing of DDs, CVs with god like powers ... TBH its just part of the game to me. Just another annoyance like having missions to shot down planes in ships with F all AA. I'll put up with some roughness to continue driving my DDs ... And torping Anying flagged red On ya captain, I salute you! BY ALL MEAN THIS IS A GOOD GAME
  7. jaurl

    Epic fail (years in the making) [opinion]

    This will go into the list under DDs I think but YES YES 100% agreement why, "why implement An obviously broken part into the game"
  8. jaurl

    Ships are way too rusty

    Sorry? if you have A look at the video of the iowa on this website if I can find you A link Anyone feel like playing spot the rust in the gun deck? The entire thing is made of rust :O Fair point for some vessels though they would not be in service if they are not in service lol Water & salt is A very common place to find rust though XD
  9. jaurl

    So sort range BB damage is still pointless.

    I do like too point out have any of you noticed what happens when you fire your front guns? well they shoot and begin to reload yes good will probably take time though, so just sitting around waiting for it in A straight line dododo.........wait what I have back guns WAIT WHAT????? you say I can turn!?????!????? Ok so now I have turned and fired my back guns they are reloading WHAT????!??? MY FRONTS ARE DONE???!???!?? So I sit in A straight line and dodododododo *turns and fires guns in pattern until target is dead or damaged* OH COOL I CAN FIRE GUNS WITHOUT A SALVO! *enemy* "hacks I fired atleast 200 shells at you but only 30 landed when you kept turning out of my full salvo's every shot" *jaurl* "l2play?"
  10. jaurl

    Battle load in time ! make it [edited] longer

    Ok so you do not need A $2000 pc to run this game first off I would ask how your internet connection is running second what graphics settings are you on because my duo core with its 9500 gt can run this in high detail fine loading fairly well SSD is not the faster HD you can get SSD with 3200rpm WHAT you need when upg your HDD is larger cache with faster rpm SSD is SOLID STATE safer from corruption *obviously A SSD7200rpm HDD will outperform A standard 7200rpm* but yeah no need for $250 HDDs
  11. jaurl

    CPU load with increased max FPS.

    Upgrading the game engine is not as simple as it sounds, also there is no real need for 150fps in this game your performance would hardly improve
  12. jaurl

    [Suggestion] Reduced torpedo reliability

    Best post on torps ever, ever Its an explosive in water nuff said
  13. jaurl

    New canons and classes/ships

    The ships in-game for the main part at lower tier are all pre-1940 some pre-1920 if you can think of ships that were in service near these years than please feel free but keep in mind the difference between ships made now that can shoot half the world away & ships that could only fire 30k would be scary * example the Vayrag keeps neucking me from 500,000ks away
  14. jaurl

    Epic fail (years in the making) [opinion]

    Prehaps DDs should be more flexible while turning from fire giving A better chance too "dodge smaller shells"
  15. jaurl

    Epic fail (years in the making) [opinion]

    Please do not misunderstand this as A rant with me saying this is A bad game & not to play, it is A very good concept just not ready. please add your bit to my own & lets make A list that WG should put as priority instead of bringing out their pre-planned criteria.....? Please do not spam & read my post properly if you think it should be moved I am not against your opinion on that & will consider it *lets say hypothetically saying it takes A month for A patch how long do you think it will be until the game is in "full working condition" This post is too discuss the update priority & the fact of time vs game hype