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  1. Sintares

    When the only winning move is not to play

    How about a nice game of chess?
  2. Sintares

    Removed USN captain portrait?

    Then just imagine all the pics of Putin, Stalin etc, while if you mention your pic is of great grandad, 3rd toilet scrubber, at the ministry in Berlin, during World War 2, see how fast your account gets banned...
  3. Sintares

    Steelseries giveaway

    Cheers, still working.
  4. Sintares

    Game fatness

    Go, gigaoctet, or the same as Gibibyte In other words it avoids the confusion of just using GB, as you need the context to see if thats referring to decimal or binary, eg a 1000GB hard drive that Windows reports as only 930GB as Windows uses the binary value, the seller decimal. Eg 1GB could be 10^9 bytes (1,000,000,000 bytes) 1000MB or 2^30 (1,073,741,824 bytes) 1024MB A drive sold as 1000Go or 1000 GiB, should show in windows, as 1000GB
  5. Sintares

    Is That Highest Graphics Settings?

    1280 x 1024??, and only 29fps?? What's the stats of your computer, cpu, ram, graphics card? Do you have a full HD monitor 1920x1080? Running the game full screen, at less than native resolution, will result in poor quality. Assuming you do have a full HD monitor, try running at full resolution, then turn down the settings one by one until you get a reasonable framerate. Honestly I would prefer a high resolution, even if I needed to dial back on the antialising and the texture filtering.
  6. Sintares

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    Hi I would like to join the lottery. Thanks to you and the donators!
  7. 20 Santa's Big Crates 135 camo 75 flags 15k coal 1000 dubs California ..(sigh) And Poltava (Sc)
  8. Sintares

    Fire chance... please

    And a Tier X ship has a 50% reduction on fire chances... Plus remember, the target might have further skills to reduce the chance, you might hit the ship while its DC is running, thus getting no fire or may have hit a zone already on fire.. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire
  9. Sintares

    Can anyone explain me system for becoming pink?

    Lol, I once made team killer when I and a DD both needed one more kill for Kraken. He took my torps deliberately. I fired my torps first, he was ahead of me, off to the left but rammed into an island and his DD was one where you had to practically be broadside to launch, so he backed off the island, and then accelerated out turning 90 degrees into my torps , fired his torps, died to mine, got the Kraken...
  10. Sintares

    GPU fan error message... for a fanless GPU

    The Palit gtx 1650 kalmx, is a great card, with passive only cooling and still great abilities to overclock without stress, you just need to make sure that your case fans can easily get rid of the hot air, so make sure the vents are free and meshes clear of dust.
  11. Sintares

    Dockyard shipbuilding

    If you already have VI Admiral Graf Spee in your Port, you will receive compensation in the form of credits, as well as the camouflage, Commander, and a Port slot. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/hamburg-dockyard/
  12. The set of missions to get the Unique/Legendary upgrade for the T X ship. For those not paying attention, WG decided, months ago, to make getting the upgrade available (eventually), using points from the (much hated), Research Bureau, ( insert much wailing, whining and whinging from the denizens of the forum ) So those who had the mission, had to the end of year to complete it, anyone newly getting to TX, had to wait until the function was added to the RB.
  13. Not possible according to support, as I did the same buying the wrong ship from Armoury late one night while, err, "tired and emotional".. cough... While we value your interest in this, we are unable to grant your request since the ship was purchased via Armory, the feature to do this is unavailable in our end.