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  1. Sintares

    Red skies

    Do a check & repair from the game centre. Hopefully that will find the missing or corrupted file, redownload and reinstall it.
  2. Sintares

    New code

  3. Sintares

    Noob question time

    Hold right mouse button down iirc? Ctrl + G in battle, again iirc
  4. Sintares

    Single use code

  5. Sintares

    Refresh Rate issue...

    Umm, not at home to check but iirc several patches ago the place to change the FPS, was changed to preferences.xml Give that a try anyway.
  6. Sintares

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to participate. Ingame name same as here. And thanks to the organisers and donators!
  7. Sintares

    Gaede engine failure

    So shouldn't Soviet ships lose hps at the start of the battle due to over zealous Commisars shooting a few crew for looking worried or forgetting words of latest Inspirational People's Patriotic Song?
  8. Sintares

    Brandenburg in the Armory and Premium Shop

    Bought 10 of the premium containers yesterday, got the Brandenburg, Weimar and Maerker.. Yeah me!!
  9. Sintares

    Super containers? lol not really!

    Opened 15SC, 1500 steel, 7500 dubs, 15k coal, 50k freexp, hell of a lot of signals and camos.
  10. Sintares

    When the only winning move is not to play

    How about a nice game of chess?
  11. Sintares

    Removed USN captain portrait?

    Then just imagine all the pics of Putin, Stalin etc, while if you mention your pic is of great grandad, 3rd toilet scrubber, at the ministry in Berlin, during World War 2, see how fast your account gets banned...
  12. Sintares

    Steelseries giveaway

    Cheers, still working.
  13. Sintares

    Game fatness

    Go, gigaoctet, or the same as Gibibyte In other words it avoids the confusion of just using GB, as you need the context to see if thats referring to decimal or binary, eg a 1000GB hard drive that Windows reports as only 930GB as Windows uses the binary value, the seller decimal. Eg 1GB could be 10^9 bytes (1,000,000,000 bytes) 1000MB or 2^30 (1,073,741,824 bytes) 1024MB A drive sold as 1000Go or 1000 GiB, should show in windows, as 1000GB
  14. Sintares

    Is That Highest Graphics Settings?

    1280 x 1024??, and only 29fps?? What's the stats of your computer, cpu, ram, graphics card? Do you have a full HD monitor 1920x1080? Running the game full screen, at less than native resolution, will result in poor quality. Assuming you do have a full HD monitor, try running at full resolution, then turn down the settings one by one until you get a reasonable framerate. Honestly I would prefer a high resolution, even if I needed to dial back on the antialising and the texture filtering.