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  1. Duplicate Keys on Collections

    Heh! Funnily enough I also wasted 5k coal by doing the exact same thing a while back, I really need to read before clicking 'Buy'..
  2. Duplicate Keys on Collections

    Are you checking the correct collection? Those boxes are for last years collection, not the current...
  3. My binocular view?

    Settings menu - controls - crosshair, select from there , or install a mod for a wider variety. Sounds like you where using static type 7+, or perhaps a custom mod from the various packs.
  4. Epic Space Battle fight, in a Norma, 4 kills, 201k damage, 2563 base xp, 7690xp with premium and daily win... and I had forgotten to put any xp flags on it... sigh ..
  5. XP on Premium Ships

    Also once a commander reaches 19pts, further commander xp goes to a special pool Elite Commander XP, that can be used to boost up other commanders, reset skills or retrain for a new ship. A 19pt captain in a premium ship with flags for xp bonuses can really help quickly leveling up the other commanders.. And in case you didn't notice the commanders you use in Space Battles are all 19pts......
  6. Quitting due to full HP detonations.

    Funny how no one ever posts about rage quitting after they where getting a beat down while contesting a cap and survived only when the enemy DD unexpectedly detonated...
  7. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    P1: Roma (if available) or Alabama P2: De Grasse P3: Premium Time P4: Doubloons P5: Doubloons Many thanks to the sponsors!
  8. Damaged modules

    And pressing H brings up a screen where you can see current status of secondaries and AA etc
  9. Redeeming Codes

    Are you entering the code correctly and in the proper place ? The WoT code from pcgamer.se for example is a 9-5-5 code and works perfectly, a 5-5-5-5 code is as far as I know an invite/new use code I would copy and paste the code from your email to make sure you aren't entering the code wrongly. From the top right of this screen click on your name and from the drop down menu select Activate Wargaming Code, paste into new window then press Redeem.
  10. Have you checked https://worldofwarships.eu/en/userbonus/#
  11. Fun game but frustrating, I took the Fiji out early to deny them its smoke, but the rest of the game.. sigh..
  12. Can't log into game server

    If you look at the main thread @ Game Discussion → Gameplay , you will find 4 pages of people complaining about this.. Try waiting till they fix the server.
  13. WoWs Game Installation

    I would suggest Download installer on laptop Start installation (so folders, registry entries are set up correctly) Pause and exit the installer / launcher Copy the old installation folder on your desktop over to the laptop so it replaces the partial download. Run launcher from laptop, it should check for and download anything missing ( or settings - support - check and repair ) Done.
  14. Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    Really cool of you guys! ID: Sintares Preferred ship: Graf Spee (if released) otherwise Perth