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  1. Arisosis

    Looking for NL/BE clan(Dutch speaking clan)

    I have found a clan thanks for the reactions:P
  2. Arisosis

    Looking for NL/BE clan(Dutch speaking clan)

    Thanks for the reactions but I am really looking for a DUTCH speaking clan I edited the original message, as this was obviously not as obvious as I thought:P
  3. current clan is very inactive. So I'm looking for a more active one for Divisions edited: looking for a Dutch speaking clan-> Nederlandstalige clan ATM not interested in non dutch speaking clans 16+ clan would be my preference as I am an old fart(51) 10k+ battles have a couple of tier X (DD/cruisers) Play almost every line except CVs I also play most tiers 100+ ships, hate to sell ships I like have TS but can also use other stuff PM me here or In Game Alvast bedankt
  4. Arisosis

    Idea: Captain skills

    lets make it more difficult for the average Joe:P
  5. Arisosis

    strengthen atlanta,please

    I enjoy the Atlanta, play it like a big gun DD not a CL sure I would like a buff such as a smokescreen or more range for torps or guns. Neccesary? No its fun enough allready. radar at t7 is just great
  6. Arisosis

    Leningrad Premium DD Giveaway

    maybe announce its closed?when you close it?
  7. Think there is a mistake with the Udaloy have maxed out with captain skills AFT and CE but only have about 2km goldilocks zone Have 14.6 km range on main battery surface detection range is 6.8 km Still on A hull but it seems to be stealthier then B hull unless B hull will give me the option of getting me purchasing artillery plot room I cannot raise it to 5km as in the table (wiki says no such option for Udaloy) edited for adding detection range Mistake or do i something wrong? TY
  8. Arisosis

    Server Problem?

    same here first thought it was because I tried out replays, happy more people have same problem. Will put reinstall on hold NL here btw
  9. Arisosis

    Favourite Ship so far

    CL/CA 1 Phoenix nimble and plenty of guns 2 Murmansk same as Phoenix but better torps 3 Mogami 10.5km detection range nice set of guns 203 and 10km torps Omaha and Marblehead also great CL's worth mentioning DD 1 Isokaze reasonable guns and good torps 2 Tashkent Firing AP at cruiser that show broadside, first torps that are usable offensive in the russia dd line 3 Shimikaze firing walls of torps its just fun Loved the minekaze with the 10km torps before the nerf.. they were OP BB 1 Colorado Slow, but well armored and good guns. 2 Myogi only 6 guns but longranged ones and fast 3 Fuso good guns, fast but fragile. CV like other classes better. grinded to T6 but no real favorite yet.
  10. Arisosis

    Svetlana painboat (New Karlsruhe)

    Not the best ship but quite good in T4 battles., Any higher Tier ships are a problem if they are shooting at you. Karlsruhe was extremely bad in everything. Svetalana is quite good at dealing damage. T4 battle a few days ago and got Kraken confederate and high calibre. lots of hits citadels and torp hits. But not every game is like that ofc. But never got the same results with the Karlsruhe. The Karlsruhe was a pain to grind.. Svetlana is more enjoyable by far..
  11. keelhaul those unruly hamsters lengthwise with turning propellor
  12. Arisosis

    Matchmaker is having a fit

    restart client small update is waiting, now playing new game
  13. restart client small upgrade is waiting playing a game again
  14. Arisosis

    New Commander Perks Feedback

    I understand the AFT reduction, I dont like it too much but I can live with it. Maybe the range increase was too good for 155 mm cruisers in general. The other reductions seem unneccesary Why would they be OP? Or is this because you want them all be limited the same because you like the number 139? The reduction of expert Marksman for full rotation to 139 makes the turrets of my 155 mm cruiser slower. Even the Kkuma suffers. keeping the guns trained on dd while manouvring to avoid the DD's torps makes it very hard to hunt them. dodging gunfire in general gets less practical Even with the cruisers that have acces to the upgrade Main battery Modification 2 turret (rotation) Basic firing training to 139mm. is now useless for my 140-155mm cruisers. I used it to negate the penatly of Main battery Modification 2 turret (rotation). make dd hunting again harder Suggestions: What would work better and more balanced? AFT: increase range 5% for 200mm guns type guns 10% for 155mm guns 20 %for lower then 155 mm Expertmarksman rotation speed +2.5deg/min for 155 mm guns and lower +1.6 deg/sec for 203mm gun range +0.7 deg/sec for largerguns BFT there was nothing wrong with the 10% for 155mm and lower guns IMO. If you have to cut it somehow, make it less efficient for 155mm guns but still usable Cruiser play on the test server feel sluggish. AA increase is nice, but think it scares away all cvs. AA is too good IMHO -- for CV -- for CL and CA reduced to AA escort, once cvs get bored and go play something else, there is nothing to do for them. 140mm to 155mm cruisers. get much worse in their anti DD task. ++ for BB Less HE spam from 155mm cruisers +++ for DD less dangerous cruisers and less cvs much better chance of getting in torprange of the BB ATM I like to play cruisers most, then destroyers, then BB.. CVS come dead last Dont like the RTS like play too much Think it going to be World of exlusive Battleships and Destroyers for me if this is implemented in the main game. Well thats my 2 cents, feel free to throw it away
  15. Arisosis

    Furutaka, crapby design?

    I just love my furry taco.. very different gameplay compered to the other t5 cruiser but 200mm guns and 10km torps.. Fun in a non HE spamming way