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  1. Still hunting for players that meet our requirements :)
  2. Hey Stephan, sorry for the delay in replying. If you could join us on discord for a chat that would be good :)
  3. Unfortunately you do not meet our clan requirements. Sorry bud! Good luck with your clan hunt.
  4. We sure are, check in on our discord server :)
  5. Sadly mate you don't meet or requirements, sorry. Good luck in your hunt for a clan :)
  6. Requirements updated
  7. Sure man, feel free to join us on discord :)
  8. Of course mate, join us on discord :)
  9. Of course there are mate :)
  10. Indeed we're! :)
  11. Looking for a clan? Let us know! :)
  12. Okay, no worries man :)
  13. Of course we are, feel free to pm me or join us on discord! :)
  14. Bumpy bump.