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  1. Welcome to the clan! :)
  2. Still recruiting :)
  3. PM sent
  4. Join us on discord for some good banter:
  5. Chrome double posted, soz.
  6. Still looking for new members, got 4-5 slots open at the moment!
  7. Sure thing fella', Will get an invite sent out
  8. PM sent
  9. Welcome to Team ‘WolfPack Wants You’ Thread, Thing… Formed at the start of 2017, Team WolfPack is somewhere for a group of friends to play and enjoy each other's terrible banter. We love to play World Of Warships together serious, not so serious and even drunken weekend mode. However, looking ahead to more competitive team play, we have now decided it’s time to open our aft and welcome aboard some new deck hands! We’re looking for mature members who are up for a bit of banter and not too easily offended! Currently we haven’t done any team or competitive play, but as we expand we would very much be interested in giving this side of the game a blast. If you’re unsure on joining straight away feel free to join our discord: How can you join? If you’d like to join feel free to either reply to this thread, PM me or join our discord server, posting a message in “Recruitment”. Requirements: Join our Discord Server: Win Rate 50%+ 500+ Battles (We can waive this req. If you play some battles in division with us and we’re happy with how you play) Pretty good craic Looking to play in a division as a team. 0 Obligations to must turn up for events etc. Speak and Understand English If you’ve got any questions or queries, feel free to post below. Many thanks, Team WolfPack