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  1. Hey matey, join our discord and we can be sure to try and help you out!
  2. Looking for new members still! :)
  3. Still hunting :)
  4. Looking for a clan for season 2 clan battles? Meet our requirements? Join our discord and get involved! We want you!
  5. Got a 55% + win rate? Looking for a clan? Why not give team WolfPack a go! Join us on discord to get involved!
  6. Still hunting for new pack members :) join our discord if you’d be interested in joining or just want some folks to play with!
  7. Still hunting for new pack members :)
  8. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to participate. 1. Roma ( if available ) otherwise Alabama 2. Molotov 3. Doubloons This is very kind, thank you! :)