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  1. Updated the OP. Still looking for those whom meet our requirements and looking for competitive/clan battles.
  2. Still looking for competitive players :)
  3. Still hunting for new pack members :)
  4. Would be great to see clan battles everyday of the week. Also up until around 11Pm/Midnight. My days off are Sunday Monday and due to my work, I can't play the rest of the week. So like many people clan battles "Prime time" sucks for me! If only for once WGing listened to its players and actually changes something.
  5. This was confirmed by MrConway as happening before clan battles started.
  6. We're indeed matey, however you don't quite fit our requirements. You're more than welcome to join us on discord and get involved though :)
  7. Still looking for some new pack members, sign up below!
  8. Still hunting for members who'd be interested in clan battles and other fun stuff :) Let us know :)
  9. Can only agree with this as it is the same for my clan. Most my members work/have families etc and we had intended and previously discussed that we could play daily after 22:00 cest. Now that's a big nope for most of my clan because of the time limitations.
  10. edit: my phone actually loaded the responses now.
  11. You have todo them yourself, they're individual.
  12. Yup I'm like this too. Spent the good part of this year working on my clan, growing the members, all heading towards possibly trying clan battles and then maybe looking at competitive play and such after the first season had finished. Now due to this time limit of three hours I can't play with my clan unless I take time off work. Sucks.
  13. Make it 17:00-00:00 UTC and include those like me who work evening shifts, those who have families to tend to after work, those whom have to travel home after work. Three hours time window is some what a joke. I've literally waited a year for a game mode I can play with my clan mates and friends. Now we've got it, I can't even play it.
  14. The whole 3 hour prime time is a joke. I really hope they expand it by another 2-3 hours atleast. The current time they have is 19:00-22:00 cest. Expand that 18:00-00:00 cest. And you already include way more people like me who work, have families etc. I've waited so long for this game mode, with the time an effort put into my clan. To be told I can't even play it. wow
  15. I just posted my thread too. But the time is actually 19:00-22:00 it was wrong in the first draft. Either way it is a joke.