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  1. Szthomass

    Black Friday on EU server

    Agree. Let that guy alone! He clearly doesn't care about the issue or even the game, he just want to troll people. We should focus on the topic, which is important. This is our chance to make our voice heard.
  2. Szthomass

    Black Friday on EU server

    I don't think that Aldramelech said anything personal. He got the point and our feelings about this whole issue. If this is not good enough to WG EU to think about, nothing ever will I'm afraid...
  3. Szthomass

    Black Friday on EU server

    You pointed out this matter very well in my opinion. Well done, Sir!
  4. Szthomass

    Black Friday on EU server

    This whole situation is so sad. How can a company (or at least the marketing part of it) mess things up so badly? First the launch "event", then the forced bundles, and now with this. Strangely enough, the Russian players are kinda pissed off with this black friday thing as well. They realized this new forced bundle trend personally and you guessed it, they don't like it either. Moreover, they got this black friday event what they didn't even ask for. This is probably the only good thing about this situation. If WG don't give a damn about us, at least they will care about the beloved Russian players. Maybe these unfortunate events will cause changes in the future. At least I hope so...
  5. Szthomass

    Black Friday on EU server

    Same here! However, we can't really hope that they will throw away these forced bundles. At least they should give us bundles like they give to the Russians, if we don't have the chance to buy ships standalone anymore. A bundle like this is still not too good, but it is better than the deal we got last time: https://ru.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/1164/
  6. Szthomass

    World of Warships - Black Friday deals

    Oh, sorry man! I didn't check it, my bad. I was just a bit annoyed, as always...
  7. Hello guys. Will we Europeans get any deals or sales regarding to black friday? I don't really care about this day, but if Russian can get deals on this day, maybe we should get some as well. http://worldofwarships.ru/ru/news/action/black_friday/
  8. Szthomass

    warspite back on sale

    Agree on that. Sorry about my rage on the news page. I like this game, premium ship prices are also not that bad, but these special deals...
  9. Szthomass

    IJN Ise Battleship

    Thanks for the replies guys! I'm relatively new here, so I didn't hear about the so called hybrids, but I hope one day we will see ships like the Ise ingame. A ship like this -without bomber squadrons- couldn't become op or break the balance imo. I guess we have to wait and see what does the future hold for us.
  10. Szthomass

    IJN Ise Battleship

    Hello guys! What do you think about an additional premium, Tier VI Japanese battleship in the form of the Ise? It was planned to be the third Fuso battleship in real life, so it should be an alternative. It was modified to be able to launch floatplanes with the removal of the back turrets. It would be a mix between a battleship and a carrier. Ingame imo you could launch one fighter squadron at once (one active squadron at the time), two at total. You could use the minimap to target enemy planes, but if you don't want to manage them, you should launch them and they could automatically defend you from incoming bombers in a certain radius (example 10km) around your ship. All in all, it would be an interesting ship with mixed roles. You should play as an escort in a battleship group, without too much sacrifice in the terms of firepower. More info about this ship at wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_battleship_Ise Sorry about my poor writing, i'm not good at foreign languages.