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  1. Captain_Riley

    General Submarines related discussions

    Yes, and the content proves exactly my point, subs are not balanced, and they cannot be balanced in this game because WG is stupid and they have to protect their new cash cow. LMAO, imagine thinking you're a good player because you play a top tier CV that is by far the easiest class to play which is practically cheating. Your Midway w/r was barely 55% even with the old style RTS setup when Midway was even then a bit OP, you're nothing special, son.
  2. Captain_Riley

    General Submarines related discussions

    It's kinda scary that a player who has played as many games as this (even if you're just sky cancer) doesn't realize when sarcasm is screaming in their face. All these vids are meant to be taken as sattire.
  3. Captain_Riley

    General Submarines related discussions

    It's overtaxed because it's never just 1-2 fires, and you know it as well. The reload time is very long, whilst 1-2 fires plus ping for homing torps, plus floods pile up, plus probably disabled rudder or a turret as well. DCP reload should be halved for all ships. Or a new ability should be added to deal with homing torps, something like a jamming system (like the one invented by Hedy Lamarr). Yes, whilst a sub shotguns you with 5-6 torpedoes, brilliant reasoning there, simply brilliant. Even if they don't hit perfectly, they always hit very close, and do a lot more damage than a depth drop from a BB or cruiser. Silent Hunter is a sub game, he can play there alone where he won't be a burden for 11 other players / match.
  4. Captain_Riley

    General Submarines related discussions

    Watch the second clip highlighted, and THEN try again (and fail) to justify your nonsense.
  5. Captain_Riley

    General Submarines related discussions

    That's a lot of nonsense to defend something that wasn't even properly tested or balanced before it got shoved down our throats. Hell, look at the dislike bars at every single sub related video WG posted on YouTube. You're desperately trying to defend a crap and unbalanced class of ships that only hurt the game more, just like the CV rework did. We get it, you're desperate to see subs in the game, but they simply do not work with the way the game is built. All of your grandstanding won't change that fact. That you can't understand simple points is your problem, not ours. The simple fact that the Damage Control Party is overtaxed is ALONE enough to disbar every point you weakly tried to build. You're basically advocating for subs to be these perfectly stealthy both long and close range perfect killers, you can't stand the thought of any type of balancing when it comes to speed, or reload, or damage, or detectability. Just the "well there's a notification when the sub pings you on the surface of their approximate location!" is a stupid and weak argument, cause after all, a CV's automatic ASW hits them perfectly every time. Cause subs and CVs are the new favorite child mama and papa WG have brought home. Your fanboism is laughable. If you got such a hard-on for subs then play Silent Hunter.
  6. Captain_Riley

    WG's latest PR disaster

    Dunno what's worse, WG, or the idiot players who try to defend them.
  7. Captain_Riley

    General Submarines related discussions

    I can hear Flamu laughing without even thinking about it. Low risk low reward? Subs shotgun, constantly ping, can only be detected if they're braindead to surface within their detectability range, the list goes on, they're overpowered, the DCP is overstressed, has been overstressed long before subs have been added with all the fire and torp spam from DDs alone. I can't believe you wrote all that nonsense, almost like you're trying to convince yourself that wg did a good job. Jesus christ on a stick.
  8. Captain_Riley

    General Submarines related discussions

    How would that make them unplayable? It would teach sub players patience and the need to position well, sub patrols were high risk high reward, should be the same in the game, this way they're simply too overpowered and the only way you can kill one is if the player behind the controls is a functioning retard.
  9. Captain_Riley

    General Submarines related discussions

    -Make periscopes detectable by radar -Make hydro be able to spot subs at the hydro's range both distance and depth-wise -Give DDs Hedgehogs and all ships noise makers to divert accoustic torpedoes - the Damage Control Party is OVERLOADED in use with all the HE spam and torp spam already -Make their aerial detectability larger than their surface detectability -Reduce their surface speeds to 19-21 knots and submerged speeds to 9-11 knots to TEACH subs to learn to position correctly the same way if a BB gives broadside it gets blaped Also, revert CVs to RTS-style and REBALANCE THEM
  10. Keep the concealment mechanics, but make their aerial detection larger than their surface detection range. Hydro can spot them, if the sub is 6km below a German BB for example: spotted, if it goes outside the hydro's range: unspotted Radar can spot periscopes. Keep homing torps cause yes they existed in WWII, but then give ships "noise makers", called Foxers (invented by the Brits) as something to throw off homing torps so that the Damage Control won't be overloaded in its use. Make subs slow to fit their real life speeds. If an Iowa can historically move at 33 knots, and also in the game at 33 knots, then subs should move at 20-21 on the surface and about 9-10 submerged (examples Gato possible tier 8, Balao tier 10). This reduced speed will force sub players to learn positioning, the same way a battleship player should be punished for being broadside, if a sub gets caught, it shouldn't have that great of a chance of escaping whilst submerged.
  11. Captain_Riley

    Revert CVs to RTS-style and move subs to separate mode.

    Because he's right? He's been right all along. On everything. That's why you have the game you have.
  12. It's obvious that the biggest reasons for player loss across all servers is due to these two major issues, because WG caters to their two sweethearts, CVs and subs. Either move both classes to a separate Random-esque game mode, or revert CVs to their original RTS style PLUS rebalance them, AND then move subs to a separate game mode, otherwise this game will die in 2-3 years. A lot of people I personally know, including myself as a result have recently uninstalled the game, and this will only further expand if WG doesn't take drastic steps. Listen. To. Flamu.
  13. At least first revert CVs to their original RTS-playstile, then move subs to a separate game mode, that would please many people, and also bring a lot of people back.
  14. Captain_Riley

    PLEASE FIX - Gun directors on American battleships

    We all have things that annoy us, no reason to act like a douche though.