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  1. Durin_VI

    Black Friday Missions, 50k BASE XP

    Just play the game when you want to and have a surprise waiting for you in the port, every now and then, over the next weeks? I mean, the mission last till Dec 07 so...no need to do it in one weekend
  2. Durin_VI

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    No worries, @Freyr_90 I will be away on a trip the next days so you can easily catch up:)
  3. Hello players, TTT has, for the moment, stopped with recruiting new players. Cheers Durin
  4. Hey @alelos, My apologies for my belated action, I have just sent a PM Cheers Durin
  5. Durin_VI

    the "carry harder!" thread

    losing side, top XP earner...:(
  6. and it was a fun game, @lameoll! that race between the caps to get my radar in place:)
  7. Hello Puddle_Skipper, I have just now responded to your ingame message
  8. Hey MrTonMou, I have sent you a direct message Cheers
  9. Hello Xover81! I have sent you a PM Cheers Durin
  10. Hi Vita_Lee, I have sent you a PM Cheers Durin
  11. yeah....that one went down hill really fast... Met earlier today @Negativvv in his Grozovoi, also one of my losses of today...:)
  12. Hello, players seeking a new clan with a competitive but chill environment! A little bit of our history: Tora Tora Tora (TTT for short) was formed during the original Team battles season of World of Warships. In the beginning, we were just a bunch of like-minded skilled player that made it to the 2nd place in Team battles. TTT has been a cornerstone of the EU WoWs competitive scene throughout the 2 years that have passed since then. We participated in almost every major tournament, including every season of King of the Sea (with some of our members heavily involved in admin and organizational duties for those tournaments) and multiple Server Clashes against the best clans of SEA, NA and Russia. We also participated in both Clan battles seasons, often with multiple teams per evening, and finished near the top both times with pretty much every single member who wanted the Stalingrad flags getting them easily. Today we have over 25 active members and are looking for more good people to bolster our ranks. Some good reasons why you should join TTT: - We have an active community of skilled players that play at least every evening - An active competitive scene in one of the pioneering teams of WoWs competitive - We have an active Slack server for our written communication (trash talk, guides, training/competitive organization/ALL THE MEMES) and TeamSpeak for divisions, PvE and competitive - Weekly training and competitive sessions plus other stuff like operations and whatever dumbINGENIOUS ideas someone might have in the trainingroom - Members from all over Europe and beyond - A super chill but if needed try-hard environment - The way of Throwing! - Parrots… parrots… and more parrots... if you don’t know what this means don’t worry, you’ll find out within 2 seconds of entering our slack Now to the part is most important for you, how to join us: It’s pretty easy, you just have to : - Be nice! - Your stats should be over 1700 PR and 57% winrate. Of course, this is flexible, so if you have lower stats we can give you a try and you can improve while playing with us in divisions and Clan battles - Be able to take criticism. We won’t blame you for losses or harass you over small mistakes, but we all want to improve and so should you - We are an international community and speak English, so you will need to be able to communicate in English - We use Teamspeak so you’ll need a microphone, preferably one that doesn’t sound like you’re talking to us from the bottom of a pool - Of course, we expect you to not just join the clan and then not participate in anything, so we do expect a certain level of activity Some videos featuring TTT players; When TTT choses not to Throw https://www.streamerclips.com/twitch/wizzdcast/AbnegateAstutePartridgeTBTacoRight King of the Sea TTT vs PNAVY https://youtu.be/4z_1yOYTJgw Torp beats!!! https://clips.twitch.tv/ViscousWimpyLapwingBibleThump If you have any further question or you feel like you fulfill these requirements feels free to start an AP-dive-bomber and send it to bomb our recruiters, to notify them of your arrival! Contact: Durin_VI (forum, in-game) bbowwow (forum in-game) Natsumiku (discord, forum, in-game) Teob (discord, forum, in-game) The Embassy of TTT has opened. Here you can request training sessions etc. https://discord.gg/bQKuu32
  13. Durin_VI

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Highest base XP, still a loss...
  14. Durin_VI

    BB Ranked Play

    A DD playing Ranked without premium consumables...hm...