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  1. simonmd

    Team Killing.

    This subject needs more discussion, ive not seen it mentioned lately.........
  2. simonmd

    teamkiller guilty but come on

    Well, most murderers have never killed before, does that mean their crime was any less severe than someone who has killed before? At least you had the balls to man up and say it was your fault, I believe it only lasts 5 games, just keep your head down and play on.
  3. simonmd

    I refuse to be punished for these tk

    Respect for having the balls to man up to the fact you made a mistake. I dont think the system is too harsh, I think its done wrong. Making someone pink right away has cheapened the TK status to the extent that none of us really give a stuff about it anymore, thats the problem with it. I seriously dont think I can think of ONE recent match that didnt have a pink in it so no one was bothered. A couple of months ago before the change, to see a pink was unusual and would always get "hey, we got a pink in our team, stay away from me you numpty!" and similar. Now just "meh, so what?" There is no shame factor anymore, hence, NO deterant to doing it again, the whole system is POINTLESS.
  4. simonmd

    Games cut short. Always.

    Your main points are it 'Always' cuts short, then you go on to say it DOESNT then you add a whine about not being able to see the pretty explosion????!!! You really need to learn proper English and GROW UP.
  5. simonmd

    Games cut short. Always.

    Title of thread - Games cut short. Always. Then says, So, er, NOT Always then? Make your mind up.
  6. Why not? The analogy is clear, someone FIRED something that they thought was safe but hit an innocent party. Doesnt matter if its a torpedo, gun, cannon, slingshot or bow and arrow, the analogy is the same. Guy fires 'thing' thinking its ok. Another person is hit by said 'thing'. First guy is responsible, simple. If first guy had checked surroundings better, he might have thought better of it and not fired, thats all most of us are saying. Yes, sh*t happens, Yes we all get tunnel vision sometimes, Yes sometimes we just think "stuff it" and fire and Yes, other players can be bloody dumb as well but when it all goes south people should man up and take responsibility, not whine about it. Hell, even if you kicked a football over a fence in a park and then walked round it to find some old lady holding her head in pain, what would you do? Say "oh dear, well you shouldnt have been there, I didnt know you were there did I?" Or say "oh my god, im so sorry, are you ok?" Personally, i'd do the second option, but then, thats me. Most of the people who whine about being 'unfairly turned pink' would do the first it seems.
  7. Not at all, however, let me put it this way. You go out into a field and fire a dozen rounds into the woods for fun, test your gun, whatever. Unknown to you, some kids are playing treehouses in the woods and one of them gets hit and killed. "not may fault, it was a stray bullet" is not going to gain you much sympathy with the authorities is it? We ALL make mistakes, I'm sure i've made some dumb decisions in the game myself and usually, I paid the price by getting blown to bits. However, what I object to, as to most others it seems, is the "its not my fault....." attitude. It was YOUR torp. It was NOT a stray, YOU fired it. We seem to have a rash of this lately, threads every day from people saying "no fair.... he moved...." or " not my fault" or "it was a stray.." Wouldnt it be SO refreshing to have someone come on here and say "you know what I did last night? I fired my torps without looking at the map and sunk a team mate, just wanted to say sorry and ive learnt a lesson". Wouldnt that be amazing? Instead of all these winging and excuse making and finger pointing?If only someone had the balls...........
  8. simonmd

    2 tier up

    I'll play an IJN DD at T4or 5 against T6 or 7 ships anyday, thats not much of a handicap and you can still fire from outside detection range and if youre smart, get as many kills as you can in a level tier game. That cant be said for a totally stock Colorado with no AA guns thats spotted from halfway across the map and cant even return fire for 4 or 5 kms!!
  9. simonmd

    I refuse to be punished for these tk

    While I agree that the ones getting torped could have had better situational awareness themselves, YOU ARE TO BLAME. In the first pic, YOU highlight the fact that you can see the friendly moving TOWARDS where youre about to fire!!! In the second instance, the other DD is CLEARLY in FRONT of you, what is it that you dont understand?? You are in a DD yourself, you never swerve and change course? I would have EXPECTED him to do so! IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE, ANY AT ALL OF HITTING A FRIENDLY, DONT FIRE!!!!
  10. simonmd

    2 tier up

    Its a turn of phrase, but you try going up against T9 CVs with a stock Colorado that has barely any AA defense and see how long you last. If the planes wont get you, the T9 BBs who have at least a 5km longer range will, even some T9 cruisers have as good as or better range! Half the time i've already taken a pounding before I can even get any shots off!!! How am I supposed to earn any decent XP to upgrade if i'm pounded to death before I've got any decent hits in? I wouldnt care if it was balanced but I have not had a SINGLE GAME in the Colorado so far where I wasnt the bottom tier.
  11. simonmd

    2 tier up

    I said the same thing a couple of days ago as i'm getting tired of having my a$$ handed to me in my T6/7 ships by T8 and 9 ones. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/56392-how-is-anyone-supposed-to-get-past-t6-7-at-the-moment/page__p__1153937#entry1153937 However, apparently, stating something like this is apparently against the sites rules and it was closed. Funny how all the other winge threads get to stay but basically saying "I hate being sealclubbed" is a big no-no.
  12. simonmd

    Teamkills, have they been made harder?

    Interesting and a step in the right direction, I do think you should be able to do damage to friendlies, otherwise there would be no skill or judgement used if you wernt worried about sinking one of yours, however it was great to see someone who had already been labeled as a TK getting a taste of his own medicine!
  13. 'Stray Torp'. So its like a stray dog? it escaped without your knowledge? Lol its this attitude that gets people team killed, again, it was YOUR torp, therefore, YOUR FAULT. You were a Beta tester? You should know better.
  14. Might have missed this in the patchnotes but I just witness this. Game just started, we all set off in one direction except one of our DDs who was already pink. Instead he turned 180 deg and headed back towards one of our cruisers who had only just started to move. Asked in chat "hey, where you going?" just in time to see him launch a full spread. The cruiser ate 4 torps and had minor damage and the DD exploded without being fired upon!!! Is this a new 'thing' then? Was amazing to watch!!
  15. Indeed, in another thread I suggested that 1 TK = a 1 hour ban. Enough to spoil their fun and deter trolls but not too harsh. 2 or more teamkills would result in far longer bans of a week or more though just to put off anyone who thinks they can be clever, go have a troll TK before dinner and come back after to be able to play.