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  1. Hi, as title says, would like to find an active english speaking clan to sink some boats with because pew pewing alone gets dull quick.
  2. Arctic_Foxx

    Looking for an EU clan

    Hi, I am looking to join an active EU english speaking clan (not too hot about joining big gaming communities) or just a few folks to division up and shoot some ships. I am an average player, have gotten up to T8 but sailing alone is dull at times.
  3. Hi, Would like to play the game with a friend or two for divisioning. Winning and losing as a group is more fun than sailing alone. Not really looking for a clan but wouldn´t say no if it got my interest. I am an average player and do try to do my best to win games but sometimes the MM just kicks in and drags one back down. Also please dont be someone with a short fuse who starts flaming others for no reason, that kind of division mates quickly ruin the fun of the game.
  4. Arctic_Foxx

    ARP Nachi. WG please!

    In the end I only had 8 russian kills, the other 20/20/20 were no problem, so yea. Would have loved to have it in my shipyard.
  5. Arctic_Foxx

    Remove US BB line from game

    A ship game without ships!
  6. Arctic_Foxx

    Your go to ship when it's all gone wrong.

    My New Mexico... how i hated it in the beginning but once it was fully built out it turned into a monster
  7. As a new player I have missed out on the previous events to get the Kongo, kirishima and others (Just got the Hiei) and i would like to see this event continue. Just for collection sake to eventually get them all.
  8. Arctic_Foxx

    ARP missions

    Like I said, i did change back and forth, i am on the yokosuka port, I have free reserve slots, so right now Im rather lost on what is wrong or did my account glitch out or does she only appear when I get the ship too.
  9. Arctic_Foxx

    ARP missions

    Hello, I have a problem with the current Fleet of Fog missions. I have progressed up to stage 2 (half way through it, only need abour 400 more hits). It just occurred to me that I never recieved the reward for the first stage which should have been the captain if I am not mistaken. I know that you cant use her on the normal ships but shouldn´t she appear at least in the captain reserve, or am I mistaken? I tried switching ports from Yokosuka to others and back, tried relogging but still nothing. I do have 4 free slots aswell, in the reserve. Anyone else having a problem like that?
  10. Arctic_Foxx

    Looking for an active EU clan

    ...or just a friend or two to division with. I am not a top player or anything, my highest ships are two T5 ships and so far I have mostly played alone and it is dull to say the least. Maybe there are a few friendly people who would like to group or a clan who isnt too picky on stats, I do try getting better though. I do have TS3 and no problem with using it.