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  1. newsWatch9

    Akagi's Tea Party

    See, that's what I thought.
  2. newsWatch9

    Akagi's Tea Party

    What's the proper way to ask if I can join this guild?
  3. newsWatch9

    What's it take so long to release? Scharnhorst eu

    WG EU being completely [edited]incompetent. No one cares about gamescon, please kindly [edited]off WGEU. We don't want your "ebig gamescon Scharnhorst surprise", NA already has it for days.
  4. No carriers, no competent Cruisers, no competent Gunboats. Everything remotely imaginable happened to be in his favor here. lol fanboys swarming.
  5. Yes I know they aren't completely useless, it's just people act like with this huge torpedo nerf you could just turn her into a fully fledged gunboat and do well with it. No, the guns are complimentary at best. The line has always been about the torpedoes. The guns are useful in some very very specific circumstances, none of which include actual self defense against other DD, the turn rate and RoF just doesn't allow it.
  6. This exactly, they're the infamous long lance torpedoes leaving no trail yet the detection is utterly absurd. USN gets better guns and torpedoes consistently, tier after tier after tier. And they keep messing with Shimakazes torpedo detection every [edited]time, it's unbelievable.
  7. But they aren't [edited]gunboats, the line is designed around the torpedoes. If you gun a Battleship or Cruiser they'll turn towards you rendering your torpedoes useless. It's their national flavor yet the Kagero and Shimakaze have bar none, the worst torpedoes you can possibly wish for right now. They are spotted MILES before the USN counterparts OR severely lack range. Stop trying to argue around the guns, they're crap, not comparable to the other nations in output and harmful to your main source of damage; torpedoes. They gutted the line to appease the ever whining idiots who can't into WASD.
  8. At that point she's nothing more than a very, very, very weak Khabarovsk or Gearing though, making the Torpedoes secondary basically and the weak main battery the primary harasser. Gun DPM just cannot keep up with the competition no matter the "alpha damage" or "muzzle velocity" (<-whatever the [edited]that even means, my Udaloi reloads 3 times as fast with the same arcs)
  9. Yes you can't do anything with them, they're useless when you actually need them. No T8+ gunboat will ever lose a gunfight with a Shimakaze, they're garbage.
  10. They are garbage compared to the other nations, the good damage won't help you at all when weaving inbetween incoming fire. Rate of fire and traverse can't hold up to what is needed when fighting equal or lower tier gunboats. They are garbage, trash.
  11. If people played their ships properly, Torpedoes as a whole wouldn't be a problem. I can't remember the last time I was hit more than once by a full spread of torps, twice maybe in the slow Yamato but I can usually dodge all of them easily. By "easily" I mean they zip by at the edge of my screen because I'm not a retard.
  12. I can engage targets pretty much with impunity with the Yamato and Zao, Hindenburg, Udaloi (there's no chance in hell they're gonna hit me at 14km) but not the Shimakaze no, she's not allowed to engage at [edited]12km right, because I'm crapat WASD and don't know where DDs are. She has to be at 6km because BALANCE and I want to oneshot her with my random floatplane. CA, BB, gunboats and LOL CVs all have the option to play it really safe and still to incredibly well (some are designed around that even, hello Zao, Yamato, Khabarovsk). Shimakaze cannot, forced to be always 1cm away from the end of her match because whiney, shitty BB couldn't handle to not sail straight for 2minutes. I wonder what's next on their agenda, probably fire damage, I should play my Cruisers before they get shat on like the Shimakaze and Kagero did.
  13. Shimakaze is bad, absurdly bad. Completely gimped beyond playability, it's intolerable to have one on your team. 8km Torpedoes do no work, 12km and 16km torpedoes are spotted way too early. Her gun DPM is atrocious, the turret traverse makes it impossible to reasonably fend off other DDs, she's the most sluggish DD at the tier and turns like a whale, there's no redeeming quality, no reason to take her. They've successfully destroyed the nations flavor with this T10. It's a suicide boat, as soon as it's spotted, which can happen, does happen and will happen, often, randomly, there's so many random spotting factors in this game it's impossible not to expect to be spotted at these ranges where she cannot defend herself and will never get away and she has to do this every single time, every time. I can sit back all day and snipe ships with the Yamato or Zao, I can casually sit at 14km with my Udaloi and be virtually immune to incoming fire, but ohno not the Shimakaze she isn't allowed to, because I'm a retard and Torpedoes aren't allowed to inconvenience me, ever.